The eHarmony Guarantee | Details and Eligibility

When a company is so committed to their product, they are willing to give you a satisfaction guarantee, that is a pretty big dill! The eHarmony guarantee is a pledge from the owners of the dating app to ensure you enjoy your time with them and have the success you’re looking for.

Understanding what you get with the guarantee, how to get signed up, and what you have to do in order to be eligible to receive the benefits are all important to a great experience with eHarmony.

As you’ll see, the eHarmony guarantee is one that you will hopefully not ever have a need for, but it’s going to be nice to know that it’s there as a financial safety net.

What is the eHarmony Guarantee?

The eHarmony guarantee states that if you are not happy with your matches in the first three months of using eHarmony’s site, they will give you another three months free, on the house.

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Basically, if you don’t think that you got your money’s worth with the quality and quantity of matches on eHarmony, they’ll tack on an additional three more months to your membership free of charge.

Here are a few fine-print details of the eHarmony Guarantee you should know.

  • You may redeem your guarantee prior to the expiration of your membership by contacting customer support via phone, the chat function, or through email.
  • You are only able to redeem the guarantee once per account meaning that if after six months it’s still not right for you, it might be time to try a different online dating site or purchase a longer membership if you think you still need more time with eHarmony.
  • This guarantee extends to any reason you are unhappy with eHarmony and not just unhappiness with the matches offered. You do still have to fulfill the same criteria listed below to receive the account extension.
  • The eHarmony Guarantee is only good for an initial subscription. It does not apply to renewals, membership extensions, or other premium services added later.
  • You’re not going to get a refund out of eHarmony. You also can’t transfer the membership to anyone else. It is just for you, and you can only get the bonus three months added on to your existing membership immediately.

This says an awful lot about how much eHarmony believes you will meet quality matches within your first ninety days. We are impressed with eHarmony’s commitment to ensuring their customers are satisfied with their online dating service.

  1. Complete the eHarmony Relationship Questionnaire
  2. Fully Fill Out Your eHarmony Profile
  3. Message At Least Five Other Members
  4. Subscribe To At Least a 3-Month Membership
  5. Comply With eHarmony’s Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the eHarmony Guarantee, there are five things you need to do to prove you truly tried to find that special someone in your first three months. Read on to learn more about these five requirements. Remember, you will NOT be able to cash-in on the guarantee unless you’ve done these five things prior to the end of your membership.

1. Complete the eHarmony Relationship Questionnaire

 The first step in creating your eHarmony profile is to complete the questionnaire. It takes approximately 40-45 minutes to complete this step. Why create a profile without completing the questionnaires these online dating sites provide anyways? You really do want to complete them so eHarmony’s algorithm program can filter out the best possible matches for you. Totally worth the 45-minute investment!

The signup process goes through three steps which combine to create your compatibility questionnaire results. The three steps to completing the eHarmony questionnaire are: setting up your personal dating profile, determining your match preferences, and a compatibility quiz. These steps are all completed by answering a series of questions.

Most questions are set up for you to be able to select one answer from a scale or select multiple pre-determined answers based upon your unique preferences and personality traits. There are a few open-ended questions, however most of these questions are designed to only require a one-word response. You are more than welcome to write more in response to these open-ended questions if you would prefer.

Before you are even able to see matches you need to complete your eHarmony questionnaire. eHarmony’s questionnaire is totally worth the time investment. It is also obvious eHarmony (and anyone who uses their online dating site) takes the process seriously. You can have confidence in knowing other eHarmony users mean business when it comes to finding their best online dating match.

2. Fully Fill Out Your eHarmony Profile

 The next requirement of the eHarmony Guarantee is the completion of your eHarmony profile. In addition to completing your eHarmony profile, you will need at least three approved photos included within your profile. Completing the information in your profile is very easy and includes things such as:

  • Basics: name, location, age, height, ethnicity, occupation, education level, school attended, religion, political view
  • Lifestyle: smoking, drinking, kids, pets
  • Your 3 best life skills
  • 3 things you’re thankful for
  • 5 things you can’t live without
  • How your friends would describe you
  • What you are most passionate about
  • How you typically spend your leisure time
  • Sports you like to play
  • Things you like to watch (movies, TV, etc.)
  • The most important thing you are looking for in a partner
  • The most influential person in your life

If for some crazy reason you did not meet any quality matches in the first three months of signing up for eHarmony, make sure you have completed filling out all areas of your online dating profile to be eligible for the eHarmony Guarantee. Completing all these areas is vital to your overall success of being matched with the best possible partner.

