UkraineDate Review – Our Thoughts After 1 Week of Use

Online for over 15 years, UkraineDate is one of the most established international dating sites out there. It specializes in connecting Ukrainian singles with Westerners, and the website has pages and pages of success stories. Even so, you have to wonder if UkraineDate is the real deal.

You can stop wondering and get all the answers in our UkraineDate review. We spent a full week testing the site and have so much info to pass along. Stay tuned to learn everything, from the number of messages we received to the truth about the membership base. Homepage Screenshot

Is UkraineDate Worth It? – The Bottom Line Up Front

UkraineDate has members located around the globe, but most of the singles live in Ukraine and the United States. Members can use up to 30 filters to find their matches, including options for cultural values and lifestyle. With an on-point matching system, a high-quality membership base, and features designed for international dating, UkraineDate is one of the best international dating apps available.

UkraineDate has four membership options: Standard, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. We used the Standard (free) plan to prepare our review of UkraineDate, which allowed us to:

  • Create a profile
  • Set match criteria
  • Browse matches and other profiles
  • Make the First Move (Female members only)
  • Respond to messages from paying members

The Gold plan is the cheapest premium subscription and includes unlimited messaging. However, you might want to upgrade to a Platinum or Diamond subscription for instant message translation and reverse and mutual matches.

Table Comparing the Features of Different UkraineDate Memberships

After creating our account, we tested the match filters to see how effective they are. With just around a million members, this site is on the smaller side. Thus, you can run out of matches if you use them all. However, the match quality is excellent when you set the filters that are the most important to you, such as the desire to relocate and language fluency.  

Additionally, it’s easy to vet matches thanks to the robust profiles.

Screenshot of a Robust UkraineDate Profile

And if that’s not enough, the membership base is highly engaged – especially the guys. We created two profiles: one for a man and the other for a woman. In a mere 48 hours, our female profile:

  • Received 77 first messages
  • Was favorited by 33 members
  • Received 319 likes
Screenshot of Messages Received on UkraineDate
Screenshot of Users Who Liked Our Profile on UkraineDate

As for our male account? Well, it didn’t get any action. See, around 70% of the members are men, and they’re expected to initiate contact here. If you use a Standard account as a man, you probably won’t get much attention. However, you can change that by taking the lead and sending messages.  

You’ll also get some important extras with your premium membership, including the ability to stand out in front of other members. Since guys make up such a big part of the membership base, this is critical.

For starters, Diamond members receive priority messaging, meaning their messages go to the top of inboxes. That might not sound like a big deal, but we received so many messages it was hard to keep up. However, those priority messages got our attention.

Screenshot of a Priority Message in our UkraineDate Messages

Also, Platinum and Diamond members have double the profile space and show up at the top of the search results. Again, that’s important if you’re a guy since the competition is so fierce among the men here.

Screenshot of Double Sized Profiles on UkraineDate
  • Ukrainians and Westerners who want to explore serious relationships with one another
  • Singles who want to find real partners instead of mail-order brides
  • Women looking for a free dating option
  • Men who are willing to pay a small subscription fee to find love

Does that sound like you? Claim your UkraineDate free trial today!

Overall UkraineDate Review Rating and Quick Facts

App Store RatingN/A*
Google Play Rating4.4/5.0
Active UsersApprox. 1 million
Online Since2007
Starting Cost$11.25 a month
Our Review Score8.0/10.0

*There is currently no UkraineDate App in the App Store

UkraineDate Logo


Pros and Cons of the UkraineDate App


  • Members can set up to 30 search filters
  • Most members provide detailed profile information
  • Instant message translation for conversations with Platinum and Diamond members
  • Singles can view IMBRA safety form info when connecting with Americans


  • Only around 30% of active users are women
  • Men need to pay for subscriptions to receive lots of engagement
  • Some members try to get money from their matches

UkraineDate Features Breakdown

As you can tell from our positive review of UkraineDate, we highly recommend it for Westerners and Ukrainians hoping to find love. Don’t create your account just yet though. First, let’s go over some of the features you can use after signing up for an account on UkraineDate.

Message Translation

UkraineDate attracts members from Ukraine, the United States, and the rest of the world. Because of that, a lot of different languages are represented on this dating site. That could make connecting tricky, but it’s easy with instant message translation.

Platinum and Diamond members unlock this feature, and anyone they chat with can use it as well. Simply hit “Translate” under the message to read it in your native tongue.

UkraineDate Message Translation Feature Screenshot

You can hit the “retranslate” button if the translation seems off, but we didn’t run into that issue when using UkraineDate.

Make the First Move

You can send a message blast out to lots of members at once on UkraineDate. It gives you the option to use the pre-set message or create your own. We tested it, and the system sent the same message to ten members.

We waited two days and checked our sent folder. Three of the members were also Standard users, so they couldn’t read our message. A fourth person read the message and ignored it, and the rest weren’t opened.

Screenshot of 10 Make the First Move Messages We Sent on UkraineDate

That’s enough info to tell us that the feature is a bust, and we aren’t surprised. These types of messages don’t tend to get responses. If you want to develop a connection, check out some reasons you’re not getting responses to online dating messages. Then, you can fix the issues and have ongoing convos with members.

Match Criteria

UkraineDate Match Criteria Settings Screenshot

UkraineDate’s members can set up to 30 search filters to help them find their match. These filters include the basics you’d expect, such as age, gender, and location, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also set criteria based on cultural values and lifestyle. It even lets you search for members based on their willingness to relocate.

After setting your criteria, you can browse your matches. UkraineDate uses a color-coded system that quickly shows you how solid the potential match is.

