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Dating? Auctions? What’s Your Price? If you’re equal parts confused and excited and want to know more, you’re right where you should be.

In this What’s Your Price review, we’re going to answer the million and one questions you probably have. How does What’s Your Price work? Is it legit? What kind of a dating site is it? Is it safe? Is it worth it?

We’ll give you all the information, explanation, and resources you need to determine if this is going to be a good fit for you.

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Whats Your Price is a unique app that operates somewhere between the worlds of casual and sugar dating. We’re going to say up front that the somewhat taboo, auction style dating experience offered by this app isn’t going to be a fit for everyone.

What’s Your Price 101 – Lets start with the basics…

What’s Your Price is an online dating site that utilizes a bidding-style process to facilitate dates between two groups of members—attractive members and generous members. While not short on controversy, WYP facilitates incentives (in the form of payment) for attractive members in exchange for going on dates. In layman’s terms, generous members (usually men) make an offer to pay an attractive member (usually a woman) in exchange for their time going on a date.

  • Site Name: What’s Your Price, whatsyourprice.com, WYP
  • Paid or Free: Free, no subscription. Only pay when a deal is made with a match
  • Average Sign Up Time: Less than 30 seconds for bidders to get to list of singles, 5 minutes for those being bid on
  • Paid Membership Pricing: No subscription fee, you only pay when a deal is made

Here’s the premise. Women put a lot of work into getting ready for dates. They have to purchase makeup, nice clothes, get their hair done, keep things tight at the gym…they put a lot of time, money, and effort into looking good for the men. What’s Your Price feels that these ladies should be compensated for their efforts. This is where the auction side of things comes in. Men (and yes this can go in reverse) are able to send offers for first dates.

How It Works - Whatsyourprice

What’s an offer? A What’s Your Price offer is an agreement to pay for the woman’s time on your date. Sound like an escort? While it’s similar (at least in our opinion), the owners of the site say it’s nowhere close.

WYP bid offer

They say that it allows the men to get to the front of the line and let the women know they’re taking the date seriously. It allows them to prove their value and commitment from day one. In the old days, men would bring offerings to the father’s of women to try and get a date. According to them, What’s Your Price is just throwing it back to the old school.

Now that you understand how the process works, let’s talk about our review findings. Overall, we scored What’s Your Price an 8.5 out of 10 possible points. The strongest score came in the category of quality matches as WYP has plenty of men and women who were truly interested in this format of dating.

Whatsyourprice logo


The weakest score came in the area of cost, mainly because this format of dating can get expensive. The site itself is quite affordable, but you do have to factor in the fact that you’re going to also be paying to go on the date and paying for the date if you’re the one making the offer. If you’re the one going on the date, it’s a heck of a good deal.

All in all, What’s Your Price is definitely a unique spin on dating that will be great for some people and a complete miss for others. It really all depends on what you’re looking for.

And just to address the elephant in the room, there are some people that claim What’s Your Price is quite similar to an escort service. To our team of reviewers, the feelings on this were mixed. Some of our team thought that’s exactly what it sounded like where some of our team agreed with the What’s Your Price staff that it’s just a more direct form of dating that fixes a lot of the common problems with the system.

Regardless of that, though, if it sounds intriguing to you, WYP nails it on the concept. We highly encourage you to check things out for yourself through the free sign up link we’ve provided below. That’s the best way to see if this style of matchmaking is a good fit for you.


  • A wildly unique approach to fixing modern problems with dating
  • Minimal chance of ever being ghosted for a date
  • No subscription fees; pay as you go
  • 47 million+ date offers sent (8 million+ accepted)


  • Fairly new concept that may be tough to understand
  • May carry a stigma some people don’t like
Whats Your Price Advantages Chart

Here’s a look behind the curtain at some WYP features…

While the entire concept of What’s Your Price is a lot to wrap your head around, the site doesn’t compound that by bombarding you with a lot of unnecessary features. Here’s a quick look at the features we found during our recent review that we felt were worth mentioning.

User Profiles

Overall, the WYP profiles are quite straightforward, simple, and not over the top. On each, you’ll have the ability to fill out your basic information, a few short answer questions, add some photos (public and private), and select the type of relationship you’re looking for (labeled as “Interests”). The six options for interested include dating, friendship, long-term, discreet affairs, casual dating, and mentorship.

