Where to Meet Singles in Orlando

Oh, Florida – a place so unbearably muggy and unnaturally hot that most people prefer the company of their AC unit to anyone else. If you are  single in Orlando, you have it even worse. Not only is the weather pretty intense, but when you do venture out you run into hundreds of tourists trying to fill in the time slots between their trips to Disney World and The Magic Kingdom. 

It makes it pretty difficult to actually find someone you want to spend your life with. 

We want to help you narrow your search and actually find singles that interest you! That’s why we put together this guide for the best places to meet singles in Orlando. 

If the weather is nice in Orlando, chances are you are running into crowds everywhere you go. From the shopping mall to your bank, it is like tourists infiltrate every inch of the town. Do you know the easiest way to meet people without the stress? Just date online! 

Online dating is practically made for singles in large tourist towns. You can use the platform to search for singles that actually live in your area and narrow down the results based on your preferences, religious beliefs, hobbies, or any other detail that matters to you! 

If you are interested in trying your hand at online dating, check out our list of the best dating Apps for singles in Orlando

  1. Aku Aku Tiki Bar – There is a common misconception that the thematic bars in Orlando are for tourists. Sure, tourists are more likely to hop into places that feel tropical and unique, but Aku Aku is a place that even locals love to hang. Partially because it is an homage to one of the most fun periods of tropical celebration, but also because it is upstairs from another amazing hangout – the Stardust Lounge. This is a two for one stop on your dating journey that you don’t want to miss. 
  2. The Courtesy Bar – Cocktail bars are a great place to meet singles, especially first come first serve places like The Courtesy Bar. Since this avoids large groups taking up the entire establishment, it is far more likely you will meet actual singles. Add to that the romantic, rustic vibe of the bar, and the scene is laid for a successful night of looking for love. 
  3. The Thirsty Topher – If you struggle with finding people willing to chat while at the bar, you should try out the Thirsty Topher. This bar has an open seating style, no wifi, and no tv. The goal is to taste great beer and actually have a conversation with those around you. Casual convo is expected, so you can leave some of your insecurity about striking up conversations at the door!
  4. Nora’s Sugar Shack – Nora’s is a cross between a local dive and a modern experiment in socializing. You can sit down at Nora’s Sugar Shack for a drink and great convo, or you can grab drinks to go. Though, for the purpose of meeting singles you will definitely want to hang around. There are sometimes movies in the yard and you can even bring your dog to hang out with you! 
  5. Hanson’s Shoe Repair – If you want a truly unique experience, why don’t you go to the speakeasy on the roof of the Hanson building in Downtown Orlando? This bar requires a password for entry (found daily on their Twitter) and provides you with an entire experience unmatched by a regular bar. When you meet others at Hanson’s you’ll have a ton to talk about based on the wacky environment alone!

Though online dating is one of the fastest ways to meet singles in Orlando, there are a few other unique places that can also help you spark a great connection. Here are a few of our favorite places in Orlando to meet other singles:

Take a Tour at Chocolate Kingdom

Chocolate Kingdom is popular among locals for being a fun way to spend a hot day away from the heat. You will get an interactive experience with chocolate making and even have the opportunity to create a one of a kind chocolate bar to take home after the tour. 

The close proximity with other chocolate lovers gives you a great chance to make small talk with an interesting single!

Sing at City Walk’s Rising Star

Show off your pipes at one of the most amazing Karaoke experiences available. At Rising Star, you will get to show off your singing skills with a live band backing you up. You can get the attention of all the singles in the crowd and give them a reason to want to come say “hi.” 

Don’t sing? That’s okay, you can still enjoy the show and meet others in the crowd!

Take a Class at The Art Room

The Art Room has a great variety of adult art classes where you can hone your skills and meet tons of other people as creative as you. You can choose from over a dozen disciplines to make sure you are learning something you’ll actually enjoy. The best part is, if you do meet someone, you will have an excuse to see them over and over while you build up rapport! 

Get a Chuckle at a Comedy Show

There are dozens of stand up comedy venues in Orlando. You can either choose one closest to you or make your selection based on the people performing. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you show up and use the show as an icebreaker to get to know others in the crowd. See someone sitting alone? Try inviting them to your table to enjoy drinks and the show together!