Summer Love Tips for Online Dating

Suns out, guns out! It’s summer time and love can be in the air as long as you’re putting yourself in a position to succeed. While online dating is relatively the same beast year round, there are a few summer time considerations that can help you to have more success.

Update Your Pictures to Reflect the Season

When it’s summer time, people have summer on their mind. Groundbreaking, we know! The point of this basic observation, though, is what is important. When people are in the mood for summer activities, they’re going to naturally be more interested in people that appear to align with that. This means that if all of your pictures on the dating site are from a recent ski trip, you’re going to garner less interest from people.

Change your online dating pictures to ones of you in the sun. They don’t all have to be beach or pool pictures especially if you live far from water, but at least make them from summertime. The sunshine always makes people feel better and that includes when they’re in the sun and when they are looking at it. Adjust your pictures to fit the season and see your results grow.

Keep In Mind People Are Getting Out More

People are going to be getting out more during the summer. The weather is beautiful, people are going on more trips, and are ultimately having more fun away from the computer. This means that you might not get responses back to your online dating messages during the summer as quickly as you normally do.

The tip? Don’t freak out. Be patient with people. No one wants to date a total dud who doesn’t have anything going on in their life. Understand that your potential mate could be out enjoying themselves and they will get back to your dating message when they can. Don’t freak out and just assume that they are ignoring you. Everyone still wants to find love during the summer; it just might take a few extra hours or days for them to get back to you.

Be Patient with Daters with Kids

Summertime for parents means a whole new beast. If you’ve read any of our dating single parents guides and articles before, you know this is certainly true. Well, during the summer, the kids are usually out of school which means mom or dad’s time will be limited.

This does not mean you can’t still date single parents (or date as a single parent) during the summer. You just need to be prepared to be a little more flexible and patient. If that’s an issue, you probably aren’t ready to date a single parent anyways. Just be aware that they will have limited time and may have more abrupt changes to their schedule. If you can be okay with that, you’ll certainly show you are someone worth their time and you just may find the right one for you!

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Author: Healthy Framework Team

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