Screenshot of the Color Coded Matching System on UkraineDate

Pro Tip: Improve your match quality by filling out your profile to completion. Click on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner and select “Edit Profile.” Then, navigate to “Hobbies and Interests” and “Personality Questions” to add some extra info.

Screenshot showing "Hobbies & Interests" and "Personality Questions" in UkraineDate settings menu

IMBRA Safety Information Form

Americans are required to follow the International Marriage Brokerage Regulation Act when bringing a Ukrainian or another foreign fiancé to the United States with the intention of marriage. UkraineDate’s members can fill out the IMBRA safety form on the website, and you can see their responses when they send you messages. Also, UkraineDate searches the National Sex Offender Public Registry when members fill out the form, adding yet another layer of protection.

Screenshot of UkraineDate's IMBRA Safety Information Feature

Quality of Singles – UkraineDate User Base Review

UkraineDate is full of single men and women who hope to find long-lasting love. As with most dating sites for serious relationships, the profiles contain lots of important info. It might only take a minute to sign up, but most of the members spend extra time completing the additional fields.

Screenshot of a full female user's UkraineDate profile
Screenshot of a full male user's UkraineDate profile

The membership base is extremely motivated, active, and engaged. Of course, since around 70% of the members are men, you’ll find more guys than gals online when visiting UkraineDate. We normally saw around 800 sometimes even more men online, but the number of women online rarely reached 300.

Screenshot showing 800 male profiles online on UkraineDate
Screenshot showing 279 female profiles online on UkraineDate

Most of the men who actively use the site have premium memberships, while the women are more likely to stick with free plans. However, most of the women clearly state in their profiles that they want to find long-term love. They’re just waiting for the right man to message them.

So, that’s all good, but let’s look at an issue we found…

While most of the members have good intentions, the site does attract some scammers from time to time. We’ve heard complaints of people trying to move conversations over to WhatsApp or email. If successful, the members then ask for money.

We did receive a single message with a WhatsApp request, which we ignored.

Screenshot of a UkraineDate User Asking Us to Contact Them on WhatsApp

You should stay on the app as a way to protect yourself from scammers. Also, learn more about romance scams so you’ll know what to watch out for when using UkraineDate and other sites.

Reviewing UkraineDate Membership Costs

UkraineDate prices are pretty consistent with what we’ve come to expect from other CupidMedia brands with a wide variety of purchase options at different price points. You can expect to pay between $11.25 and $164 per month depending on the duration and membership level of the membership you select. (Full UkraineDate cost breakdown below)

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostMembership Cost
Gold12 Months$11.25$134.99
Gold3 Months$22.49$67.48
Gold1 Month$34.74$34.74
Gold1 Week$69.48$17.37
Platinum3 Months$14.17$169.99
Platinum12 Months$26.66$79.98
Platinum1 Month$40.99$40.99
Platinum1 Week$82$20.50
Diamond12 Months$28.33$339.98
Diamond3 Months$53.32$159.97
Diamond1 Month$81.98$81.98
Diamond1 Week$164.00$41.00

Payment Types Accepted at UkraineDate

UkraineDupid accepts the following payment types:

  • Visa
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club International
  • Google Pay
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

Can I Pay for UkraineDate with Cash?

While many international dating sites offer mail-in cash or check payments, UkraineDate does not. The site likes to keep all your payments secure. An alternative solution is to take your cash to a bank or other wiring service and make a payment through them. 

UkraineDate Alternatives

Our review of UkraineDate is generally positive, but does that mean it’s the best dating app for Ukrainians and Westerners? In order to answer that, we’re going to compare UkraineDate to three of its biggest competitors. Let’s dig in and see how UkraineDate stands up to the competition.

  • EuroCupid – UkraineDate and EuroCupid share a parent company (Cupid Media) and specialize in international dating. Most UkraineDate members live in Ukraine or the United States, while EuroCupid is popular in the United States and Europe, explaining why it has twice as many members. We recommend UkraineDate for international dating between Ukrainians and Westerners, and EuroCupid for connections between Europeans and Americans.
  • AnastasiaDate – The international dating site AnastasiaDate connects Eastern Europeans with Westerners, while UkraineDate focuses on Ukrainians and Westerners. UkraineDate has affordable membership options, while AnastasiaDate’s members have to purchase and spend credits to interact on the site. AnastasiaDate also has tons of fake profiles, while Cupid Media does a nice job of monitoring UkraineDate and removing scammers. We highly recommend UkraineDate over AnastasiaDate. (Read Our Full Review of AnastasiaDate)
  • 12 Kisses – While at least one member needs a premium membership to converse on UkraineDate, 12 Kisses is a completely free site. However, 12 Kisses’ membership base isn’t very engaged, and the profiles are thin, unlike what you’ll find on UkraineDate. Also, 12 Kisses doesn’t have many extra features, while UkraineDate has 30 free search filters and extras for premium members, including instant message translation.

User Complaints About UkraineDate

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Google Play, there are lots of positive reviews of UkraineDate out there. Still, some members have been less than satisfied with this international dating website. We checked numerous review sites and compiled some of the common complaints for you to review.

  • Some Scammers – We touched on this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again. Some of UkraineDate’s members hope to score money instead of love. Remember, stay on UkraineDate when communicating with members. Also, find out how to tell if you’re being catfished.
  • Free Members Can’t Communicate with Each Other – As we discussed previously in our UkraineDate review, free members can communicate with premium members. However, free members can’t chat with each other, even if they’re a match.
  • Message Blasts – Some members are unhappy about receiving the same messages from multiple members. While they think this indicates a scam, we believe it’s due to people using the “Make the First Move” feature. The senders likely choose one of the pre-set messages. That’s one of the reasons we recommend creating unique messages instead of sending message blasts.

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