Where to Meet Singles in Louisville

Louisville is a bizarre place when it comes to dating. 

Many people work outside the city, which means the majority of people they meet are just too far for casually dating. There is also the massive sports rivalry between University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, which splits local singles into two, very opinionated groups. 

If all that wasn’t bad enough, when you do date someone in Louisville and then break up, you know you are going to have to interact with them for the rest of your life because nobody wants to move away from the city’s low cost of living! 

The trick is, learning about new places to meet singles (and avoid exes) and using digital tools to navigate the dating pool from the convenience and safety of your own home! Read on for some stellar tips on how to take the real world and digital approach to dating in Louisville. 

Take the Shortcut with Online Dating

We’d hate to think that at this point you feel that dating in louisville is impossible! All you need is a little bit of guidance and narrowing of your sites. Stop trying to date the same 5 singles over and over, and let technology find you the best singles you never knew existed! 

Modern dating apps are perfect for towns like Louisville! You will be able to find all local singles and, depending on the app you choose, narrow those singles down by compatibility, hobbies, religion, and more. 

Our favorite perk to online dating is the ability to safely and cheaply get through that awkward starting phase of dating someone new. With traditional dating, you have to have your first interactions in person and learn over dinner what they are all about. 

With online dating, you can ask all the vital questions up front and determine early whether or not you are compatible. Over the entire dating journey, this means online dating can save you so much money and time! 

If you are interested in trying online dating, check out our list of the best dating sites for singles in Kentucky. We’ve compared their features and prices to make it simple for you to make the choice that is best for you!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Louisville

  1. Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar – A perfect spot for meeting singles with a little bit of that old-time soul, Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar mixes a vintage lounge style with a modern watering hole environment. 
  2. Zanzibar – Take your love search to a true neighborhood legend, Zanzibar. This bar has been bringing lovers together since the 1930s. It is filled with a vintage arcade and some of the best drinks in town. 
  3. NoraeBar – If you love karaoke, then you will have a blast at NoraeBar. The main bar has a public karaoke stage where locals love to stop in after work. If you do meet someone and want a quieter experience, check out the private stage rooms. 
  4. The Mellwood Tavern – Since 1885, The Mellwood Tavern has offered a place for Louisville locals to come together and relax after a hard day’s work. If you want to drink in a bar that feels like home, try out The Mellwood Tavern. 
  5. W XYZ Bar – This may be a hotel bar, but it welcomes patrons from all around Louisville. The perfect blend of a lounge and bar, W XYZ is filled with comfortable couch seating and gentle lighting to make striking up conversation with singles a total breeze. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Louisville

Louisville is a pretty busy place. There are interesting fairs, shows, and other local events in literally everything month of the year. This full calendar of happenings offers you some fantastic options for meeting singles from all over Louisville!

Here are our favorite Louisville annual events for each season!

Spring – Humana Festival of New American Plays

Go explore displays of modern performing art as well as advanced technologies and their applications in art and design. This world-renowned festival is held at the Actors Theater of Louisville and is a wonderful spot to enjoy the celebration of stage art while also meeting others with a  passion for performing arts.

Spring – Cherokee Triangle Art Fair

If you are an art lover, then you don’t want to miss out on this annual celebration of art and design. The fair is held outdoors where you can enjoy the gorgeous Louisville spring weather. The event is perfect for striking up conversation with fellow art lovers. 

Summer – Blue, Brews, and BBQ Festival

There isn’t much you can learn about this festival that isn’t in the title, but let us spell it out for you just in case: The Blues, Brews, adn BBQ Festival is the perfect summer event to eat amazing food, drink cold beer, and listen to fantastic music. 

The laid back atmosphere and large local crowd make it an ideal event for meeting singles! 

Summer – Lebowski Fest

This annual celebration of the cult classic film – The Big Lebowski – can be a great place to meet fellow cinephiles. Hundreds of people flock to the festival to celebrate the film and see panels made up of some of the stars. 

The festival happens in many cities, but the Louisville festival is the original and carries a spirit to match. If you don’t think that Lebowski Fest is the perfect place to meet fun singles, well, That’s just like, your opinion, man.

Fall – Louisville Pride Festival

The Louisville Pride Festival is no rinky-dink parade. This event is filled with amazing performers, delicious food, and some of the most amazing LGBTQ singles you’ll ever hope to meet! There are hundreds of vendors selling handmade goods, so even if you don’t leave with your soul mate, you can leave with something else to love. 

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to meet singles in Louisville, the annual pride festival is the perfect place to try! 

Fall – World’s Largest Halloween Party

This is wholesome Halloween fun and a great way to meet other people with kids. If you are a single parent, you might really love the connections you make at The Zoo – Louisville’s yearly Halloween event. 

Come dressed to impress and enjoy the company of other parents while your own kids have a safe and exciting Halloween. 

Winter – Winter Woods Spectacular

The Winter Woods Spectacular is a drive-through light show that is a true sight to behold. You might think, “how will driving through a light show help me meet people?” It turns out that the event actually offers tickets for large touring vehicles that can save viewers a lot of money per person. 

This leads to strangers joining up in groups organized through social media to share vehicles like limos, tour busses, and carriages. Check out your local community pages for a group looking to fill seats, or start a group for yourself!

Winter –  Louisville Boat, RV, and Sportshow

It might sound odd to have a boat show in the winter, but this entirely indoor event is the perfect way to wash away the winter cold and begin looking forward to your springtime fun! There are exhibits, games, and lots of fun to be had with other local outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

It can be a great place to meet singles while also getting out of the cold for the closest thing to a beach day you can find in January.