Where to Meet Singles in Tucson

Do you know what a lot of large towns seem to have in common? Lots of colleges. 

Tucson is no exception, this college town is filled to the brim with young hopefuls looking to advance their minds and their careers. Unfortunately, this can have a negative effect on the local dating environment. 

First, you’ve got a large selection of the singles pool that plans to leave the city in four years. 

Second, the dating pool skews far younger in college towns. 

Third, most singles in Tucson are going to be too busy to focus on meeting other singles and starting relationships. 

It can feel like you have to be a fellow U of A or Brookline student to have any chance of meeting someone. 

Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The only leg up these singles have is being in close proximity to other singles with similar schedules all the time. So, if you want to improve your dating game, you need to learn the best places for you to meet compatible singles. 

Online dating takes a big city with a spread out pool of singles and consolidates them into a tiny space. It will feel just like being back in college where all the singles your age are just around the corner at all times. 

All you have to do is choose a reputable dating app that works for Arizona singles and you will be on the fast track to love and commitment. 

Online dating is like finding love on easy mode. When you use a good dating site you can:

  • Find singles you’d never meet in your daily life. 
  • Compare singles based on compatibility not just looks. 
  • Get to know someone before spending money on expensive dates. 
  • Use bonus features to get a leg up you’d never get in a club or bar. 
  • Access dating tools and tips provided by the site

In most cases, online dating memberships are less expensive than trying to meet people in the real world and can lead to compatible matches far faster than traditional dating. We can even help you try out top dating sites for free, so there is nothing to lose! 

  • Sky Bar: Sky Bar is one of those places that are all around perfect for meeting singles. There is a wide selection of seating, occasional live entertainment, trivia nights, and many other events that are perfect for making connections. It is always easy to break the ice when you are in an interesting palace like Sky Bar. 
  • Casa Film Bar: The only bar we’ve heard of that started as a video rental store, Casa Film Bar is a place where you can drink, enjoy films, and meet some of the most fun and interesting singles in all of Tucson. The laid back environment has a Cheers vibe thanks to the friendly bartenders and regulars, so you know you’ll feel at home in Casa.  
  • The Boxyard: If you are looking for a bar or eatery that is so unique that you might even be a tiny bit confused upon first arrival, then you need the Boxyard. The location has a courtyard for seating and ten storage containers that contain additional seating, four restaurants, and a wine bar. The bar is so unique, you’ll always have something to talk to other patrons about! 
  • Cobra Arcade Bar: Arcade bars are the perfect place to meet singles. This Tucson staple is located downtown and is filled with token operated arcade games. Whether you are rooting for other patrons while they play or discussing the hilariously-named drinks, you will find chatting up strangers a breeze at Cobra Arcade Bar!
  • Highwire Lounge: Want to meet singles in a bar that celebrates modern mixology and style? Look no further than Highwire Lounge. Located downtown, this is the perfect bar to meet singles whether you stick around all night or use it as a stop on a bar crawl. 

Looking for unique places to meet compatible singles? The biggest tip we have is to choose events that pique your interest and speak to your values. If you meet singles at niche events and locations you love, your overall compatibility is likely to be higher. Here are a few of our top suggestions!

Loft Film Festival – For Movie Lovers

While many film enthusiasts may already know about the Arizona Film Festival, fewer realize the true potential for meeting singles and friends at the Loft Film Festival. Held at the Loft Theater, this is a celebration of independent, classic, and foreign film in an intimate setting.

Desert Diamond Casino – For Lovers of Night Life  

If you are looking for a place to meet fun loving singles, night owls, or a mix of the two, you should check out the Desert Diamond Casino. Whether you prefer live card games or slot machines, there is a little adult fun for everyone at Desert Diamond. 

University of Arizona Museum of Art – For Art Aficionados 

Sure, going to the U of A Museum of Art may feel counterintuitive for finding non-college singles, but the museum is often filled with non-students who want to browse their extensive collection. 

Tucson Festival of Books – For Bibliophiles

Whether you love books or not, the Festival of Books is one of the best ways to meet non-college students in Tucson! This festival is held over spring break and is an outdoor event where you can celebrate literature with readings, panels, and vendors. 

El Jefe Cat Lounge – For Animal Lovers

If loving animals is a big requirement for your partner, then consider looking for them at an amazing animal venue like the El Jefe Cat Lounge. You can head in to relax with the dozens of feline residents, feed them treats, treat yourself, and chat up singles doing the same!