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For some people, traditional dating just doesn’t work. If you’re a rich man who likes to spoil the women he dates, you’re probably looking for an app for sugar daddies. On the flip side, if you’re a woman who likes to be pampered, spoiled, and shown the finer things in life—you’re probably also looking for a sugar daddies app!  Whether you’re the spoiler or the sugar baby, we’ve put together a list of the best dating apps for sugar daddies.

Top Dating Apps for Sugar Daddies

RankSiteFree Trial LinkBest For
#1SugarDaddy.comTry SugarDaddy.comSecret Benefits logo#1 Best Overall
#2Secret BenefitsTry Secret BenefitsSecret Benefits logoBest for Pay As You Go
#3EliteMeetBeautifulTry EliteMeetBeautifulEliteMeetsBeauty logoBest for Elite Dating
#4SugarDaddie.comTry SugarDaddie.comSugardaddie.com logoBest for Track Record
#5Cougar LifeTry Cougar LifeCougar Life logoBest for Sugar Mommas
#6WhatsYourPriceTry WhatsYourPriceWhatsYourPrice logoBest for Unique Style
#7Sugar Daddy MeetTry Sugar Daddy MeetSugarDaddyMeet logoBest Secondary Option

Sugardaddy.com – The Best Sugar Daddy App (Top Pick)

One of the most established brands in the sugar dating industry is none other than SugarDaddy.com. While many sites and apps in the industry look to overcomplicate the process, SugarDaddy.com keeps it simple and delivers exactly what you’re looking for.

If you do want a lot of bells and whistles with features, it’s probably not right for you. But if you like simplicity and a site that has a ton of high quality sugar dating match options—it’s where you want to be. Sign up is free and you can start searching for matches in your area before you even have to consider upgrading to a premium account.

SugarDaddyCom Homepage

Secret Benefits – Best for Credit System (Pay As You Go)

If you’re someone who really likes to only pay for what you use, you might be a big fan of Secret Benefits. This sugar daddy site operates on a credit-based system, where you only pay when you find someone that you really want to talk to (or to unlock their secret photo album with permission as well).

Secret Benefits is also one of the newest sugar daddy apps out there, founded in 2015. This can be a positive because everything is fresh, or you can give the nod to the classic websites that have been around the longest—totally up to you!

Secret Benefits Homepage

SugarDaddie.com – Best for Track Record in the Industry

With over 5 million members and in operation since 2002, Sugardaddie.com is certainly earns the title of the best dating app for sugar daddies. The site boasts 1000s joining daily and touts itself as the number one dating site for the sugar lifestyle.

The sites been featured on the likes of CNN, FOX, Dr. Phil, BBC, and more. And if you want, the link below will get you started right now with a free trial so you can check out the people on the site.

Sugar Daddie Review Image

Cougar Life – Best for Sugar Mommas

Yes, yes, we know this whole page is dedicated to finding a place to pamper an attractive sugar baby. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little love going the other direction.

Technically, Cougar Life is an app dedicated towards men who are interested in older woman and not sugar dating. That being said, if there is a place on the internet where you’re going to find generous women looking to dote on a younger cub—this is it.

Cougar life dating app homepage

EliteMeetBeautiful – Best for Traditional Elite Dating

Well, this is interesting! EliteMeetBeautiful claims NOT to be a sugar dating site (but it’s close enough in our opinion that we felt it warranted being on this list). Instead, it’s a site that matches wealthy millionaires with attractive singles looking for an elevated lifestyle.

So, if you’re a wealthy man or woman that wants to spoil someone without the stigma that might come with sugar dating, you’ll want to check this app out.

Perks we like? Several things. First, the site uses what they call “scientifically matching partners,” which is another way of saying they put some time and effort into creating an algorithm to help you match with better and more suited partners. Additionally, the site has a 70/30 female to male ratio, manual profile verification, privacy considerations in place, and great support.

