Sugar Daddy Meet App Review

Since 2006, Sugar Daddy Meet (SDM) has provided a space for men and women to find mutually beneficial relationships without fear of judgement regarding age differences. While we have heard mostly good things about the site, we know that the general “Sugar Dating” landscape is a bit less established than standard online dating so the bar may not be set as high. 

However, when we assess dating sites we don’t pull any punches. We want to know how Sugar Daddy Meets compares to dating sites across all spectrums, not just sites catering to sugar daddies/babies. 

If you are an adventurous single who thinks a sugar dating lifestyle might be right for you, then this Sugar Daddy Meet review is a must read! Come check out what the site has to offer, whether the site is legit, how much it costs, and so much more!

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Is Sugar Daddy Meet Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

Sugar Daddy Meet is a major contender in the sugar dating world. The platform is modern, streamlined, and gets right to the point. Users don’t have to wade through a world of overpriced fluff to find matches that interest them and instead can easily work their way towards going on dates with women/ men in their area. 

While there are a few little things that we would love to see upgraded in the future (a live chat for customer service is a service we think every dating site should have), overall we are super impressed with Sugar Daddy Meet!

Whether you are just thinking about getting into the sugar dating world or are well versed in the game, Sugar Daddy Meet is a site that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations!

Who Sugar Daddy Meet Is Good For

  • Singles looking for those who understand and respect their unique dating goals. 
  • Those who are a little more adventurous when it comes to dating and romance. 
  • Anyone who wants to try sugar dating but doesn’t want the high price tag that can often come with it. 

Who Sugar Daddy Meet Might Not Be Best For

  • Singles looking for a more traditional dating site where you find singles in your own age range. 
  • Those who want their matches to be interested in them as people not in what they have to offer. 
  • Older, female singles.

Overall Sugar Daddy Meet Rating

Quality Matches8.5/10.0
Ease of Use8.5/10.0
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Pros and Cons of the Sugar Daddy Meet Dating App


  • The cost of the site is far lower than many other sugar dating sites without compromising on site quality. 
  • Great distribution of male and female users. 
  • Moderators work to remove fake profiles and keep the site free from scam artists.


  • Sugar Daddy Meet has a surprisingly limited number of features when compared to other sugar dating websites. 
  • Daddies are not required to verify their identities or income, which can make some profiles not feel legit. 
  • The profiles aren’t as long and detailed as we normally like to see.

Sugar Daddy Meet Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About Sugar Daddy Meet

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free trial
  • Average Sign-Up Time: 5-10
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as Sugar Daddy Meet per month
  • Unique Facts and Figures about
    • Over 600,000 active members and over 2 millions registered users worldwide.
    • Over 50% of users are female (aka sugar babies) 
    • The platform has been making updates to features as recently as 2021.
    • More than 40% of sugar babies are between 18 and 24.

Sugar Daddy Meet Features Overview

One Interesting thing about Sugar Daddy Meet is that they approach the concept of sugar dating with a very slim number of features. This is because they let you know from the start that the only way to successfully maintain a sugar relationship (or any relationship) is to have it face-to-face. This means the site is only meant to get you from single to matched. So, these are the few features the site does offer to make that happen:

Sugar Daddy Meet Unique Features Screenshot

Unsend Message

Unsend Message is a feature we all wish was available on every messaging app across all of time. Essentially, you can use this feature to take back a message you sent that either didn’t quite come out right, or maybe had a pretty embarrassing typo. 

Whatever the reason, all you have to do is hover the message, click the ellipsis that pops up, click “unsend,” and the message deletes. The other person will be notified that you unsent a message, but won’t know which message or what it said. 


Winks are a quick way to let someone know you are interested. Winks are great because you can send them completely free, which means even non-premium users can send and receive them. This is perfect for laying some groundwork and testing the waters before committing to a premium membership! 


 Spark is a fast way to meet new matches. This will quickly show you a nearby, potential match and let you decide in an instant if you have a physical attraction to them. As you go through these quick matches the site will note who you are and are not attracted to. When you mark you are attracted to someone who is also attracted to you, the site will notify you!

The Quality of Singles at Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet’s main selling point is the amazing selection of singles on the site. From stunning sugar babies to silver fox sugar daddies, there is a wide variety of hot singles on the site. Not only hot, but interesting. We have enjoyed reading through the profiles and seeing just how many interesting people there are to meet all over the world. 

If we have one area we think could improve the quality of the profiles on SDM, it would be to require more than 50 characters for bio write ups. This might help avoid some of the more barren profiles that we came across.