We actually expected everyone on the site to just check all the boxes, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that people only checked what they were interested in. The profiles that seemed a little money-hungry usually only had sugar dating checked. The more down to Earth profiles that were looking for a little more than just a transaction had the other options checked.

In the center of the page, you’ll see the sections where they tell you a little about themselves and what their ideal first date looks like. You’ll notice that unlike a lot of other online dating sites, they don’t have a million questions. These were the only two questions they had, and it was nice to see. This means it’s not going to take you nine years to finish filling out your profile and get to dating.

Review wise, we like the profiles at WYP. There’s no need to overcomplicate this aspect of online dating like a lot of more progressive apps do. And it’s also nice that there are public and private photo options, so you can decide who gets to see which photos. Here’s a screenshot of what the profiles look like at What’s Your Price. Yes, we blurred out the pictures and the person’s information for privacy but you’ll see all of that and more when you go to the site (and without having to pay)

WYP profile

The Bidding Process

To reiterate, the bidding process is the heart and soul of the What’s Your Price matchmaking process. The way this feature works is quite simple.

  1. The bidder sees someone they like. They make a bid for a certain dollar amount to secure a date.
  2. The person receiving the bid gets the bid and can Approve, Decline, or Counter.
  3. Once an offer is accepted, the bidder can use some of their credits to unlock the conversation with the other person (this is how the site makes its money).
  4. Once the conversation is unlocked, it is up to the two people to arrange the date and how payment will take place. All date payments are handled separately from WYP without them involved at all.
WYP bid screen

ID Verification

One neat feature we saw during our review of the What’s Your Price app was the ability to verify your identity by sending in a copy of your ID. When you complete this, you get a badge on your profile that lets other users know you’re not a fake account and you’re serious about meeting up.

The Search Function

The one thing that we liked about the search function at What’s Your Price is they eliminated the “unnecessary clicks” that other dating sites sometimes make you do. Normally you have to click on the search button to go to the search page, select your options or select a saved search and then click to search. Only then will you see your options.

The thing is this. How often are your options you want going to change? Probably not that often. When you click the search icon, it automatically searches for your normal search. If you want to change anything, you can flick the filters button and get that all squared away. This set up is much better in our opinion. Here are the different search options that you have with What’s Your Price.

Dark Mode

The last feature we want to give WYP props for during our review is that they have the option of Dark Mode. This is a quick setting that reverses the colors on your screen so everything looks dark and is a lot less taxing on your eyes. It’s a feature that a lot of people might not care about but for people that spend all day on a phone or computer, it’s a nice touch.

Will you find what you’re looking for? Let’s see…

Always the number one question when looking at a new online dating site is whether or not the singles on there are quality…as it should be. There’s no point in joining What’s Your Price or any dating site if they have garbage matches that aren’t worth your time.

So, here’s what we found…

For the fellas, there is no shortage of hot women on this site. We checked in a lot of different cities with our searches and let’s say the whole search was pretty easy on the eyes. From reading through some of the profiles, we did see that there were some women who looked to be money-hungry, but there were also a lot of women that seemed to be interested in potentially finding more than just a quick buck.

We expected this but we were pleased with the number of women that were looking for more than just a sugar daddy/baby relationship. There were plenty looking for dating and long-term as well. Regarding men ready to pay for dates, as you might expect there was no shortage.

From talking with some of the girls that have used the site before we found that there is a healthy mix of quality on the site. Some of the men are great, successful men who are willing to put out a few bucks to get a first date with a pretty lady.

Not everyone plays by the rules…

There were also reports of some guys looking to low-ball and offering like $5 for a date. While this isn’t an issue for the right guy, it goes against what the site is trying to accomplish. It’s hard to show you’re serious if you’re only willing to commit $5. That being said, there were plenty of men who understood the culture of the site and were willing to compensate accordingly.

Overall, we were pleased with the quality of matches and singles we saw during our What’s Your Price reviews. If you’re looking for a sugar daddy/baby type relationship or looking for something a little more, you’re going to be covered at What’s Your Price.

Some important notes on signing up…

Here’s what you can expect when signing up at What’s Your Price.

For Bidders (People who want to pay for the dates)

We can say confidently that we have not seen a faster sign-up process before in our entire careers of reviewing online dating sites. And no, we aren’t just saying that. You put in your name, gender, what you’re looking for, your email and your location and click join and then you’re immediately taken to your member dashboard and staring down a ton of match options.

