Where to Meet Singles in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a beautiful town that suffers from the same syndrome as many other large cities – it is filled with temporary college goers. It makes dating a nightmare. 

You don’t want to fall for some person just to find out they plan on moving half across the country in a year. College singles tend to be less focused on commitment (totally understandable) which makes dating for local singles disappointing to say the least. 

So, how do you avoid these non-committing singles? 

The most important thing to do is ensure you are looking for singles in the right places! If you feel that your normal bubble of singles has been exhausted and you don’t know where else to look, read through this guide. 

We’ve researched all the best bars, places, and events in Tallahassee to show you the absolute best places to try and meet high-quality singles! 

Our top suggestion for finding the best, most committed singles in Tallahassee is to utilize online dating. 

Online dating isn’t the taboo form of dating some people think it is. In fact, it is quickly becoming the most popular way for committed partners to meet one another! When you use the best dating sites for Florida singles, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to use all the modern tools available in the digital age. 

You would use the internet to find a house, a job, a doctor, even a lawyer. So, why wouldn’t you trust digital platforms to help you meet singles and find love? 

Online dating sites give you the opportunity to:

  • Search singles in your city you’d never meet otherwise. 
  • Narrow down your search based on specific criteria. 
  • Use personality matching to weed out non-compatible singles. 
  • Use special amenities to make dating fun and exciting. 
  • Save money when compared to the cost of traditional dating. 

If you are struggling with meeting singles that match your standards, online dating is likely the solution you’ve been looking for. 

  1. Poor Paul’s Pourhouse: A Tallahassee staple since 1976, Poor Paul’s Pourhouse is a traditional place for local singles to meet and mingle. Whether you are coming for the delicious drinks, ladies night discounts, or great conversation, Poor Paul’s Pourhouse welcomes you! 
  2. Hummingbird Wine Bar: If your idea of a good night out doesn’t include boisterous conversation and drinking craft beer, you may prefer the atmosphere of the Hummingbird Wine Bar. This classy establishment is still laid back enough to make meeting singles possible, but the modern, clean aesthetic removes the grungy feeling of being in a traditional bar. 
  3. Bullwinkle’s Saloon: This bar is located on the Tennessee strip and has the country aesthetic to match! If you love a night of great drinks, even better music, and getting cozy with local singles, you don’t want to miss out on Bullwinkle’s Saloon! Whether you want to drink indoors or out, Bullwinkle’s has a setting that is perfect for you. 
  4. Bar 1903: Bar 1903 offers a unique experience in modern Tallahassee where you feel that you’ve just stepped back into time. The drinks are amazing and inventive and the environment is electric. You will find talking to singles a breeze in this unique and vivacious establishment. 
  5. Corner Pocket Bar and Grill: You can’t have a list of great bars for meeting singles without discussing sports bars! If you want to enjoy a game of darts or sit back and watch the game, Corner Pocket Bar and Grill is the best bar for you. It is a great place to meet sportier singles and maybe even make a few new friends. 

Online dating and bar hopping is fun, but sometimes singles like to meet people the old-fashioned way. Our biggest tip for meeting great singles in real life is to conduct your search at events and locations that speak to your hobbies/passions. For instance, if you are terrified of dogs, you don’t want to meet singles at a dog adoption event. 

Here are some of our top picks for unique events and locations to meet singles in Tallahassee: 

The Venvi Art Gallery is a stunning display of art with a focus on bold color and striking impressions. It is a great way to spend a day, whether you are looking for singles or not. What we love about meeting singles at Venvi is that you know they have at least a slight interest in the arts, which gives you a great way to break the ice. 

Enjoy the Sounds of the Sundown Concert Series

The Sundown Concerts at Cascade Park are a perfect place for lovers of live music to meet singles and enjoy a night in nature. The musician lineup is always changing, so check with the local schedule for details. No matter who is performing, all you need to do is bring a picnic blanket and some snacks to make the night enjoyable. 

Drink Up at Tallahassee Oktoberfest

Tallhassee’s Oktoberfest celebration is a great place to meet adult singles that enjoy having a good time and drinking a good beer. The event can attract college students, so be wary of that. However, the event is hugely popular with born and raised locals, so your odds of meeting someone are higher than usual! 

Celebrate the Season at The Fall Festival

Fall Festival is a great event that is family friendly and draws in a lot of locals to enjoy the season. We love this event for single parents! It is a great way to mingle with other family-focused singles while also letting your kids have a fun night enjoying rides and carnival games. 

Get Rowdy at a Game

You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy sports in Tallahassee. Whether you love hockey, kickball, baseball, tennis, or a slew of other sports, there is an event for you in Tallahassee. If sports are a large part of your interests, these events can be the perfect place to meet a compatible single!