5 Things NOT to Say After a First Kiss

When it comes to online dating one of the most awkward things is knowing when to plant that first kiss on your crush. You’ve been out on several dates (or maybe it’s the first date), and the tension has really been mounting. Then there it is, that moment where both of you are lingering a little bit longer than you should and your pheromones (and hormones) are off the charts.

Yong Black Couple Sharing Their First Kiss

You lean in and you put forth your best moves hoping it will wow the recipient, or at least leave them wanting more (like another date). Then you finish your kiss and there is a moment of awkward silence, what should you say to your online dating match? The more important question is what should you definitely NOT say? Read on further and we’ll go over all the juicy details of what you shouldn’t say after a first kiss and why.

Nothing is worse than someone making a weird sound immediately following a first kiss. You know who you are, the one who makes the “Mmm…” sound afterwards, as if you just ate a delicious steak. Or, maybe you are the kisser who makes noises while kissing, this is even worse! The other person is sitting there thinking, “Please stop making that annoying noise… make this kiss stop.”

Okay, first of all… we don’t need your kiss rating. What is the scale anyways? Nice and Wow? And who made you the guru of all things kiss worthy? When it comes to the first kiss, don’t use a descriptive word that could come across as rating the situation.

No one wants to feel like they are being compared on some sick twisted comparison chart of kissing styles. Remember, not everyone classifies words the same way, to some people “nice” may mean something good, or it may mean something that is average at best. Do yourself a favor and save your “nice” descriptions for hugs from your grandma, not for kisses from your new online dating hottie.

This. Is. The. Worst. Nothing like advertising you have really been around the block a few times like telling someone what a good kisser they are. You might as well just say, “I’ve kissed a ton of people, so let me tell you, you’re a really good kisser, I would know.”

Nothing like divulging your dating past like uttering these words following a first kiss. Save face after a first kiss by keeping these words to yourself if they should happen to cross your mind. No one likes to think about how many other people their date may have kissed before them, gross!

We get it… we ate garlic bread with our dinner, but you did too! How do you know the bad breath wasn’t mutual? Or, maybe it was actually you who had the bad breath. Don’t insult someone after you kiss them, whether you want to see them again or not, there’s a strong chance you’ll never hear from them again if you utter these words. Although, if it was their bad breath you might be better off without them.

If we don’t want your instant rating of us, then we certainly don’t want to be put on the spot about our reaction to your kissing style… even if you are one of those people who likes to lick someone’s entire face, and somehow completely miss their mouth, yuck!

Some people are not shy about sharing and were probably informed by their parents at a young age that “sharing is caring.” In most cases this rule rings true, however it does not work following a first kiss. This is not the time to have a review session of what just happened. This is not the time to take a look at the instant replay footage and give a critique of what could have been better.

There are a lot of things (five specifically mentioned above) you should not say immediately following a first kiss. Wondering what you should do after a first kiss? Our best advice is the silent smile. Look back at them for a few moments with a sincere smile, and don’t say anything.

After a few moments have passed you can change the subject and start talking about something else or pick back up in conversation where you left off. Whatever you decide to say (or not say) just remember to be focused on the moment and to try and remember it, after all you only get one shot at a first kiss. Happy smooching!