Zoe Dating App Review

Zoe is a popular dating app for women seeking women. It takes a casual approach to the dating process while still allowing a space that focuses on open communication and the fostering of real, romantic connections. 

We’ve heard about Zoe and seen the great reviews from its user base, but we wondered how it stacked up to other lesbian dating giants like Her and Pink Cupid. 

We looked at every aspect of the app from how easy it is to sign up, to the cost, and even the customer service options. So, if you are interested in signing up for Zoe, you should read on and check out our complete Zoe review to see exactly what you’re getting into.

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Zoe – The Bottom Line Up Front

Zoe is definitely a formidable option when it comes to lesbian dating apps. The co-mingling of casual dating app design with advanced features that focus on communication is something that all singles need. We like that it is fast to sign up and super easy to use no matter how skilled you are with dating apps. 

  • Biggest Pro – Well rounded app with some options that work with a free account
  • Biggest Drawback – Limited options; might not have as big and diverse of userbase as some of the bigger players in the industry

The paid features are fun and helpful, but members can actually enjoy Zoe without paying for a membership. So, whether you decide to use Zoe for free or pay for a membership, it’s certainly worth at least checking out

Overall Zoe Rating

Quality Matches8.5/10.0
Ease of Use9.0/10.0


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Pros and Cons of the Zoe Dating App


  • The free version of the app is actually usable (meaning you can send and receive messages)
  • Profiles can be verified, so scammers and catfishers are easy to avoid.
  • The app and its features are deeply customizable.


  • The app is newer and therefore has a slightly smaller user base than its competitors.
  • Some features are only available to paid members.

Who Zoe Is Good For

  • Lesbian and bisexual women looking for a casual way to date.
  • Women interested in the possibility for both casual romance and long-term commitment.
  • Those who enjoy a usable free dating app.

Who Zoe Might Not Be Best For

  • Men or women seeking men won’t have a good time on Zoe.
  • Those who prefer to use a computer for online dating (Zoe is app only).

Zoe Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About Zoe

  • Site Name: Zoeapp.co
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free option
  • Average Sign-Up Time: ~ 3 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $9.99 per month
  • Unique ZoeFacts and Figures
    • There are over 3.9 million registered user on Zoe
    • Over 16 million messages are sent monthly on the Zoe app
    • Zoe was launched in 2018 and gained a fast following
    • 4.5 star rating and over 38,000 reviews on Google Play
    • 4.7 star rating on the Apple App Store

Zoe Features Overview

The free version of Zoe offers a lot of great, basic features. You can search, chat, and receive income messages without ever spending a dime. However, we think the paid features are absolutely worth the cost. Here are a few of our top picks for paid Zoe features:

Likes You

This might be our favorite feature on any app that has it! You can use the “likes you” feature to see a list of women who have shown interest in you. Knowing that someone is interested in you helps save you time by letting you choose to only interact with “a sure thing” as far as matching is concerned. 

Advanced Search Filters

Searching on the free tier of membership is pretty much up to your location and general profile settings. With a paid membership, you will have access to a full set of search filters that let you narrow your potential matches down. 

Second Chance 

Did you pass on someone with the intent to like? Paid members never have to worry about speed swiping mistakes again. You can go back to your previous matches and correct your mistakes, easily. 

Questionnaire View

Paid Zoe members have the ability to look at their matches personality and profile questionnaire to see how compatible they are. This gives the same effect as a compatibility algorithm, but with more control over the results.

The Quality of Singles at Zoe

We like the overall quality of singles on Zoe. There are a lot of interesting profiles and attractive singles to choose from! The only issue is that the lack of a required verification on accounts makes it easy for scammers and bots to utilize Zoe’s platform. 

There is a choice to be verified on Zoe, which will put a shiny little check mark next to your profile. By only communicating with profiles that are verified, it is easy to avoid any fake accounts. 

Even with the possibility of bots on the site (let’s be real, that happens on any free dating app) we think that the quality of Zoe’s user base is really stellar when compared to other modern dating apps.

How to Sign Up at Zoe

Signing up for Zoe is super fast and simple. You just have to download the app and open it to begin. 

You can connect with facebook, which saves you some time, but we always suggest you use your email to sign up. 

Once you’ve entered your email, name, and birthdate, you will need to upload a photo. You can choose to upload up to six photos, but only one is required to complete your sign up. Make sure your photo is clear and includes your entire face. 

Afterward, you need to allow location access on your phone if you haven’t already. Then, you are all set to go!

Price | How Much Does Zoe Cost?

Zoe’s free version is totally usable, so a lot of users probably won’t be willing to pay for the membership without some major emphasis on perks. Here is the price of the premium membership:

Membership TypeMonthly PriceTotal Cost
Premium - Monthly$15.99$15.99
Premium - Quarterly$12.99$38.99
Premium - Annual$9.99$119.99

Customer Support Options

Zoe’s customer support comes in the form of a thorough set of FAQs on their website and through their app. There are a lot of informative topics on the FAQ, but there is no live chat or phone contact available. 

There is an email contact listed at the bottom of the FAQ webpage, which you can use to reach out. However, the site doesn’t even auto-populate a contact form. You must copy and paste the address into your own email, which feels antiquated to say the least.

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Is Zoe Good for Trans or Non-Binary Singles?

Zoe does not explicitly ban trans or NB individuals; however, there have been multiple accounts of the site rejecting the photos of these individuals due to the perception of gender in the photo. We hope that Zoe is working to correct this issue and make their platform more inclusive. 

Is Zoe for Hookups or Relationships?

Zoe is a casual dating app, which means that some people may use it for hookups. However, polls of current users show that the site is most frequently used to try and find actual relationships. 

Can I Try Zoe for Free?

Yes! The free membership tier on Zoe is not time-limited, so you can use it as long as you’d like. 

Can I Cancel a Premium Zoe Membership?

You won’t be able to cancel through Zoe because they charge their memberships through your phone’s payment system (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.). You must go to your settings on the appropriate payment system to cancel your membership. 

Do I Need Facebook to Sign Up for Zoe?

No! You can opt to sign up with facebook, but it is not necessary (or recommended). 

Do I Have to Upload a Profile Pic on Zoe?

Yes! You cannot finish the profile creation process without uploading at least one photo. If that photo is later rejected by Zoe Mods, you will be informed that a new photo must be uploaded to use your account. 

Why Are My Zoe Profile Photos Being Rejected?

Zoe has a requirement that your profile display picture must have a clear view of your face to aid in matching. If your photos are being rejected, you may want to ensure that your chosen photo is:

  1. Crisp and focused
  2. Includes your full face
  3. Isn’t full of other people, making it hard to know which you are
  4. Not explicit or otherwise inappropriate. 

Should I use Zoe or Her?

Zoe and Her are both great apps for lesbian and bisexual women, but they have different features and amenities. If you want to learn more about Her to see how the apps compare, check out our in-depth Her review, here