Where to Meet Singles in Nashville

Nashville is a city that has a major hand in all the greatest music genres from blues, to country, and even old school rock and roll. Genres that themselves are fueled by love and passion. That might be why citizens in Nashville are overwhelmingly married or partnered up. 

It’s a beautiful thing, unless you are one of the outnumbered single people in Nashville. 

Not only do you have to work overtime to actually find other singles, but then you have to wonder if they are actually your type. It’s honestly exhausting. It may be one of the reasons Nashville scored so poorly on our Best Cities to date list. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. If you know where to look, finding great singles in Nashville isn’t tough at all. We’ve done the research and checked the reviews, and we’re here with information on the absolute best places to meet singles in Nashville! 

Stop Accidentally Hitting on Married People – Try Online Dating 

How many times have you put on a brave face and finally made that first move, only to find out that attractive “single” was a little more committed than you previously thought? 

It’s embarrassing, it’s annoying, and it is a huge waste of time! 

Sadly, this is just one of the many annoyances that come hand-in-hand with standard dating. Add to that things like:

  • People acting interested just for free drinks
  • Being rejected in from of dozens of people
  • Wasting money on multiple people with no luck
  • Saying something embarrassing
  • Realizing they aren’t nearly as interesting as you thought

There are just so many reasons people want to avoid normal dating practices. That’s why we always recommend online dating! 

When you use great online dating sites, you are given the opportunity to narrow your dating pool down to just singles who fit all your wants when it comes to a partner. Plus, you get to actually break the ice with them privately and not make a fool of yourself in front of a group of people! 

If you are interested in trying online dating, be sure to check out our list of the best dating sites for singles in Nashville. It has a concise selection of sites that will actually work for you along with links to free trials on each!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Nashville

  1. Mother’s Ruin – Nashville is a must-stop for many music-loving tourists, which translates into most bars being filled with people you don’t want to bother trying to date. Mother’s Ruin is a good old-fashioned neighborhood hangout. When you are in Mother’s Ruin, you know that you will be among great company and partaking in equally awesome drinks!
  2. Layla’s Honky Tonk – It seems like a lot of entertainment venues in Nashville try hard to lean away from the country vibe as a way to stand out. But some people really love the country roots of Nashville and want to meet others that feel the same. That’s where Layla’s Honky Tonk comes in. Listen to the music you love, two step with country-loving singles, and actually enjoy your time looking for love. 
  3. The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club – The Fox is a great place for singles with a modern and laid back attitude to meet. The establishment has all the luxurious aesthetic of a high end club but without the uptight vibes. If you want to enjoy delicious drinks while chatting up young, attractive, business-minded singles, then you should check out The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club!
  4. The Stage on Broadway – The Stage isn’t your average bar. It’s a little bit of a whiskey dive, a little bit of a country/ blues venue, and a whole lot of fun. If you head to The Stage on Broadway, you can meet dozens of other live music loving singles with a taste for delicious, smooth whiskey. Just check The Stage’s website for information on which bands are playing and when!
  5. Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar – Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie is another great choice for music lovers, but the atmosphere is so cozy that it needed its own spot on our list! Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of seating at the bar or in a booth. We just love that you can actually hear yourself while chatting up other singles! If you are a little intimidated by larger music bars, Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar is a perfect place for you! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Nashville

If you are hitting the streets looking for love, remember to focus your search to places that are unique to your interests and hobbies. This will not only lead you to singles you have shared interests with, but you will have built in ice breakers all around you! Here are a few of our suggestions:

Love Science? Head to The Nashville Adventure Science Center

The Nashville Adventure Science Center is a perfect place to spend a day learning, enjoying yourself, and meeting new people (and potential lovers). This is an especially great choice for single parents! 

Love Crafts? Check out Craft South Workshop

Crafting is a lot of fun, but who knew it could help you find love?! Head over to Craft South Workshop where you can learn anything from sewing to macrame and meet other craft lovers in the process!

Love Nature? Head to Gaylord Opryland Resorts Garden

If you want to meet others who love nature, look no further than this expansive, 9-acre, indoor garden. You’ll be floored while touring the sites, but even more by how many amazing singles you meet along the way. 

Love Art? Stop in at The Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum is a great choice for meeting other art lovers because the exhibits are always shifting. This means you aren’t stuck looking at all the same exhibits over and over while trying to meet someone. Instead, you can genuinely enjoy yourself and spark up natural conversations with other patrons. 

Love Music? Walk Down The Honky Tonk Highway

Heading to Upper or Lower Broadway and you will be met by dozens of music venues and music-themed bars and restaurants. You will meet tons of other music lovers and can easily hop from establishment to establishment if you aren’t having success or you don’t like the band. It is one of the best ways to hear new music and meet new people!