3. Message At Least Five Other Members

 Sending messages and replying to messages is so important if you want to meet your best online dating match. You need to try and make a real effort if you want to meet someone amazing. Just signing up with eHarmony and creating your profile isn’t enough.

The second part of eligibility for the eHarmony Guarantee is that you need to send or reply to messages from or to at least five different eHarmony members. This is one of those things eHarmony can check on for you if you are not entirely sure. You can check your message outbox to see how many messages you have initiated or replied to as well.

If you have messaged or replied to at least five eHarmony members, and you still have had no luck finding the right person, have no fear, you will meet someone. Sometimes love takes time, so don’t be discouraged. eHarmony would be happy to keep their eHarmony Guarantee of three months free if you meet the next three requirements with your eHarmony account.

4. Subscribe To At Least a 3-Month Membership

The next requirement of the eHarmony Guarantee is that you have subscribed to a paid membership of at least three months or more. There are a lot of options when it comes to paid memberships that we cover in our eHarmony cost breakdown that simplifies all the eHarmony pricing options for your convenience. If you meet this aspect of the eHarmony Guarantee (all with the other four requirements), eHarmony will give you three free months based upon your current membership type.

There are two types of paid memberships available through eHarmony standard and premium, and both come with different benefits. You will be given three additional months of membership (either the standard or premium membership) based upon what you paid for when you initially signed up.

We strongly encourage that you utilize the eHarmony free trial offer prior to signing up for a paid membership. This will allow you to test out the site and see if it is the right fit for you. What you get with your eHarmony free trial: an ability to create a profile and upload profile photos, use of site features and explore layout and matching process, read through profiles of other singles and potential matches, and occasional free communication weekends with full messaging capabilities.

5. Comply With eHarmony’s Terms and Conditions

 Most people simply click the “I agree” box and don’t really think twice about a website’s terms and conditions. Mainly because they don’t want to take the time to read all the fine print. So long as you are not signing away your first born or the deed to your home, you figure hey why not save some time and just click the box, right?

When it comes to reading a website’s terms and conditions we know we should do it, it’s kind of like exercise, you know you’re supposed to workout (and eat healthily), but sometimes this tends to fall through the cracks – much the same way people don’t read through those pesky terms of use. To be eligible for the eHarmony Guarantee though, it is important you are following their terms and conditions of use.

One of the eHarmony terms of use is that you can only receive three free months of paid membership (as per the eHarmony Guarantee) if you are a brand-new user and have not created an account previously. You are only eligible one time for the guarantee. You can review the eHarmony Terms and Conditions of use here to ensure you are meeting this last step of the requirement process.

How do I redeem the eHarmony Guarantee?

If you’re at this stage, we’re sad things haven’t worked out for you yet. Love takes timing, and we think it’s awesome that you are here looking to extend your membership to keep giving it a go. Thankfully, eHarmony is going to foot the bill on the net three months because it seems like they really want you to find that happiness.

The easiest way to redeem the guarantee is by sending an email to Customer Care at [email protected] during the last 30 days of your current subscription.

Additionally, you can contact the site via phone or their live chat function to get things squared away.

Important! Now that we got your attention…It is extremely important that you take care of this before your account renews if you have auto-renew selected. If you don’t, your account will renew, and you will be back in business except you will be the one footing the bill. Take care of this in the last 30 days of your contract to make sure there are no issues.

The Bottom Line – The eHarmony Guarantee

eHarmony is so committed to their product and process that they stand behind it with the eHarmony Guarantee, something a lot of other online dating sites do not offer. When a company such as eHarmony can put their money where your mouth is, that speaks volumes about their brand. eHarmony knows they have some of the highest quality matches in the world using their site, and that is why they are able to make such a bold guarantee.

Remember the five requirements you will need to meet to be eligible for this three free month guarantee: complete the questionnaire, complete your online dating profile, send or reply to some messages, subscribe to at least a three-month paid membership, and be in compliance with eHarmony’s terms of use. If somehow you are not able to meet a quality match in your first three month’s eHarmony will make it up to you with three more months on the house! Now that’s one great guarantee!

Also, keep in mind that the eHarmony Guarantee is, of course, subject to change at any point and time if the company sees fit. We’ll do our best to keep things updated here, but that’s just something we want to make sure to mention.

That being said, use the link below to get started checking out eHarmony right now!

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