Where to Meet Singles in Seattle

Depending on who you ask, Seattle goes by many names – Emerald City, Coffee Capital, Rain City, and Jet City to name a few. The reason there are so many names is because the city is so hard to pin down. Those who live in Seattle are outspoken individuals who work to influence the city and their surroundings in their own way. 

Ultimately, Seattle is a city unlike any other. Each section of the city is filled with its own peculiar neighborhoods, hidden natural gems, and quirky establishments that define the lives of those who live there. 

While this incredible city is a great place to live and build a family, actually finding a partner to start a family can be quite the challenge. 

There are a lot of theories as to why Seattle is so difficult for singles, but it ultimately comes down to people being uncomfortable with searching outside their bubble. If you are looking for information on some places and techniques you can try to improve your Seattle dating game, look no further! 

Find Someone as Weird as You with Online Dating 

Online dating is a lifesaver for singles in Seattle! 

While traditional dating has its charm, online dating lets you skip the line and find a truly compatible partner from the comfort of your own home. You can utilize search features and filtering to make sure you are only matching with those that interest you, and you even get the benefit of doing all the embarrassing small talk in a private chat vs. in a bar or club. 

If you haven’t given online dating a try in the last few years, you’ll be amazed at how much it’s changed. Sites don’t require you to link to social media, there is heavy encryption on chats, and there are a ton of modern features to make it more fun and effective. 

You can even check out our article for  a list of the best dating sites for singles in Washington. You can read about why we love these sites, what users think, and get access to a free trial to any site you choose! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Seattle

  1. Some Random Bar – Don’t get confused, “Some Random Bar” is the actual name of this interesting little watering hole. The entire vibe of the bar is an unpretentious place to drink things that taste good and make small talk with other Seattle locals. Just imagine telling your grandkids someday how you and their grandma/grandpa met at Some Random Bar.
  2. Roquette – Roquette cocktails and spirits may be a bit fancier than other bars in the area, but that doesn’t mean they are stuffy and pretentious. When you are at Roquette you get the feeling that you are in a friendly and inviting place which makes opening up to strangers a lot easier! 
  3. Screwdriver Bar – Screwdriver Bar encompasses the spirit of Seattle. It is a place made by two friends that want other people to enjoy good times together just like they have. Screwdriver Bar is the perfect place to create lasting connections with other Seattle locals. 
  4. Baker’s – Some people might call Baker’s small, but we call it cozy! When you are spending time at Baker’s you can’t help but become fast friends with everyone else around you. It is an amazing place to start up new friendships and even new romances. 
  5. The Octopus Bar – You can’t enjoy Seattle without heading to The Octopus Bar. While the drinks and food are great, we love the odd and charming atmosphere the bar brings to the table. Looking for an icebreaker for that cutie at the next barstool? Pick one of the hundreds of bizarre oddities on the wall and chat away!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Seattle

Meeting singles in Seattle is all about avoiding the MAJOR tourist attractions and sticking to places you actually enjoy. If you go out only seeking a date, it will probably not go well. However, if you go out to have a good time and spark up conversation over mutual interests, well, that’s how you get a meet-cute! 

Check out some of our favorite places to meet singles in Seattle:

Museum of Pop Culture

If you’ve never been to MoPOP, you are really missing out. The museum circulates exhibits on all sorts of topics in pop culture (games, current events, movies, etc.) but also hosts some incredible events and shows. MoPOP is never dull, which means you will always have something to talk about when chatting up singles!

Chihuly Gardens and Glass

Chihuly Gardens has everything. From gorgeous gardens to personal art workshops and daily interactive experiences, there is no garden like Chihuly Gardens. This indoor display is a perfect, year-round way to meet other nature lovers in Seattle. 

Pike Place Market

Pikes Place is a staple in Seattle, which is why the locals saved it over 50 years ago. Now, it is an amazing place to complete your shopping, grab a bite to eat, and chat up other Seattle locals. What’s better than meeting singles while also getting your shopping out of the way?

Seattle Mariners Game

If you are a sports lover, then heading to a Mariners game is a perfect way to both enjoy a day and meet singles with similar interests. Maybe that cutie two rows over could use a beer and a chili dog? You’ll never know if you don’t say “hi!” 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

The BMGF Discovery Center is a perfect place for single parents to scope out potential partners. The area is supremely popular with parents who want their kids to have a day of fun and actually learn a thing or two. While your kids are exploring hands-on exhibits, you could be chatting up a cute mom or dad doing the same!