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Sugardaddy com collage screenshots has become one of the most popular and prolific “Sugar” dating sites on the web. When it comes to this type of dating (older affluent men, younger attractive women) it is important to make sure you are using a site or app that focuses on the safety of the users, while still keeping the thrill and rush of the excitement in the equation!

Does live up to the challenge? Well, that’s why we’ve taken this deep dive into everything the site has to offer. In this review, you will learn about the site’s amenities, cost, customer service, security, and much more. If you’re ready to learn more, keep on reading! – Highlights and Low Points

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to reviewing, but we wanted to lead off with the highlights of what we like, what we think could be improved, and if it’s worth it or not for you. Logo

The first thing we really like about is that it’s 100% geared towards the sugar dating lifestyle, but in a way that’s not overpowering and all about the money. Yes, that’s an important part of the lifestyle, but some sugar dating sites get too transactional and lose the fun and the flair. dances this dance perfectly by giving you room to have fun but still helps you to address the aspects of a traditional sugar relationship.

Second, the site is packed with affluent men and attractive females who seem to be genuine and serious about dating and relationships. Often, sites in this genre aren’t great when it comes to security and the removal of fake or fraudulent accounts, which makes for a pretty bad experience. While we’re not able to 100% confirm the authenticity of the accounts ourselves, years of experience in the industry leads us to believe that the vast majority are legit.

Update: On our last review we noticed that a video verification system was implemented, which is super exciting. If you have concerns about the validity of who you’re talking to, this should help to put them to rest.

Overall, we think that is a great dating app for singles looking to mingle in the sugar dating lifestyle. You can create an account in under two minutes and start to see your options in the area before you even have to think about upgrading to a paid account.

Who Is Good For

  • Sugar Daddies who want a wide selection of Sugar Babies to browse.
  • Those who want to control how their money is spent on the site. 
  • Sugar Babies who want their Sugar Daddies to have confirmed Identities. 
  • Those seeking an older/younger relationship without the “sugar” label.

Who Might Not Be Best For

  • Sugar Babies who want their Sugar Daddies to have confirmed income. 
  • Those who prefer a single, monthly charge for all amenities. 
  • Singles not looking for an older/younger relationship.

What is is an online dating website that is geared specifically towards the sugar dating niche and lifestyle. Utilize a profile and search format, users create profiles and can search for those that match the criteria they’re looking for in a dating/sugar partner. While the exact date of launch isn’t publicly posted, the membership size and reach of the site would indicate that it has been around for quite some time.

How It Works

One thing that is unique about how works is that it utilizes a credit-based system instead of a membership style. You can use credits to unlock things like messaging and secret photo albums.

The pros of a credit-based system are that you only pay for the service when you use it. The drawbacks are that it’s not as straightforward as a traditional subscription, which might be something new to get used to.

Features available for purchase… is an interesting site because they don’t hide features behind multiple tiers of membership. Instead, signing up is free and you can purchase any feature you want to use with credits. The credits are purchased in bundles from the site and can be replenished at any time. Here are a few of the great features these credits can buy! 


Though it is a basic feature of most dating sites, most major sites lock conversations behind a recurring monthly paywall. With, you use 10 credits to fully unlock any conversation and it remains unlocked permanently. No more having to pay for a full month of service to re-access conversations with your matches! 

Secret Photos and Videos

You can also use your credits to unlock secret Photos and Videos. Of course, your match must first grant you access to their album (which you can request for free), but once they have you simply pay your credits to see what is inside! 

Priority Customer Support

You don’t have to spend credits on priority support, but once you’ve made a credit purchase you have access to paid member support, which is faster and more convenient than the standard support and FAQ page. 

Higher Search Ranking

Those who pay for credit bundles will also receive a higher ranking in others search results. If you like the idea of floating to the top of other singles’ pool of selections, then purchasing a credit bundle can help you with that! 

Members Blog

All users have access to the members blog, not just credit holders. This area can help you navigate “sugar” dating in a way that is both safe and effective! 

Who’s on Let’s see… is filled with successful older men and attractive young women. If that is what you are looking for in a dating site, then the quality of singles at is amazing! Keep in mind, though, that all of these singles are looking for a sugar dating relationship. If you’re looking for traditional dating, you’re not going to be very happy with the singles you find here. They’ll be high quality, but you won’t be aligned in your relationship goals.

sugardaddy com homepage for members
(These photos are unblurred when you use We just did this to protect the privacy of the users during this review.)

It is important to note that Sugar Daddies cannot confirm their income through the site, but they can verify their identities. We’ve found hundreds of verified accounts of successful, well-groomed, handsome men. The women on the site are also able to verify themselves through a short video where they all say, “Let me be your secret.” You can see these verification videos even before upgrading or purchasing any premium features.

In all fairness, our claims about the quality of the users (attractiveness and how affluent) are just our opinions from our reviews (though we think we have a pretty good eye). To find out if you’re happy with the quality and options, you should use the free trial links in this article to search for yourself.

All photos (except for secret album ones) are unblurred, you can read through all profiles, and you can search in seconds to see who is available in your area (or where you travel).

Pay as you go with SugarDaddy credits…

As we’ve already touched on in this SugarDaddy review, the site doesn’t use a traditional membership-style pricing structure. Instead, you pay-as-you-go with credits that can be redeemed for things like unlocking conversations and accessing private photo albums (when you’re given permission by the user).

Below, you’ll see the most recent prices for credit bundles. As you can see, the more credits you purchase, the bigger the discount you’re going to see on a per-credit basis. For spending your credits, it costs:

  • 10 credits to unlock a conversation (that is then unlocked forever)
  • 10 credits to unlock a secret album (you also have to get permission from the user, which is free to request)
Membership Type# of CreditsPrice Per CreditTotal Price

Let’s look at customer support… has a great customer support backing. If you need help before signing up, you can utilize the FAQ page or use the contact link at the bottom of the webpage for further assistance via email. 

Once you’ve signed up, the FAQ page becomes larger and easier to navigate and the contact page is located directly in your profile drop down menu. You can also access links to report user abuse. 

Those who pay for credits get priority customer service, which leads to faster responses and some real-time assistance.

Other Sugar Dating Apps to Consider:

Just in case you’re starting to think that isn’t going to be the best fit for you, we wanted to provide a few alternates for you to check out. We’ll also share a link to that site’s review and why we think it might be a better fit for you depending on what you’re looking for.

  • Secret Benefits – Looking for a sugar dating website that uses a traditional subscription type service? If you’re someone who plans to send a lot of messages, Secret Benefits might be a more economical fit for you.
  • What’s Your Price – Somewhat similar to Secret Benefits is the site What’s Your Price. It utilizes a pay-as-you-go type system, but you’re actually bidding on dates. It’s a pretty unique system that we’re going to let you peek at yourself in case it’s something you’re interested in.
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