Where to Meet Singles in Detroit

Detroit is an interesting city in which to be single. There are tons of young people around, but somehow singles end up only meeting the ones in their immediate bubbles.

It might be because the town is filled with a lot of specific niched industries. If you work in tech, you know tech singles. If you work in automotive, you know automotive singles. And so it goes, on and on. 

The thing is, if you aren’t finding amazing singles in Detroit, it is because you aren’t looking in the right places. Today, we’ve got a guide to helping you find the best of the best when it comes to Detroit singles! 

Online dating is a gift to those trying to date in towns like Detroit. The way the top Michigan dating apps work is they look at your dating goals and personality traits to help you search through the thousands of singles across the city. 

Then, you are able to look through compatible singles to determine who meets your physical standards and looks interesting enough to talk to. It is a perfect alternative to traditional dating because you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of turning people down, or being turned down, face-to-face. 

Online dating can even save you money because it keeps you from having to go out to pricey clubs and events with the sole goal of meeting single people. 

Our favorite part about online dating is how convenient it is. Detroit is filled with hard workers and you shouldn’t have to waste your little down time going out and looking for love. Instead, enjoy your time wherever you please because you can access your online dating profile at anywhere and any time.

Search for singles in the tub, on the bus, or during a pedicure – it doesn’t matter. There is no easier and more convenient way to improve your love life than online dating! 

  1. Tin Roof: A local favorite with live music and unique drinks, Tin Roof is a perfect place to meet Detroit singles. The bar is always filled with young, attractive singles relaxing after work. If you want to find singles that are career-focused and know how to have fun, head to Tin Roof! 
  2. Mutiny Bar: Detroit can be pretty dreary and cold when it comes to weather, but Mutiny is bringing a bit of the tropics to Motor City! The tiki-style design and fruity drinks make for a fun evening and happy vibes – the perfect combination for meeting new people! 
  3. Queens: When it comes to neighborhood bars, Queens is the way to go. This is a bar where the bartenders learn your name and you’ll see familiar faces. While it may not help you find the most original pool of singles, Queens is a perfect place for feeling comfortable while trying to meet singles!  
  4. The Skip: The Skip is a tropical-themed bar that doesn’t cross the line into the land of Tiki. The bar is airy and light and you automatically feel relaxed when you walk through the door. If you want a bar that eases your anxiety about meeting singles, try The Skip
  5. Bad Luck: Don’t let the name fool you, Bad Luck is a place where you can have great luck in meeting singles. Bad Luck is a swanky bar with true mixologists behind the counter. You will enjoy unique and modern drinks while meeting locals with similar tastes. 

Supplementing your online dating with real-world searching isn’t necessary, but can be fun! If you are curious about unique places to meet singles in Detroit, we’ve got you covered. We have found the best choices to meet singles for 5 of the common types of singles in Detroit; single parents, nature lovers, sports fans, gear heads, and art enthusiasts. 

Detroit Institute of the Arts

Art enthusiasts will have a blast at the Detroit Institute of the Arts. Considered one of the best art museums in the country, DIA has more than 65,000 artworks all located inside one of Detroit’s most historic buildings. Not only can you find hundreds of art loving singles in the DIA, but you will also get to spend the day immersed in beautiful works of art. 

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle is a unique and stunning island park that is home to Detroit wildlife. It also is the chosen location for many fantastic events in the Detroit area. Whether you head to Belle Isle to enjoy a concert or charity event, or just go on a standard day to enjoy the sites, you won’t be disappointed. When you meet singles at Belle Isle, you know they have the same appreciation for Detroit’s natural beauty as you! 

Comerica Park

Comerica Park is the home stadium to the Detroit Tigers and hosts many sports events throughout the year. Head to the park to catch a game or enjoy one of the many additional park amenities (shopping, food, walk of fame, etc.). It is a great place to meet sporty singles. 

Automotive Hall of Fame

Detroit is the home of Ford automotive and the auto industry has helped to build the city into the amazing place it has become. If you are a bit of a gear head, check out the Automotive Hall of Fame where you can enjoy the permanent exhibits. Check the schedule and you might make it to a one off event like a meeting with Jay Leno or celebration of industry greats. When you meet singles at the AHF, you know they will understand your hobby!

Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center is our favorite place for single parents to meet people! Bring your kids and let them enjoy the amazing exhibits and hands-on experiences while you chat it up with other parents. Even if you don’t meet someone special, you’ll know your littles had a great time!