Tips for Dating a Musician or Music Fan

Music is a special part of life that can transport your emotions and thoughts to another place. Some people value music more than others do – and finding a love match that shares your love of music can be a happy compatibility factor to share. But how do you find someone in online dating that’s also a musician or a music fan? And are there easy ways to search and match up with another single that is like-minded to your music-infused way of life?

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Girl composing music in front of an array of neon instruments

We’ve got some special tips that you’ll want to check out below to make your music matchmaking journey more successful. Follow the suggestions to quickly locate another musical single and to ensure that other people can find you too. 

Tell People You Love Music in Your Profile

The first tip to finding another music fan or musician on an online dating site is by clearly stating that on your own profile biography, which is a short paragraph that’s composed right after sign-up. Let people know what instrument you play, what kind of music you like to listen to, or perhaps who some of your favorite artists are. In addition to being specific in your bio about your music interests, you’ll want to include tags or attributes that communicate this interest. 

Search the Right Way

Online dating sites have super-charged ways of finding potential matches compared to real life dating. Use these powerful tools to make your search successful in a shorter amount of time. Enter your preferred music fan terms into the search bar or see if any music-related attributes are searchable. Some sites have preferred genre checkboxes that are indicated on the single’s profile. Other sites leave a short text paragraph with the prompt question of favorite music or artist.

Searching smart in online dating revolves around you knowing what you’re looking for before you ever go searching. Know how much of a musician or music fan you are; and have a list of your favorite music types, songs, or artists listed for reference. Other singles will list their preferences in many different ways, so you may need a combination of search terms to find the special person you are looking for.

Use the Tools at Hand

A fun feature of online dating that makes sharing the love of music easier is video dating. A video date takes communication and sharing your love of music to a new level of connection. Maybe you want to play a private concert for that special single you’ve been connected with, and now you can. Only a few of the recommended dating sites offer this premium feature, so make sure to consult our thorough guides to find out who’s offering this helpful tool.

Other than just chatting about music, try sharing online videos of music you like to listen to, or even better, share videos of yourself playing your favorite music. It’ll be a great conversation starter and way to connect with a fellow music fan.