How to Sign Up at Sugar Daddy Meet

Signing up for Sugar Daddy Meet starts a little differently than other dating sites. First, you need to read through a set of disclaimers/ agreements. You have to acknowledge that SDM is for fostering serious relationships, doesn’t tolerate abuse, doesn’t take kindly to scammers and catfish, and doesn’t permit low quality user photos. 

Sugar Daddy Meet Guidelines Screenshot

If you agree to those terms, you can begin the official sign up process.

This consists of entering your email and completing a reCAPTCHA, followed by entering some basic information regarding your gender, location, account name, and more. 

Sugar Daddy Meet Free Trial Review

As we discussed in the last section, starting your Sugar Daddy Meet free trial is super easy, but takes a little time. But what are you really signing up for? Below we’ll break down all features that are (and are not) included in your Sugar Daddy Meet free trial:

What You’ll Get With a Sugar Daddy Meet Free Trial

  • Reply to messages sent by paid members.
  • Make basic profile searches.
  • Send winks to paid and unpaid members. 
  • Add profiles to your favorites list for future reference.
  • Like photos or blog comments.
  • Request access to view private albums.

Features You Don’t Get With a Sugar Daddy Meet Free Trial

  • Initiate messages with all members whenever you please. 
  • Use the Spark feature for quick, fun matching. 
  • Create blogs and comment on them as a unique way to connect. 
  • Unsend messages to correct typos or take back things you shouldn’t have said.
  • Hide your profile for an added level of security while using the site. 
  • Use advanced search criteria to narrow down your search results to exactly who you’re seeking. 
  • Gain account manager access, which is a personal liaison to help you on your dating journey. 
  • Become a certified sugar daddy, which will greatly increase your responses from sugar babies on the site. 

Overall, if you are interested in the sugar dating lifestyle this free trial is probably worth your time. SDM is a modern, sleek, and reliable way to meet partners as either a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Price | How Much Does Sugar Daddy Meet Cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Gold Member6 Months$24.00 per month
Gold Member3 Months$30.00 per month
Gold Member1 Month$50.00 total

Is it Worth Paying for a Full Sugar Daddy Meet Membership?

It is possible to have a successful start to finish experience on a free trial SDM account. However, there are a couple of really great reasons to eventually transition into a premium account. 

First, the premium account has a lot of features that make the dating process smoother, faster, easier, and more fun. When you have a full Sugar Daddy Meet account you can unlock features that get you right to your perfect matches and even provide you access to a liaison that can guide you through online dating to make the experience a breeze. 

The second reason you might want to transition to a full account is because of the implication. Sugar babies will notice whether you have a full or trial account and statistics show they are more likely to interact with premium members with certified Sugar Daddy badges. 

Sugar Daddy Meet Customer Support Review

Sugar Daddy Meet has some of the best customer support in the online dating world with representatives available 24 hours a day to meet your needs. While they don’t offer phone or live chat support, they do have email support that is answered promptly and courteously. 

You can also look for resolutions to your problems through their FAQ page which is extensive and incredibly easy to search. There is even an option to send snail mail to SDM, but that is not the most prompt nor most efficient method to get your problems resolved. FAQ

Do You Have to Verify Your Phone Number on SDM?

Yes. Verifying your phone number is a new requirement of SDM and is intended to maintain the safety and security of the members of the site. 

Can You Find Traditional Relationships on Sugar Daddy Meet?

While it is perhaps possible to find a standard relationship on Sugar Daddy Meet, the members on the site are there seeking a younger/older (sugar dating) relationship. If you are looking for a traditional dating journey, you will want to try a different website. 

Do You Pay Sugar Babies on SDM?

No! Sugar Daddy Meet does not facilitate the payment of sexual services or any other services between members on the site. The site is only meant as a matchmaking service where consenting adults can meet and find romantic interests. All relationships and interactions between members that happen in the real world are not the responsibility of Sugar Daddy Meet. 

Should I Get Verified?

If you are a premium member of SDM, you should take the time to get verified. Verifying your account can improve your rate of connections, give your matches better peace of mind, and get the ball rolling on meetups between you and your matches. 

How Do Charges Appear on My Bill?

If you pay for your membership with a credit card, debit card, check card, or charge card, your statement will show the charge as “SDM.” If you pay for your membership through CCBill, your statement will show the charge as “SuccessfulMa.”

Can I Try SDM For Free?

Absolutely! If you want to try Sugar Daddy Meet, totally free, check out our free trial link, below!