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Data is our lifeblood. Our team of researchers, statisticians, interviewers, data scientists, and self-proclaimed data nerds spend their days dreaming about numbers and trends as they relate to the online dating industry. Often, people view the dating industry from a purely anecdotal position based on personal experiences and experiences from within their friend-group. While these stories are helpful, the heart and soul of the industry is driven by data.

At Healthy Framework, we work hard to provide meaningful data, trend analysis, advice, and interviews to help a wide array of people. If you’re in the media and looking for data to support a story, we’re here for you. If you’re a single looking to better understand the confusing landscape of online dating, we’re here for you. And if you’re just someone who loves data and the empirical study of digital love, we’re here for you.

Online Dating App Insights, Interviews, and Research

You can’t successfully advise singles, industry leaders, and media professionals without a strong pulse on the everchanging dating industry. Our dedicated team is led by data researcher Matthew J. Seymour, MSF, who focuses on industry insights, key leader interviews, and research.

Whether we’re breaking down statistics and demographics for a data study or giving out thoughtful advice on how to get through a breakup—our main goal is to help. Please enjoy the resources provided here. May it help you better understand the world of dating, and if you’re searching for that special someone, may it help you get there faster.

Recent Online Dating Industry Interviews

Interview banner for eharmony

Interview with Kristen Berry – VP of Communications and CSR at eharmony

Recently, our team was able to spend some time with Kristen Berry, eharmony’s VP of communications and CSR to discuss all things eharmony. The interview covered things like what separates eharmony from the rest of the dating apps out there, who the ideal customer is for ideal in the company’s own words, how the company is protecting users against romance scams, and where the company stands on inclusivity initiatives.

Seeking Interview Screenshot Interview – In-House Dating Expert Emma Hathorn

Watch our most recent interview with’s in-house dating expert where we talk about the future of the brand, their recent image overhaul, and a deeper focus on being a luxury dating brand.

Taimi Interview Screenshot

Taimi Interview – Head of Brands and Communications Yana Andyol

Our team catches up with the Head of Brands at Taimi about the brands commitment to inclusivity, how their team is using AI, and how they’re keeping users safe in a dangerous climate.

Three Day Rule Interview – President and Founder Talia Goldstein

Our team sits down with the founder of Three Day Rule, an innovative matchmaking company currently in 11 major cities about the brand, matchmaking misconceptions, and the company’s unique process.

Recent Online Dating Research, Data, and Surveys

Online Dating Burnout and Emotional Fatigue Data Study Custom Image

Online Dating Burnout and Emotional Fatigue Data (2023)

Do you ever feel frustrated with online dating? Or that you just have to take a break? Maybe you’ve even felt like it was necessary to talk to a professional about the stress and emotional burnout you’ve been feeling? If you answered yes to any of these our recent study has the data to prove you’re not alone.

We asked 1,000 singles what apps they were using, how often they were experiencing emotional fatigue, and what they were doing to cope with it. We think you’ll be surprised to see some of our findings.

The Most Dangerous States for Online Dating (2023)

We’ve all heard that there are catfish and scammers lurking in the online dating community, but how big of a problem is it really? Our team did the research, crunched the numbers, and found that it’s a lot bigger issue than many give it credit for.

In fact, just last year the FBI reported nearly a billion dollars in romance scam losses. In our study we’ll give a detailed breakdown of what states have had the most run ins with these scams, what age groups are most susceptible, total monetary losses by victims, and more.

Romance Scammer using a phone and laptop

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Informing readers about the ins and outs of the online dating industry is what we live for. No matter if you’re a single person, a journalist, a researcher, or you’re just curious about the world of dating and online dating, we have the articles, resource guides, and more that you’re looking for. Below, we’ve shared a few of our most popular dating articles, as well as a link to our hundreds of other options that include advice, comparisons, best-of lists, and more.

How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile (Examples Included)

Writing a dating profile is never as easy as it looks (if it even looks easy). Talking about yourself without seeming braggy or egotistical while still showcasing who you are is a tall task but one we help you tackle.

6 Safest Dating Apps (2024) for Security, Data Privacy, and Quality

While safety should be a priority for any dating app, there are some options that rise to the top (and some that don’t). We look at things like encryption, data privacy, track record of security issues, and more.

eHarmony vs. Match (2024) – We Finally Help to Settle the Debate

Two of the oldest and most iconic brands, eharmony and, started out quite similar. However, over the years the two apps have grown in different directions that are important to help decide which is best for you.

