The League is Expensive, But You’re Paying for Quality

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The League has long been one of the more expensive dating apps on the market, and yet year after year users from around the globe continue to happy pay for it. But how much is the league? Are there more affordable memberships for this exclusive dating app? What features are people paying high dollars for?

In this article, we’re going to answer all these questions and more. We’ll be pulling back the curtains on the well kept secret that is The League’s pricing and membership structure to answer any questions you may have. Without further ado… Here’s a look at what The League costs in 2023:

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost (Weekly)Total Cost
GuestUnlimitedFree (Requires Waitlist)Free (Requires Waitlist)
Member1 Week$99.99$99.99 ($399.96 monthly*)
Member1 Months$74$299.99
Member3 Months$33$399.99
Owner1 Week$199.99$199.99 ($799.96 monthly*)
Owner1 month$99$399.99
Owner2 Months$62$499.99
Investor1 Week$399.99$399.99 ($1,599.96 monthly*)
Investor1 month$249$999.99
VIP1 Week$999.99$999.99 ($3,999.96 Monthly*)
VIP1 month$625$2499.99

*Monthly totals on 1 week memberships are calculated to demonstrate how the price of the shorter memberships compares to the discounted rates of the longer subscriptions.

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Member, Owner, Investor, and VIP-level Membership Options

4 Mobile Screenshots of The League's Premium Membership Plans and Pricing Options
  • By agreeing to a longer term of membership you will see substantial weekly savings on the cost of The League membership. (For example 66% off in the case of 3 month Members – or $41 off weekly)
  • By prepaying two months of Owner-level membership you get the second month for only $100. This is a significant discount and, in our opinions, the best value available.
  • Paid members get to skip the line, but free members will always have to wait longer than premium members for access to The League dating app.
  • Member, Owner, Investor, and VIP-level subscribers receive priority profile review and advancement.
  • All subscription plans renew automatically until canceled.
  • Every member can purchase and use League tickets to override the algorithm or boost their profile (This will be around $25 for 5 tickets)
  • As seen in their terms of service (section 8), The League frequently offers promotional rates to bring down the cost of membership. If you’re interested in trying The League you’ll want to make sure you have a free guest account so that you hear about these promotions when they hit.

Is The League Expensive?

Whether you think the cost of The League memberships is expensive or not is a personal opinion. We can let you know that the average subscription cost for The League is higher than most other dating apps (See our list of dating site costs). That being said, it’s far from being the most expensive option out there. There are other dating services such as Tawkify that are routinely charging thousands of dollars per match.

TheLeague Screenshot

So what’s the deal? Well… The League promotes itself as a VIP-driven service for singles that are serious about meeting their significant other. You’ve got to figure that the exclusivity, waitlist, premium features, and dedicated concierge service, come with a price.

But don’t get discouraged if the cost of The League is out of your league. You can still sign up absolutely free…

That’s right! You can take advantage of free membership as a “guest user”. But acceptance takes more than just filling out a form. The League puts potential free users on a waitlist, and not everyone makes it in. However, you can complete your profile and refer a few friends, to help you move through the approval process more quickly.

As you can already tell, The League isn’t your typical dating site. So, be sure to check out our review of The League to learn more about the “admissions” process.

The League’s Premium Membership Plans

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, at least for the most part. The League is no different, as it charges more for premium membership access, but the commitment comes with proven results.

Perks of paying for The League

In additional to all the perks seen in that video, Subscribing members on The League are seen by 40% more potential matches. They’re also two to five times more likely to find the right partner compared to guest users.

While you can take your chances and go through the waitlist process and become an active participant in The League’s service, consider some of the perks for the upgraded plans. You might find the cost of The League is well worth it, as the premise is to introduce you to ideal matches.

It’s quality over quantity, that’s for sure. And paid members are getting a lot more features and better results for the money they’re putting in.

The Four Premium Membership Levels:

  • Member – You’ll pay between $33 and $99 per week.
  • Owner – You’ll pay between $62 and $199 per week.
  • Investor – You’ll pay between $249 and $399 per week.
  • VIP – You’ll pay between $625 and $999 per week.

Comparing The League Premium Memberships

Starting CostFree$33/week$62/Week$249/week$625/week
Daily Prospects35678
Weekly Speed Dates35678
Read ReceiptsYesYesYesYes
Customize Your BioYesYesYesYes
Hide Your AgeYesYesYesYes
See Past ProspectsYesYesYesYes
Custom OpenerYesYesYesYes
Create Groups and Promote EventsYesYesYesYes
Multi-City Dating123410
Free Power MovesYesYesYes
Free RematchesYesYesYes
Free UndosYesYesYes
X-Ray Vision (Know if Someone Already “Liked” You)YesYesYes
Private ProfileYesYesYes
Daily Friend Requests35678
Free Power Move NotesYesYes
Preview Video DatesYesYes
See Who Likes YouYesYes
Warm Intros❌`Yes
Instant MatchYes
VIP BadgeYes
Dedicated Concierge SupportYes

Features of The League’s Subscriber Memberships

When you’re considering joining The League, keep in mind that it’s not your typical dating site. Most competitors have a free or inexpensive entry-level membership that gets you onto the app and into the dating game.

That’s not the case with The League. Members are vetted and need to make the cut. So, even though the premium memberships have perks, one of the most valuable is quick acceptance. Your profile is reviewed almost immediately, whereas some free members could be waiting for months.

All League Premium Memberships provide:

  • Skip the waitlist
  • Video profiles
  • Entry to League Live – three dates in nine minutes
  • Profile boosts
  • Customizable bios
  • Video chats
  • League tickets
  • View receipts to see if your messages were read
  • Default openers
  • Create groups in your city
  • View League Profile stats

Subscribing League members have considerable advantages over free users, including bypassing the waitlist.

Buying League Tickets

In addition to the three premium membership plans, The League allows users to purchase tickets. So, if The League cost is a bit out of your price range or you want to bump up your presence even more, you can purchase blocks of tickets.

What do The League tickets get you?

  • Override the algorithm to expand your potential matches
  • Boost your profile for three-times the visibility
  • Power Move one of your prospects, so you’re at the top of their match list

You can buy as few as five tickets in the $5 apiece range, and it’ll be a one-time purchase until you decide to buy more.

Do The League Memberships Auto-Renew?

Yes. If you read the app’s terms of service, you will see clearly stated that all memberships at The League auto-renew at the rate you chose until you opt to switch plans or cancel.

Screenshot of Point 8 of The League's Terms of Service Agreement - Discussing Purchases and Automatic Subscriptions Renewals

So, for example, if you opted for the one-week Investor membership but then decide to go monthly, you have to make the change before you’re charged at another weekly rate.

If you buy a small block of League tickets, though, it’s a one-time purchase and will not be charged again unless you decide to purchase more tickets.

Does The League Offer Free Trial Accounts?

The League does offer a free trial membership, but it’s slightly different than what you might be used to if you’ve used other dating apps. You can find more information here on The League free trial accounts to get you started. However, be prepared to fill out a profile and then wait for the nod, as there’s a waitlist.

So, you could get The League cost down to zero, but only with a healthy dose of patience.

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