Where to Meet Singles in Mesa

Mesa is one of the most popular cities in Arizona, thanks to its proximity to Phoenix while having a third of the population. The town is stunning and is far more affordable than similarly sized cities. It is a combination that usually equals great results for dating and meeting new people. 

Unfortunately, many Mesa singles say they are struggling to make real connections. 

The reasoning behind that could be a lot of different factors, but a major one is the sheer lack of diversity throughout the city. The town is predominantly caucasian families with middle-aged heads of household. 

This means that younger singles feel outnumbered, singles of color feel outnumbered, really, singles in general just feel outnumbered. However, there are tons of amazing singles that fit all demographics to be found in Mesa, you just have to know where to look!

Today, we will look through some of the best places in Mesa to meet amazing singles from all walks of life, so that you can get your romantic life back on track! 

Find A Wider Variety Of Singles With Online Dating 

An easy way to diversify your dating pool is by switching to online dating. 

When you utilize the right dating apps for singles in Arizona, you are setting yourself for a dating experience on easy mode. You have access directly to all the best singles in the city, you can narrow them down by interests and backgrounds, you can even utilize bonus amenities to look at singles discreetly before making a move. 

Online dating is becoming more popular every year, and for good reason. Statistics are showing a major shift where a large portion of committed relationships, marriages, and parental unions are being sparked from online platforms. The days of being ashamed to date online are over! Most of our lives are spent online, so it only makes sense that our social life can exist there as well. 

Some of the perks of online dating include:

  • You can save money when compared to traditional dating
  • You can find great matches on your own time
  • Added amenities help keep you interested, safe, and on top of the dating pool. 
  • You can find singles with your specific list of desired traits.
  • You can look for singles outside the bubble of people you see everyday. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Mesa 

  1. The Grid Games and Growlers: The Grid is one of the most fun bars in all of Mesa, let alone Arizona. From events including stand up comedy and trivia, to the fun arcade games on site, there is always something to do at The Grid. The lively atmosphere and infectiously fun vibes make it a perfect place to meet singles and make connections. 
  2. Brass Tap: If you are looking for a bar with neighborhood appeal, delicious beer, and a laid back atmosphere, then check out The Brass Tap. The relaxed environment makes it easy to spark conversations with other patrons and potentially meet some great singles. 
  3. Chupacabra Tap Room: We love Chupacabra from singles because it is just a casual, neighborhood hangout where chatting up other bar goers is not only acceptable, it is encouraged! If you are looking for a casual bar that serves craft beer and wine, you want Chupacabra Tap Room! 
  4. September’s: There are a lot of “neighborhood” bars on this list because these types of bars have the environment that makes meeting singles a breeze. That’s all true about September’s with the added boisterousness of a bar that loves getting you a little wild. If you are looking for a place where you can make some wild memories, check out September’s.
  5. Roosters Country Bar: If you love country music and cowboy aesthetics, then head over to Roosters Country Bar! This modern saloon is the perfect place to meet singles that share your general taste. There’s even room to two-step, which can make a lasting impression on the singles you meet! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Mesa

Mesa is a stunning city, but heading out to see the sights doesn’t usually lead to a love connection. For that, you should focus on some of the unique places and events that let the locals celebrate their hobbies and personalities. Take a look through some of our top picks for places to meet interesting singles in Mesa! 

Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center is a stunning place to spend a day meeting singles and learning about the art pieces on display. The Museum is a perfect stop for mingling on any day you choose, but there are tons of great shows in the performing arts theater that can also lead to beautiful connections. 

Astronomy Nights at The MCC Planetarium

The Mesa Community College Planetarium is an interesting place for those with a passion for knowledge, space, and even astrology to meet. Astronomy Nights, which are held the first friday of each month, make for a perfect night to meet others that share your interests and passions for the night sky. 

Taiyou Con Anime Convention

If you love anime and want to meet singles with a similar interest, don’t miss out on Arizona’s greatest annual anime convention – Taiyou Con. The event is usually held over a 3-day period in January and hosts over 400 hours worth of events! It is a perfect opportunity to show off your interests and bond with others. 

Arizona Ren Fest

Arizona’s annual Renaissance Festival is a perfect place to meet local singles. Held in Mesa, the event runs in February and hosts a huge stage of medieval cosplay events, a 50-acre circus, and much more. The mystique of playing a character helps you connect with singles and make new friends. 

Chicago West Fest

One of the more interesting festivals in Mesa, Chicago West Fest is a tribune to the music and culture of Chicago. It is a great way to enjoy unique food and meet locals you might not see on your day-to-day routine. Plus, there’s a beer garden and classic car show, so even if you don’t make a love connection, you know you’ll have a great day!