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If you are in the market for a digital alternative for therapy services, you may be pleased to find you are spoiled for choice. It seems like online therapy services are popping up left and right these days. Amwell may sound like one of these new services, but the telemedicine provider has actually been around since 2006.

You may be thinking, “They flew under my radar. Does that mean they aren’t any good?” Well we’ve done all the research to find out the answer to that and many other questions. As it turns out, anyone looking for online therapy services should take the time to look into Amwell. Today, we will break down the company’s pros and cons, and show you what they truly have to offer. 

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Overall Amwell Review Rating

Ease of Use9.7/10.0
Services Offered10.0/10.0
Patient Privacy9.5/10.0
Cost of Care9.9/10.0


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Pros and Cons of Amwell Therapy Online


  • Insurance is not required
  • Currently covered on insurance plans through dozens of major providers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Large bank of information on a variety of conditions, all written by medical professionals
  • Patients can access services online or via a phone call 
  • Sign up is fast and easy
  • Health Care Providers are Licensed and can prescribe medication


  • May not be covered by your insurance plan
  • Prescriptions services are limited to the laws and regulations of your state
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Fast Facts About Amwell Online Therapy

  • Founded in 2006 as American Wellness
  • Provides full-service telemedicine care
  • Over half of the board of directors are Medical Doctors and/or PHDs
  • 4.3 Stars and over 7,000 reviews on Google Play
  • 4.9 stars and over 20,000 reviews on IOS app store
  • Ranked #1 in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Telehealth Satisfaction Study
  • All Therapists and Health Care Providers have the highest level of education in their field and are licensed in the state of the patients under their care
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Amwell Review Table of Contents

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up with Amwell is a great blend of easy and thorough.  To begin, you will enter your name and email, choose a password, and read through/ agree to the website’s terms and conditions. From there, you will enter some personal information regarding your birthdate, location, and gender. Plus, you will have the opportunity to input your insurance information so Amwell can show you which services are covered by your insurance. 

Once you are inside the website you will see a breakdown of service types and whether you are covered along with your uncovered cost. For instance, we input our CIGNA insurance information and discovered that behavioral health services were covered, but specialty support services were not. For those services, we were able to look through the available, licensed physicians in our area and see transparent descriptions of their prices, services, and availability. 

Where other online therapy providers implement personality and behavioral evaluations during sign up, Amwell does not. On one hand, this does make the sign-up process a lot faster. However, it also means that finding the right therapist for you can become a hit and miss game since they are not pre-selected based on your specific therapy and behavioral health needs. 

Still, you are not required to pay for any services during sign up, which we think is pretty great.

You won’t be permitted to sign up anonymously, but you could potentially provide fake information and no insurance info upon sign up. This will allow you to look around the site without worry. However, you will need to update your information to properly reflect you before making an appointment. 

Services Offered by Amwell

The availability of services is where Amwell really shines. Other online therapy providers often don’t have licensed psychiatrists on hand, which means they cannot prescribe medication. With its experience as a full-service telemedicine company, Amwell is different. 

Amwell has a selection of licensed psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists on staff. This means, depending on the laws and regulations of your state, you may be able to receive prescriptions from your doctor. 

Amwell also has a great mix of services ranging from traditional behavioral health, to niche areas like breastfeeding support, parenting anxiety, etc. Outside of behavioral health, Amwell also provides telemedicine services for all other areas of health and even offers urgent care services. 

How Amwell Works

After you have signed up with Amwell and submitted your insurance information (or not if you are uncovered) you will be able to search through the website for health providers that can help with your specific needs. For instance, you would select the behavioral health section for therapy and psychology services. 

Amwell will then ask if you’d like to set up an appointment. If you would, you can see if any doctors are available at that very moment, choose a date and see who has openings on that day, or search through the provider’s profiles and set up an appointment with the provider of your choice. 

You will need to enter your credit card information so you can be charged at the start of your visit. If you decide to cancel your visit, simply do so online or over the phone. Cancel more than 48 hours in advance for no penalty. If you cancel with less than 48 hours to spare, you will be charged a 40-dollar reservation fee. 

