7 Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Black Woman

Dating is a give-and-take of time, conversation, and effort. In order for dating to work, you have to have the perfect balance of all three; otherwise, something falls short, and inevitably, so does dating– especially when it pertains to dating a strong Black woman.

Think of a strong Black woman as the upper echelon, the top of the pyramid, or the first-round draft pick. She’s educated, sophisticated, sassy but silly, and a rare breed of a woman.

You can expect a multitude of things when it comes to dating a Strong Black woman, and some others you probably can’t, but you simply have to experience it. Here you’ll find a few staples that you’ll be sure to find while dating one of the world’s greatest creations.

Strong black woman smiling in her office

1. A Woman of Exclusivity 

A strong Black woman is selective. You won’t find her dating multiple people or spending her time around many people. She values her time and knows that energies transfer. You also won’t find her out on the scene often, she may go occasionally, but being home is her preference. If she decides to talk to or date you, consider yourself lucky because she’s chosen you. Black women do not play around when it comes to their peace, so they’re strategic with whom they let into their life and inner circle.

2. A Fun Girl with/ Her Own Funds

Don’t expect her to come around with her hand out, in fact, she may just pay for the date to level the playing field– if she likes you. Strong Black women are always a good time! They like to let their hair down, maybe have a drink, dance, or do something competitive. When it’s time to play they will take their capes off and have the time of their lives. Strong Black women are just as spontaneous as they are ambitious. You may see them today and tomorrow they’ll be on a flight to Bali. You want to experience this. You want a fun girl with funds.

3. Priceless Gestures Take the Cake (Every Time)

Gestures don’t always have to be grand to be appreciated. Doing something simple but sweet goes far for a woman who does everything for herself. Just think, if she is used to paying all of the bills, cooking, cleaning, and working, how relaxing a foot massage will feel at the end of a long day, or a nice candle-lit dinner. It doesn’t take much to say you appreciate a strong Black woman, watch her light up when she receives flowers just because it’s Tuesday, or an impromptu handwritten letter disclosing all of the things you like about her (now that’s the icing on top!).

4. The ‘I’ in Independence Stands for I

A strong Black woman won’t ask for anything because she’s going to hustle. Independence for her means taking care of it all, and this is a mindset. More often than not, The ‘I’ in independence has originated from a long line of generations. Strong Black women aren’t created, they’re raised. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t married or in relationships, but the foundation is: learn to take care of yourself and you’ll always know how to survive. This is also the reason why strong Black women are well-educated with several degrees and well-paying careers. Set the foundation and the foundation sets you.

5. An Opinion will be Had

If you’re looking for the submissive go-along-with-anything type, move along. Expect some pushback and an opinion toward ideas. There may be debates and/or arguments when it comes to making decisions. A strong Black woman will have something to say about important decisions, especially if it directly affects her– and you, if she cares about you. She won’t just sit around and watch you fail, she’s going to add her input and help as best as she can. Contrarily, if she sees you can lead, she will follow, because a strong Black woman knows that a leader is born not taught. 

6. Genuine Love

If you make it to the love stage with a strong Black woman then you’ve essentially made it to the Superbowl! This woman will love you without a limit. If you’re here, then expect the world! She will shower you with the priceless love you’ve never known. I’m talkin’ hugs better than the ones you received from your granny, good home-cooked meals, romance on top of romance, and loyalty beyond measure. If you have a strong Black woman in love, keep her here, you’ll love it here!

7. A High Expectancy of You

Yes, you! You’re not just getting the scoop and browsing the awesome sauce selection; You’ve gotta show and prove you are deserving of such a caliber of a woman. A strong Black woman has an expectancy from her ideal person as well; what can you bring to the table? because she is the table. Can you make her happy? Enhance her self-worth? Take something off her plate? Relieve some of her stress? Create a safe space? If you said yes to at least three of those questions then you’re on the right track. Dating is designed to see how compatible two individuals can be as one, are you up for the task?

Do you think you have what it takes after reading a few things you can expect when dating a strong Black woman? You can be sure that you must come with your A-game and your best impression. Always remember, it doesn’t take much to impress her, just be genuine and do your research. Get to know her for who she really is, and when you ask questions, listen. Women love to be heard. Once you’ve concurred her mind, you’ve won the prize. Trust, you want a strong Black woman on your side, they’re undeniable.

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Author: Candis Y. McDow

Candis Y. McDow is a 35-year-old Atlanta, GA native. She is a freelance writer, poet, and author. Candis has written for over 35+ publications, most notably Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cosmopolitan UK, Essence Magazine, and Yahoo! Her memoir entitled Half the Battle is available on Amazon.