Where to Meet Singles in Sarasota

If you are young and single in Sarasota, you don;t need us to tell you how tough it is to date. The local population skews much older and it seems like there aren’t enough young singles to go around!

Of course, the singles are there, but coming across them in your day to day life is nearly impossible. 

Improving your dating odds doesn’t have to require moving away from the stunning beaches and friendly locals in Sarasota. In fact, we know quite a few places where meeting singles under 50 is a sure thing!

Where to Meet Singles in Sarasota

If you are ready to improve your dating game and find love in Sarasota, read on! 

Today, we will be discussing a lot of local places and events to meet singles, but none of them compare to how easy it is to find real love with online dating. 

We aren’t talking Tinder hookups or Grindr flings. When you use the best dating sites for Sarasota singles, you can find thousands of singles that have the potential to make fantastic long-term partners. 

Many of these sites use compatibility testing, personality matching, and advanced filtering to ensure that you don’t waste your time on singles that don’t match your wants, needs, or core values. 

With online dating you can:

  • Save money
  • Meet singles you’d never meet in your day to day
  • Get to know someone before meeting in person
  • Use site amenities to narrow down your search pool
  • Carefully craft your first impression
  • Use amenities to limit access to your own profile
  • Expand your search beyond your local neighborhood
  1. Pangea Lounge: Pangea, or Pangea Alchemy Lab, is one of the most interesting bars or lounges in all of Sarasota. The uniquely crafted drinks and European-style setting makes it a fantastic place to meet younger singles. If you want to experience a bar that is somehow both modern and rustic, then Pangea Alchemy Lab is the place for you! 
  2. Raffurty’s: We tend to not add Sports Bars to these lists because they can be a little bit of a boys’ club. However, Raffurty’s is a fun and upbeat bar enjoyed by locals of all genders! There are multiple levels to the bar including a rooftop area, balcony lounge, and outdoor patio. Locals come to Raffurty’s by the dozens, making it a great place to meet singles! 
  3. Gecko’s Pub & Grill: Gecko’s is one of the most popular chain of bars in Florida. It is a highly Americanized drinking experience with large TVs where you can enjoy a game and spacious bar seating where locals can sit to have a chat. It is a truly laid back place where talking to strangers is welcome! 
  4. Perspective Rooftop Bar: Perspective is one of the hippest and most exciting bars in all of Sarasota. This rooftop excursion includes a laid back atmosphere, covered seating, a large pool, and modern drinks. It is a perfect place to enjoy the stunning Sarasota weather and meet young singles. 
  5. Memories Lounge: Memories Lounge has been a staple in Sarasota since 1980 and is now considered the best dive bar in Florida! Locals love Memories Lounge and, despite its age, is actually popular with some of the younger locals in the area. It is a perfect place to meet new people in your age group and potentially make a love connection! 

Online dating is great, but if you are curious about local events and places to meet great singles, look no further. Whether your passion is art, food, or anything in between, we know exactly where you should look for singles! 

International Chalk Festival

The International Chalk Festival is one of the most interesting events in Sarasota. The works of art completed by these chalk artists are a sight to behold and thousands of locals come out to do so. It is a great place to catch some sun, enjoy great food, and chat up other locals along the way. The sheer number of attendants helps to ensure you will see lots of younger locals during the event! 

Food Truck Fridays

The Conservation Foundation hosts Food Truck Fridays for members (join by making a donation to the foundation) with a new food truck each month. It is a fun place to enjoy dinner while meeting locals who share a passion for the conservation of Sarasota’s natural beauty. 

JukeBox Saturdays at Florida Studio Theater

This event features the Swinagroos, who put on a variety show celebrating multiple genres and eras of music. It is a fun show that lovers of live theater will adore. The laid back event is perfect for meeting singles with similar taste because chatting up those around you won’t distract from the show. 

Yoga By The Bay

Local Yoga professional, Erin Hunter, puts on this community event Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Bayfront Park. Bring a yoga mat and enjoy a relaxing Yoga experience where meeting locals with a passion for self care is easy to do. The sessions are completely free and all skill levels are welcome.

Shows at The Player Centre

The Players Centre is Sarasota’s local community theater. It is a perfect place to meet locals who enjoy the theater because the shows are all put on by locals. This is a place where you could consider seeing a show to meet singles or even joining as a volunteer or actor.