Where to Meet Singles in San Antonio

When we did our research on the best and worst cities for dating in the United States, we learned that San Antonio has some serious pitfalls for singles. The biggest one being that it is an incredibly expensive place to live, let alone date. 

Traveling is expensive, going out is expensive, even just grabbing a cup of coffee in San Antonio is almost double the cost of the average cup of joe in the US. 

So, how do you manage to meet people and afford the early stages of dating in such a place? Two ways:

  • Choose places where your odds for dating success are heightened
  • Switch your dating journey to a cheaper, online approach

Both of these options are easy if you know where to start! That’s why we’ve put together this guide for finding singles in San Antonio. Read on for info about the places to meet singles as well as some useful info regarding online dating. 

Online dating is the perfect solution to dating in an expensive city. All those nights spent at bars and clubs for singles, the awkward blind dates, or first dates are generally that totally bomb – they get expensive. 

Online dating is great because you can adjust your site preference and only utilize tools you need, which can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to standard dating. You even get to break the ice and start getting to know matches and weed out any weirdos before you go on a first date that is doomed to fail. 

If you want to give online dating a try, be sure you are using the best site for you! Check out our list of the best dating sites for singles in Texas. You will learn more about each site, what it has to offer, and even get access to a free trial!

  1. The Cherrity Bar – We love that the Cherrity Bar is a place where you can meet great people with big hearts. The bar was built as a way to make consistent funds for donations to the Tourette Association of America, and now takes in donations for a wide array of charities. So, when you spend time looking for love at Cherrity Bar, you know you are talking to other singles who care. 
  2. Bar 1919 – Bar 1919 is an upscale place that seems to demand the type of high-end class from its patrons that it exudes in decor. It makes for a beautiful and romantic setting where meeting others and sparking connections feels natural. If you are looking for a club experience without the club, try Bar 1919.
  3. The Bang Bang Bar – This vintage diver bar is the perfect place to meet singles! The atmosphere of the bar is open and inviting, making it a breeze to strike up conversation with others singles. The area is popular among those in the neighborhood, which means there are less tourists and more locals, which is a definitie perk. Try out Bang Bang Bar if you prefer your night outs to be casual, fun, and a little bit silly. 
  4. Jet Setter – Jet Setter is a cocktail lounge that feels like a swanky, first class club for CEOs and VPs. However, the lounge is actually quite laid back and welcoming to all. Jet Setter is a fantastic place to meet singles thanks to the friendly atmosphere and even nicer staff. 
  5. Zombie’s –  We meant it when we said that choosing places that speak to you is important for finding singles. That’s why we LOVE Zombie’s. Sure, a metal/horror themed bar may not be your cup of tea. But if you do love all things rock, punk, goth, or spooky, then Zombie’s is a perfect place to meet singles with shared interests! Plus, the drinks are delicious! 

Looking for more places that focus on your hobbies and interests? There is no shortage of interesting and niche places and events in San Antonio. Here are a few of the places that are perfect for finding meaningful connections with amazing singles:

Meet Your Dream Partner on a Themed Pub Run

The first friday of each month Pub Run San Antonio hosts a themed tour of local pubs in San Antonio. These themes vary, but a few of our favorites include:

  • Anime
  • Video Games
  • Glow Rave
  • Virtual 5K
  • Trick or Treat

This is open to the public and can be signed up for on EventBrite. It is a great place to meet other local singles and show off some of your favorite hobbies, skills, and general personality traits. 

Find a Partner With a Passion for the Arts at SWSA

The Southwest School of Art has a wide offering of adult art courses that are perfect places to both improve on your skills and meet other arts lovers. Choose from painting, drawing, or another general crafting course and you’ll find plenty of awesome singles 

Head Outdoors to Meet Singles at Hemisfair

Hemisfair is a great place to enjoy everything that’s great about San Antonio. THe food, the fashion, the sites, the people – there is so much to enjoy at Hemisfair! Take the time to embrace the city and meet others along the way. 

Meet Sports Lovers at the AT&T Arena

The AT&T arena is home to sporting events, concerts, and much more. No matter what you love, you will find an event at the arena that is filled with others that share your passions. Check the calendar because there are fantastic gatherings and events all year round! If you love sports, we recommend checking out one of their specialty sporting events law WWE RAW or Gold Over America.