Where to Meet Singles in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most beautiful places in the US. The locals are modern, creative, and intelligent. So, why do locals say dating in San Diego feels impossible? 

Well, some surveys of locals reveal that many think that the number of tourists in the city makes dating hard. Others believe that the issue is people only searching within their own clique. 

However, we think that the genuine laid back attitude of San Diego residents is one of the biggest things standing in the way of true love. Singles in San Diego don’t let the stress of being single bother them, which means that when you are out looking for love, it is hard to find the people interested in being your partner. 

Luckily, we’ve got some tips on the best places in San Diego to meet singles and overcome the overly chill attitude toward love. 

If you are looking for the most relaxed and simple way to find love, then online dating is the perfect option for you. 

When you use a great dating app for San Diego singles, you can find a perfect partner on your lunch break, from your bed, or anywhere you have access to the internet. 

We love that modern online dating lets you search singles by interests and personalities along with superficial reasons. Because we need to be attracted to our partners inside and out to have long and meaningful relationships. 

Online dating is also perfect for those with limited budgets to dedicate to dating. These sites can be way cheaper than spending every night at the club! If you are looking for a way to safely meet local San Diego singles based on meaningful criteria, then online dating is perfect for you! 

  1. The Tipsy Crow: The Tipsy Crow offers a unique, old-world bar experience that is laid back and welcoming. It is easy to make friends in the Tipsy Crow and feel a small town environment in one of the US’s largest cities! 
  2. Trailer Park After Dark: This bar shows the unique artistry that is alive in San Diego. Trailer Park After Dark is a funky place themed to look like an old school trailer park and serving some of the most delicious drinks in the city. 
  3. The Nolen: The Nolen is a trendy, modern bar found on the rooftop of a hotel. Drinking under the stars is a fun and romantic way to meet San Diego singles. It is perfect for making matches year round thanks to San Diego’s stunning weather. 
  4. False Idol Tiki Bar: Tiki bars are a great place to meet people and make friends. False Idol celebrates the tropical vibe of beach towns and creates a place where meeting new people and enjoying the heat of summer comes naturally.  
  5. Realm of the 52 Remedies: This is one of the most unique bars in all of San Diego. Attached to an old school Chinese apothecary, Realm of the 52 Remedies celebrates Chinese culture and offers exciting drink concoctions. You will find chatting up singles easy when there is a talking point around every corner!

Meeting singles in the real world isn’t impossible, but navigating San Diego to avoid tourists can make it complicated. If you want to go to fun places where locals actually hang out, then check out this list of our favorite places to meet singles in San Diego.  

Check out a Brewery Tour

There are literally dozens of brewery tours happening at any given time in San Diego. If you have a favorite brewery in town, check out their calendar and show up for an open event tour. This means that other locals can also show up in your tour group, which is a perfect way to meet others with your same taste!

Spend a Weekday at the San Diego Zoo

We emphasize weekdays because you are less likely to run into parents with their kids. Sure, you might see some school groups, but weekdays make the most effective time to try and meet other adults who love animals as much as you. If you are a single parent, the zoo is a great place to try and meet other single parents on any day of the week! 

Get Some Sun on the Beaches

When San Diego locals were polled on their favorite attraction in San Diego that they actually go to, the answer was almost always “the beach.” So, if you are tired of wasting your efforts on tourists, try checking out the beaches. Spend a day catching rays and catching feelings! 

Go Snorkeling at The Underwater Park

If your vibe is more below the beach than on it, then check out the snorkeling and scuba areas at The Underwater Park. Not only will you see the beautiful underwater scapes, you will also meet some of the most adventurous singles in San Diego!  

Explore the Embarcadero

If you are looking for a place you could spend an entire day meeting people and never getting bored, check out the Embarcadero. There are tons of ways to enjoy the maritime history of the city and it is adjacent to downtown San Diego. Eat great, shop great, experience history, and meet amazing local singles. 

Meet Singles While Whale Watching

Whale Watching is one of the best and most exciting things to do on the water in San Diego. Hop on a Whale Watching boat let professionals show you a part of the city you can’t experience on the day to day. If you avoid the tours with groupon deals and tourist agency discounts you can increase your odds of meeting locals singles!

Laugh it Up at The Comedy Club

San Diego has over a dozen comedy clubs to choose from and each of them host some of the best comedians in the country and/or locally. If you love to laugh, head out to a comedy event and chat up the patrons around you (not during the set of course). Afterward, the show will have offered you lots of things to discuss and laugh about with your new pal!