What to Write in An Anniversary Card to Your Girlfriend

As each year goes by with your girlfriend, you’ve got another anniversary that gives you an opportunity to make her feel special. There are plenty of ways the two of you can celebrate together, but giving her a card with a heartfelt message is a good start.

You know your girlfriend best, but big events like an anniversary can be hard to navigate, especially if this is your first anniversary together. You may feel pressure to make things perfect. Don’t panic. A nice card is step one in the start to a good anniversary.

Picking the card may be easy enough. Choose one with a nice romantic image that she’ll want to hold onto forever. They’re widely available and organized by event. You’ll have dozens to choose from, and the prewritten messages may be a good start to letting your girlfriend how you feel.

Unfortunately, just signing your name isn’t enough. You should write a message to personalize the card. After all, it’s a special day. You may want to go short and sweet, or you may want to go into detail about how special she is to you.

But what makes a good anniversary card message? Should you try to be ultra romantic, or should you be upbeat and take a stab at making a joke or two? That’s the challenge.

Never fear. There are plenty of sure-fire tactics that make for a winning anniversary card. Let us help you figure it out.

Things You Must Have in an Anniversary Card to Your Girlfriend

There are a few things that definitely you should write in an anniversary card to your girlfriend. First, let her know why she’s special and what you love about her. Be careful about comparing her to other women. What feels like a compliment may make her feel like you’ve got other women on your mind. Keep things positive and focused on her.

Second, talk about the past year together and the things that made it special. Specifically mention good times you’ve had together and moments that stick out as special. Was there a moment in the past year when you looked at her and felt like the luckiest person in the world just having the chance to stand next to her.

Remind her that you think she’s smart, funny, beautiful. You may think she knows it, but no one minds a compliment, and there’s a good chance you may not be telling her as often as you think you are.

Be careful with jokes, even if you’re sure she’ll think it’s funny. Making a joke on a special day, in a tender moment, could really backfire. There’s the slightest chance that what you think is an in-joke takes her out of the moment. Focus on love and romance.

Talk about the year ahead and how excited you are to spend another year together. Don’t put on any pressure, though. You may want to get more serious, or talk about having kids, even if you know you both want them. That’s a talk for another time, and not in a card that will last forever. It will let her know you’re committed to the relationship and that you’re planning your future together.

Things That You Could Put in an Anniversary Card to Your Girlfriend

While it could be risky to go out on a limb, if you think there’s something special she might like (remember not to deflect with a joke). You could try writing her a poem or drawing a small picture, like a heart or a flower. Be creative. You know her well, even if you’ve only been together a year. Go with your gut.

Some people like to include a gift in the card. Surprise her with tickets to a concert or for a cruise. Some people also like to make love coupons—pieces of paper that she can cash in over the year, whether it’s for something romantic or even everyday acts that she may not enjoy, like doing the dishes or taking the car into the shop for repairs.

Maybe you’re ready to take the plunge and want to ask her to marry you. It’s not the most direct way to do it, but you could also use your anniversary as a chance to surprise her with a proposal. If that’s the case, make sure that you’re there when she’s reading the card and are ready and waiting with the rest of the proposal process—ring, and getting down on one knee.

If you leave the card for her to find and read on her own, she’ll be touched, but the special feeling you’ll both have is a once in a lifetime moment, and neither of you should rob yourself of the opportunity to make a memory.

Should I Write I Love You In My Girlfriend’s Anniversary Card?

One of the biggest thing you may wonder is if you should write I love you in the anniversary card you give your girlfriend. If you love her, you should absolutely let her know. But it’s definitely not the way to tell her for the first time. It may not be easy to say out loud, but ideally you’ve told her you love her before you write it in a card. Maybe you’ve been holding back on saying I love you so you could do it on your anniversary, but it’s best if you say it out loud before you put it in writing. If you love her, you should tell her out loud as well as in writing.

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Author: Matt Seymour, MSF

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