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The core of what we do at Healthy Framework is study, research, and assess trends in the dating and online dating industry. Our team of experts come from all walks of life, which allow them to get a diverse, detailed, and helpful viewpoint on all things dating.

Whether we’re breaking down statistics and demographics for a data study or giving out thoughtful advice on how to get through a breakup—our main goal is to help.

Please enjoy the resources provided here. May it help you better understand the world of dating, and if you’re searching for that special someone, may it help you get there faster.

Best Dating Apps of 2021 – Detailed Results

Our flagship product is our detailed and highly-researched list of the best dating apps of the year. We staff a team comprised of a healthy mix of industry experts, forward-thinkers, and everyday men and women to get the most accurate picture possible.

The goal above all else with our list of top dating apps of the year is to help single men and single women make the most informed choice possible when it comes to their love life.

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Best Cities in America for Singles – Data Study

Understanding the trends of the dating market start with understanding the demographics. One of the most interesting and classic ways to analyze the industry is by looking at the quality of the dating market by city. While the study carries extensive opportunities for subjectivity, the research team employed all measures to produce the best and most useful results.

The intended audience of the study is wide, but some suggested professions that may find value sharing this information with their followers include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Local businesses
  • News teams
  • Magazines and newspapers
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If you’d like to share the findings with your colleagues, followers, or customers on your website, by email, or through social media, you are free to do so. All we request is that you link back to the study. — See the Study Now

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