For Those Being Bid On (People who want to be paid for dates)

If you’re someone that is interested in being bid on, What’s Your Price does require that you fill out the basics of your profile before you start looking around. They will take you to the upload photo page, but you can click the main logo at the top of the page and bypass that for now if you’d like to. This realistically only took us about two minutes to fill out, but we put five minutes in case you’re a little slower filling out your basic information.

For Everyone

The one thing you will notice about the sign-up process is that you’ll need to complete three things before you can start making bids or accepting bids.

  • Verify Your E-mail Address
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Load a Picture (and get it approved)

You have to complete these three things before they unleash you out into the world. You’ll notice in the last step that it says you have to upload a picture AND get it approved. What’s Your Price does this to cut down on fraud and fake accounts. It takes them usually less than 24 hours to confirm your photo, but during busier times it can take up to 48 hours. While we wish we could dive right in, it’s nice to know they’re looking out for fraud and policing the accounts.

You’ll see this until they approve it on the left-hand side of your profile.

Profile Review - Whatsyourprice

Remember, though, this is just to be able to actually bid. To see profiles, you don’t have to go through all of this just yet. If you’d like to get signed up now, use the link below and you’ll be set up with a free sign up account automatically.

A look at what’s free to use…

So, in the last section you learned how to sign up and take advantage of the WhatsYourPrice free trial (and rest assured we won’t be rehashing any of that here). In this section we’ll be reviewing what you do and don’t get when you sign up for a WhatsYourPrice free trial account.

Remember – This dating site’s membership is quick to sign up for and completely free. They don’t ask for credit card information until you’re ready to bid on a single you want to meet.

What You Get With Your WhatsYourPrice Free Trial

  • The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial lets you into the fun bidding party to look around and begin searching for your next partner.
  • Profiles have room for a lot of information and photos, so you can show off your unique personality.
  • Free trial members can favorite the singles they like and once your profile is approved, you can start bidding on the singles you want to meet.

What You Don’t Get

  • With any membership on WhatsYourPrice, you’ve got to spend money to get someone on a first date with you.
  • This site doesn’t have messaging or chatting like other dating sites do – making a bid opens up the ability to message, but only that one person.
The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial membership lasts as long as you’d like to stay at that level – but with 3 million members, we’re sure you’ll find someone!

Free membership, paid credits, paid dates…

Most of you reading this What’s Your Price review probably skipped to this section, and we totally get that. With such a new concept like this, it can be confusing to understand how it all works. Let’s break it down for you.

First, there are no subscription fees. Joining the site is 100% free, and there is no monthly fee. If you’re interested in making date offers, though, you’ll need to purchase credits. When a date offer is accepted, you use some of your credits to unlock the ability to chat with your match. This is basically how the site gets paid. Hopefully, you weren’t expecting them to be running this site without any plans of making money.

Credits are bought in packs of three different amounts (see exact costs below).

Message CreditsCostPrice Breakdown
100 credits$50$0.50 per credit
500 credits$150$0.30 per credit
1000 credits$250$0.25 per credit

Paying For the Dates

So, how does this part all work? You aren’t paying a membership fee, but you are bidding on dates. What happens when a date is accepted? Well, the money that you bid is NOT for being used on the date. That money goes to the girl you’re going on the date with. You are also expected to be the one picking up the tab for the date as well.

The transfer of money does not take place over the website but is done in person. What the site recommends is that you give half of the money up front and the second half on the back end when the date is over. This makes sure that you don’t get stiffed and that your date doesn’t just run away. Additionally, if a date or bidder does not live up to their bargain, you can report them to the site, and they will be instantly banned from the site. Most people aren’t going to want to end their time on What’s Your Price, so they’ll stick to the arrangement.

So, how much does a date usually cost? Well, from what we gather anywhere between $50 and $200 is normal. The average as said by the site themselves is usually around $120. We’ve also seen that if someone wants more for a date, they’re usually just about the money and might not be someone you should pursue unless that’s the sort of transaction you’re looking for.

Basically, you don’t have to pay for anything until you get ready to set up your first date. You’ll pay some credits to What’s Your Price, and then you’ll end up paying for whatever you agree upon with your date. If you’re someone being bid on, you’ll pay nada 🙂

Disclosure: We may earn a small commission from some links on this page. This never affects our rankings or recommendations. You may check out our full Monetization Transparency Policy here.

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