Where to Meet Singles in Boise

On paper, Boise is one of the best cities a single person could hope to live in. The cost of living is low, the number of activities and amenities is high, the population is split evenly by gender, and over 94% of the population has a high level of education. 

So, why is it that locals report serious struggles when it comes to dating?

Research done by Peter Renfrow for the University of Cambridge may shed some light on the situation. 

According to his paper, Divided We Stand, each state has a specific overarching personality type that affects the voting habits, health statistics, and social interactions among citizens. You may not be surprised to discover what he found when researching Idaho. 

The state is overwhelmingly introverted, with the majority of adult citizens preferring to stick near the areas and people they know. This tendency toward being shy plays deeply into Boise citizens’ struggles with dating, but hope is not lost. 

When it comes to dating while shy, we have a few tips to help!

  1. Utilize digital dating tools like online dating sites/ apps. 
  2. Look for singles in bars and clubs that focus on a laid back environment. 
  3. Take your search to places that make you feel comfortable and included. 

It may sound difficult, but we’re here with information on some great places in Boise where you can begin your search for love!  

Overcome a Shy Personality with Online Dating 

Online dating sites and dating apps should be a shy person’s best friend. These platforms allow users to find compatible matches and introduce themselves slowly through integrated chat rooms and/or video messaging services. Having the power to take dating as fast or slow as you’d like is a power unmatched by most standard dating scenarios. 

You’ve likely heard that many dating sites are used for hooking up and aren’t great for finding real love, but it all depends on the dating platforms you use. 

If you use one of the dating sites we have found to be the best for singles in Boise, you will gain access to a reputable platform where you can safely find new matches and increase your odds of ending up in a long and loving romance. 

Some of the best perks to online dating include:

  • Finding love from anywhere you choose. 
  • Meeting singles you’d never come across in your day to day. 
  • Making connections isn’t restrained by your work or school schedule. 
  • You can be picky up front to relieve awkwardness down the line. 
  • There are dozens of additional amenities that make dating fun and easy. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Boise 

  1. Double Tap Pub: Double Tap Pub is a popular local hang in Boise, and a perfect spot to meet singles and make friends. Regular patrons at Double Tap say the only thing better than the drinks and good company is the laid back atmosphere that helps you truly unwind.
  2. 10th Street Station: One of Boise’s most historic bars, 10th Street Station is a celebration of what makes the city great. If you want to go to a bar where you can make real connections with other locals, this is the place to go.  
  3. The Mode: The most modern bar on our list, The Mode is a place where meeting business-minded, mature singles is as easy as showing up. The bar offers delicious drinks and a bright environment where young and mature singles both love to relax.  
  4. Neurolux: If you feel more comfortable in a bar that has a swanky, night club aesthetic, then check out Neurolux. When you go to Neurolux you become imbued with the sultry, passionate vibes of the old-school bars they work so hard to emulate. 
  5. Bar Gernika: Looking for a bar with a bit of cultural variety? Try Bar Gernika, a bar celebrating the Basque culture of ancient and modern Boise. At Bar Gernika you will find a hundred things to talk about, which translates to 100 built-in ice breakers! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Boise

When it comes to meeting singles out in the real world, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Places like night clubs and parties can be filled with more people than you know how to handle, and what if they turn out to be too different to be compatible? 

That’s why we always suggest looking for places that speak to your passions and hobbies. These places will not only make you feel more comfortable about talking to strangers, but you will have a better chance of the people you meet being worth the effort! 

Best Places in Boise to Meet Singles as a Comics, Books or Games Lover:

  • All About Games: This is a great place to hang out if you love board games, video games, or any form of fantasy building. You could waste hours just looking around and meeting amazing people.  
  • Rediscovered Book Shop: This is more than just a bookshop, this is a place where lovers of reading meet and mingle. If you are a bit of a bibliophile, you don’t want to miss out on Rediscovered Book Shop.  
  • Captain Comics: This shop may be a little on the small side, but mingling and meeting are always welcome in Captain Comics! 

Best Places in Boise to Meet Singles as an Arts and Music Lover:

  • Knitting Factory: The Knitting Factory is one of the largest and most exciting music venues in all of Boise. The original Knitting Factory is in New York, and the Boise edition brings all the big city excitement to Idaho. If you love popular music, this is where you want to meet singles! 
  • Basque Museum and Cultural Center: A perfect place to learn about the music, art, and history of Basque people, this museum is a great place to spend a day expanding your mind and your social circle! 
  • Boise Art Museum: No list of places to meet artistic singles in Boise would be complete without talking about the Boise Art Museum! From classic pieces on permanent display to modern offerings of rotating exhibits, there is something for everyone at BAM!

Best Places in Boise to Meet Singles as a Single Parent:

  • Ann Morrison Park: The Ann Morrison Park is a 153 acre urban park in Boise that is perfect for a day out with the kids. The park is constantly hosting interesting events like hot air balloon festivals and art shows, which are perfect opportunities to meet other single parents from Boise! 
  • Aquarium of Boise: Another perfect place to spend a day with your kids while meeting other parents is the Aquarium of Boise. We especially love that this is a place you can enjoy in any weather!