How to Find a Girlfriend: 18 Ways to Get a GF

Getting a girlfriend should be easy, in theory. In practice, though, it’s not. Often, this is because people are not using the right strategies or looking in the right places where like-minded people are meeting and connecting.

6 Best Texas Dating Apps – Winners and Losers

With a state as big as Texas, you often need to employ technology to help you get things done efficiently. And when it comes to finding love, Texas dating apps are here to help, but some are better than others.

Why Seniors Are Turning to These 7 Dating Sites

Online dating isn’t just a young person’s game anymore. More and more dating websites are now catering to senior singles with experiences that are easy to use and built to the unique needs of seniors.

29 Dating Profile Examples — Witty, Funny, and Smart

Sometimes the best way to learn to write an amazing online dating profile is to see examples. Here, we showcase real examples that are witty, funny, smart, and do a great job of showcasing personality in an effective way.

Top 4 Professional Dating Apps for Executives (2024)

Business professionals have unique concerns when it comes to dating online, or just dating in general. Thankfully, a few select professional dating apps are built with business owners, executives, and young professionals in mind.

5 Best NYC Dating Apps to Save You Time

The city of New York is massive, which means a lot of singles. However, connecting with someone in the fast-paced world of NYC is harder than it sounds. This is where dating apps come in to help make a big city small again.

Dating App Reviews

Not only has our team coached thousands of singles and studied millions of online dating app users, but we’ve also gotten our proverbial hands dirty when it comes to the available technologies, apps, and services. Our team has collectively tested hundreds of online dating apps, matchmaking services, and other single’s services that you may be interested in trying. Check out a few of our featured reviews or click the link to see our list of 80+ comprehensive reviews that’s always growing. Review Reveals FTC Troubles & Long Track Record

One of the most iconic names in all of dating is with over 20 years in the industry. But our review shows it wasn’t always rainbows and roses for the app.

eharmony Review (2024) – Worth It or a Waste of Your Time?

eharmony is often regarded as the leader when it comes to serious and committed dating. But can the app live up to the hype, or is it declining as they enter their third decade of service?

It’s Just Lunch Review – Should the Lawsuits Be Concerning?

Famed matchmaking service It’s Just Lunch talks a big game and has a lot of notoriety. However, some recent lawsuits about “walking the walk” might be concerning.

Dating App Free Trials

A common staple of the online dating world is the “try before you buy” economy. In other words, dating apps often allow users to try either a limited number of features for a long period of time (usually forever), or they allow you to try all of the features for a short period of time (usually a few days or a week). This is done for two reasons. One—it’s a fairly standard marketing practice, but more importantly, two—there tends to be a lower level of consumer confidence when it comes to dating apps, which makes this more necessary. Here are some of the most popular dating app free trials, and also a link to see our breakdowns of all the available offers, including links to claim and sign up.

Breakdown of Eharmony’s Free Trial Offer and What to Know

Eharmony’s free trial offers a nice peek under the hood, which is welcomed as this app is one of the more expensive options. Additionally, free trial users get access to additional savings if they should choose to upgrade.

Tinder’s Free Trial Comes with 11 Features and Few Exclusions

Tinder is often referred to as a free dating app (no trial needed), because most features are free to use. The app makes its money by selling upgrades after getting you hooked. Here’s what you do and don’t get for free.

Bumble’s Free Trial Can Be Claimed Online But Limits 7 Features

Like most swipe dating apps, Bumble lets you use most features at no cost during the unlimited free trial period. However, there are several features (7 to be exact), you won’t get access to.

Dating App Pricing

When it comes to monetization of dating apps, there are a lot of different pricing structures you’ll see. These include things like completely free, freemium, subscription-based, token or credit based, and even some really obscure models that will make your head spin. Below, we break down how much each dating app or matchmaker costs, how they accept payment, what premium features come with the upgrade, renewal and refund policies, and the hidden fine print you’ll want to consider before an upgrade.

Three Day Rule Matchmaker Pricing for 2024 for All Three Membership Types

While matchmaking is more expensive than traditional dating apps, you do get a much more personalized experience. This rings true with Three Day Rule and it’s simplified three purchase options to choose from.

eHarmony Cost (2024) – What You’ll Actually Pay If You Upgrade

There isn’t much better of an example of you get what you pay for than with premium memberships at eharmony. While they are a bit more expensive than the industry standard, the accompanying features may be worth it.

It’s Just Lunch Price Starts at $1,000 Based on These Reports

It’s Just Lunch is priced on the lower end of matchmaking services (starting around $1,000), but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great value. Additionally, different people paid different amounts for the same plan.

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