Online Dating Industry Statistics, User Data, and Company Interviews

At Healthy Framework, our goal is educate, support, and enhance the online dating industry. We do this primarily through research, data, interviews, and trend analysis of the things that matter to singles, industry experts, and the media.

Below, you’ll find our current collection of online dating data and key industry interviews. Data may be presented in raw format or it may be compiled into a data study to help extrapolate meaningful conclusions.

Online Dating Burnout and Emotional Fatigue Survey

  • Key Takeaway: 79% of adults say they have experienced emotional fatigue or burnout from using online dating apps.

A survey of 1,000 single adults in the US that looks to identify a correlation between online dating app usage and emotional fatigue and burnout.

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Dating App Usage Statistics, Facts, and Figures

  • Key Takeaway: 75% of adults 18-54 say they use at least two different online dating apps or sites at the same time.

A survey of 500 single adults in the US that looks at dating app usage patterns at home and at work, broken down by age and gender.

Lying on an Online Dating Profile Survey Data

  • Key Takeaway: 55% of adults in the US who use online dating apps admit to lying about something on their profile.

A survey of 1,000 single adults in the US that identifies what ages and genders lie the most on dating app profiles and what they lie about most.

3DR Video Interview Screenshot

Three Day Rule Interview

  • Interviewee: Talia Goldstein
  • Position: President and Founder

Our team interviews the President and Founder of Three Day Rule, a US-based matchmaking company currently operating in 11 major cities.

Tawkify Video Interview Screenshot

Tawkify Interview

  • Interviewee: Kellie Ammerman
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer

In this interview, we talk with Tawkify CEO Kellie Ammerman. Tawkify is a US-based matchmaking company with a presence domestically and internationally.

Taimi Interview Screenshot

Taimi Interview

  • Interviewee: Yana Andyol
  • Position: Head of Brands

Our VP of Partnerships Matt Seymour sits down with Head of Brands and Comms. at Taimi, an LGBTQ+ dating app brand with over 16 million users.

More Online Dating App Data Studies and Surveys

Professional Help Data Graph

Does Online Dating Drive Singles to Seek Therapy?

  • Key Takeaway: Nearly one in three adults using dating apps in the US have sought professional help or therapy as a result.

As a subset of our burnout and emotional fatigue study we wanted to look deeper into the number of singles polled who say they sought out professional help as a results of online dating. This article looks at the data overall, broken down by age, and broken down by gender.

Romance Scam Data Rankings

Online Romance Scam Data by State

  • Key Takeaway: Nevada ranked the worst state in the nation for romance scams and Mississippi ranked the safest.

A collection of data on the popularity and severity of online romance scams in the US. The study not only provides the raw data from the FBI and the FTC, but also compiles the data into an algorithm to determine which states are the safest and least safe for online dating scams.

Height Facts Online Dating

Does Height Matter When Dating?

  • Key Takeaway: Two-thirds of single adults said that height is important when selecting a romantic partner to date.

We asked 1,000 single adults in the United States how important height was to them when selecting a romantic partner. Additionally, we asked them to select which of six physical traits (including height) was the most important to them.

Best city for singles

Best Cities for Singles in the US

  • Key Takeaway: Minneapolis, Minnesota took the top spot for best city for singles in the US over 36 different data points.

This data study conducted by our team looks at the 90 most populous cities in the United States across 36 different data points to determine which of these cities are the best and which are the worst for singles. Additionally, you can find supporting data on things like cities with the most single men or women, cities with the most dating amenities, and even pricing on different aspects of dating.

marriage postcard

US Marriage and Divorce Trend Data

  • Key Takeaway: The national marriage rate in the US has been on a steady decline since the year 2016.

This data set specifically looks at marriage and divorce trends within the United States nationally, as well as broken down by individual state. Examples of trends analyzed include whether or not divorce rates are increasing or decreasing, if the number of people getting married is going up or down (nationally and by state), and which states are the strongest for marriage.

More Key Dating Industry Interviews

eharmony Interview

  • Interviewee: Kristen Berry
  • Position: VP of Comms. and CSR
  • Category: Dating App
Seeking Interview Video Screenshot

Seeking Interview

  • Interviewee: Emma Hawthorn
  • Position: In-House Dating Expert
  • Category: Dating App
Maclynn International Interview Video Screenshot

Maclynn International

  • Interviewee: Sarah Powell
  • Position: Managing Partner
  • Category: Matchmaking

SonderMind Interview

  • Interviewee: Wendy Rasmussen, PhD.
  • Position: Director of Clinical Strategy
  • Category: Dating Therapy
Incredible Love Video Interview Screenshot

Incredible Love Interview

  • Interviewee: Michelle Galarza
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Category: Matchmaking
stef and the city video interview screenshot

Stef and the City Interview

  • Interviewee: Stef Safran
  • Position: Owner
  • Category: Matchmaking

Elite Connections Interview

  • Interviewee: Tammi Pickle
  • Position: Vice President
  • Category: Matchmaking
Master Matchmakers Video Interview Screenshot

Master MM Interview

  • Interviewee: Kim DiSilvestro
  • Position: Chief of Staff
  • Category: Matchmaking
Soon Video Interview Screenshot

SOON Interview

  • Interviewee: Cora Kyler
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Category: Dating App
Weaver Video Interview Screenshot

Weaver Interview

  • Interviewee: Mara Rudolph
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Category: Dating App
wooplus interview screenshot

WooPlus Interview

  • Interviewee: Neil Raman
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Category: Dating App
mpwh interview screenshot

MPWH Interview

  • Interviewee: Mila Miller
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Category: Dating App
Fairy Trail Dating App Video Screenshot

Fairy Trail Interview

  • Interviewee: Taige Zhang
  • Position: Founder
  • Category: Dating App
Jacqui Pugh Interview Screenshot

Relationship Hero Interview

  • Interviewee: Jacqui Pugh
  • Position: Relationship Coach
  • Category: Dating Coaching

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