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There’s a section dedicated to it on Etsy. It’s become a popular social media hashtag. Even our one-month anniversary gift blog pops up toward the top of Google when you…

How to Politely Decline a Date

By: Jason Lee It’s always a good feeling when someone asks you out. It means that someone is expressing that they find you attractive, interesting, and want to get to…

Is Catholic Match Worth It?

Catholic Match is a niche dating site, which means there are a lot of singles that won’t be interested in what the company is offering. However, if you are a…

Is Plenty of Fish Worth It?

“There are plenty of fish in the sea!” If you’ve talked to literally anyone about your struggles with dating, the chances are super high that you’ve probably heard this cliché…

Christian Dating in Florida

Sure, love knows no boundaries. But finding someone who shares the same views on life as you do that also lives in the same city or state is big. And…

Is Christian Mingle Worth It?

For Christian singles, it can feel like a real challenge to find a faith-based partner. And if you’re here with us today, you probably feel like you’ve already exhausted a…

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