Paid Plans Come With Statement Discretion

If you’re looking for the up to date cost of a membership, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll fine accurate pricing data for all of the different types of memberships offered.

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Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$33.99 total
Premium Membership3 Month$22.66 per month
Premium Membership6 Month$19.83 per month
Premium Membership12 Month$16.99 per month
Dating Cost is an online dating site targeting those guys and gals looking for sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships. Never heard of one of those? A sugar daddy is a successful man who wants to share some of his successes with pretty girls in exchange for their company and time. Most sugar daddies view this as a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone wins. The man gets to spend time with an attractive woman, and the woman gets to spend time with a successful man who treats her like a princess.

The cost of a membership at depends on the length of term you decide to purchase. As we see with almost every online dating site, the longer the term that you sign up for, the less expensive the monthly price is going to be. If you see above with, the three-month membership works out to the cost of two months at the full price. The savings increase as you move to the six-month and 12-month memberships.

Payment Options accepts membership payments via most major credit cards including American Express, VISA, Discover Card, and MasterCard. In addition, you may purchase any of the membership options via PayPal. For those of you that are really old school or just don’t want any sort of electronic footprint, you can send in a check to the company via the good ole’ postal service. For those not a fan of computers, you can also call the company and make your payment there once you’ve created your account.

Discretion knows that some of its customers would prefer that their banking statements not reflect the nature of the transaction. Whatever your reasons are for that, we’re not here to judge. The good news is that this site makes sure there are no issues by having all transactions show up on your card as We even made sure to check what happens if someone tries to go to that domain or tries to Google it.

If you go to the domain, it takes you to a page that is not found. If you try googling it, you can find a link to 2checkout, the payment processor but no mention of who they work with. Basically, even if you use your credit card to purchase your membership, no one that looks through your statements is going to have any idea or be able to find out where the charge is from.

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