Once you follow through to the billing and confirmation page, you will see if you are covered by your insurance or being charged the uninsured rate. If you are not covered by insurance and want to cancel the appointment, you can easily do so. 

The Extras We Found During Our Amwell Review

Amwell is basically a treasure trove of medical knowledge, services, and resources. You can find information ranging from the strange rash on your right shoulder, to how to get your baby to latch during breastfeeding. If you hate trying to juggle an assortment of online services (who all have your private medical information at their fingertips), you may want to consider switching all your telemedical needs to Amwell. 

The scheduling process is easy, can fit around your calendar, and be based on who is available or who you like the best. You don’t just get thrown in with a random person and hope they fit. You can take the time to read other user’s reviews, check out the provider’s credentials, and see if they offer/ have experience in the things that concern you. 

One of the best things is, you only pay for the services you use. You don’t have to pay a membership fee just to have an Amwell account. You don’t have to worry about signing up for a paid account and then forgetting to ever check back for 6 months, all while still being directly debited each month. Amwell is there when you need it, no strings attached. 

Patient Privacy

Amwell is honest and transparent on their privacy standards regarding the sharing of your information. They operate in accordance with HIPAA laws and acknowledge the need for your consent before sharing information to certain parties. However, they do make addendums for sharing information with research providers, purchasing entities, and corporate partners. This can all be read in detail on their privacy page. 

One concern with Amwell is their vague reference to “reasonable security measures.” They do not mention any actual measures they are taking for patient security and instead spend their time explaining that digital security of information can never be 100% guaranteed. 


Cost and Insurance

PlanTermInitial Visit CostFollow Up Visit Cost
Therapy1 session$99 - $110$99 - $110
Psychiatry1 session$269$99

Amwell is unique in that it connects to many insurance plans and greatly reduces the amount paid for appointments with therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and more. Even without insurance, Amwell has reasonable pricing that starts as low as $99 dollars a visit. Which is incredible, considering many location-based care services can charge uninsured patients as much as $200-$300 as a base cost. 

Key Details About the Pricing at Amwell

  • Only pay for the appointments you make, not for a monthly service
  • You’re can cancel appointments at any time, and cancelations with at least 48-hour notice have no cancellation fee
  • Pricing is found on the service page and/or on the appointment creation page
  • You must use a debit or credit card for payment

Does Amwell Offer Financial Assistance?

Amwell does not advertise any financial aid or assistance for economically injured patients. However, you may be able to use state Medicaid coverage to pay for your visits. 

Does Amwell take insurance?

Yes, Amwell currently accepts dozens of insurance providers such as Cigna, AETNA, Blue Cross, and  more. The specific plan you hold with your insurance provider will also be a determining factor in whether you are covered to use Amwell services. Enter your insurance information upon sign up to see which services are covered under your plan. 

Is Amwell Worth It?

Amwell Logo

With all facts and figures considered, we believe Amwell is a great option for online therapy services. If you are looking for a website that will let you digitally outsource nearly all your medical needs, Amwell is for you. It’s like having a medical plaza available on your computer or smartphone. 

Amwell is great for people who:

  • Want the option for full psychiatry services
  • Want to utilize their insurance coverage
  • Want to avoid monthly fees just to use the website
  • Want to find and use local, state-licensed doctors and therapists


Are all of the therapists at Amwell licensed?

Yes, all of the service providers, therapists included, on Amwell are licensed and have received the highest levels of education in their fields. 

How long does it take at Amwell to get matched with a therapist?

There is no matching service at Amwell. Instead, you are provided a list of service providers licensed in your state. You can choose from this list to make an appointment and even see who is currently online and available. 

Does Amwell take insurance?

Yes, Amwell accepts insurance from many providers and will help you determine if you are covered for the services you seek. 

Is Amwell better than LiveHealth?

Amwell and LiveHealth are both beneficial online therapy services; however, they are different in a lot of ways. For a better look at how these services stack up, take a look at our article, Amwell vs. LiveHealth.