RichMeetBeautiful Homepage

WhatsYourPrice – Best for Unique Style of Dating

We’re always big fans of dating sites that put a unique spin on the world, and that’s not lost when it comes to sugar daddy apps. WhatsYourPrice is a dating app where generous members reimburse attractive members for the “time and effort it takes to prepare for a date.”

When compared to traditional sugar dating, this is a much more straightforward and transactional approach to the process. Instead of a loose agreement of how the elevated lifestyle will be shared, this is direct compensation at an agreed upon rate.

If you’re a no-frills, no B.S., cut to the chase kind of person, WhatsYourPrice could be worth checking out. The numbers—4 million+ members, 7.5 million+ first-date bids, and an average first-date incentive of $125.

Homepage 2 - WhatsYourprice

Sugar Daddy Meet – Best Upscale Sugar Dating App

Also calling themselves the number one upscale sugar daddy dating app is this gem that’s been around since 2007. What’s amazing about this app for sugar daddies is the ration of women to men.

Currently, there are over 5.4 million total members—1.1 million+ men and 4.4 million+ women! Yea, if you’re a sugar daddy looking for options, this is the go-to for you. And to help, we’ve put up a free trial link for you right here.

Comparing the Best Sugar Daddy Apps

While we feel strongly that Secret Benefits is probably the best fit for most, that’s not always going to be the case. Sometimes you’re looking for something a little more unique, or sometimes the sugar babies you’re looking for are on a different site. That’s the reason we recommend trying out a few of the different sugar daddy websites we recommended before making a decision to upgrade (and also why we included free trial links).

Still, you don’t have time to test out every option under the sun; that’s our job. So, to help in your search, here are a few of the basic but important details about these sugar daddy apps.

SiteFoundedSizeMemb. TypeStarting PriceiOS App?Android App?
Secret Benefits2015Not PublicCredits$59.00NoNo
Elite Singles20132 mil+Subscription$44.95YesYes
SugarDaddie.com20025 mil.+Subscription$16.99NoNo
Cougar Life2009Not PublicSubscription$12.00NoNo
EliteMeetBeautiful 2017Not PublicSubscription$40.00NoYes
WhatsYourPrice20104 mil.+Credits$50.00NoNo
Sugar Daddy Meet20075.5 mil.+Subscription$24.00NoYes

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sugar Daddy Site

Finding the cream of the crop when it comes to sugar daddy apps and websites isn’t about who is at the top of Google or who has the flashiest graphics. It’s 100% about which dating app can best connect real sugar babies with men like you for a quality experience and relationship.

How do you spot these top sites, though? Well, that’s where we come in. Our team has years of experience in the industry and knows the ins and the outs, and most importantly, how to spot the winners and the losers. To give you a sneak peak of this exhaustive (but important) process, here are some of the factors that go into earning an option on our list of the best sugar daddy apps.

  • Systems in place to weed out fake profiles, scammers, and bots – Sadly, this is prevalent in the sugar dating industry making this one of the most important ranking factors.
  • Verification processes to confirm the identity of people on the site – Again, this just adds to the safety and security, especially if money is changing hands.
  • Tons of high-quality sugar babies (a strong female to male ratio) – What good is a sugar daddy site to anyone if there aren’t a lot of high quality single women interested in the sugar dating lifestyle?
  • Robust profiles with features dedicated to sugar dating specifically – Some sugar dating apps are nothing more than traditional apps with the word sugar slapped on. This is a terrible practice and makes for a subpar experience for a unique style of dating.
  • Mobile-friendly websites that work on all major devices – Men who are sugar daddies usually travel a lot or are quite busy with their work. For that reason, you better be able to do everything you want on the go through an app or mobile website.
  • Clearly laid out and easy to understand premium memberships – Sugar dating is supposed to be fun, right? If the process feels like a chore or work because it’s too tough to figure out, that goes right out the window.
  • Discreet billing and multiple payment options – If you have someone else that sees your finances, you might now want them to know the type of dating lifestyle you’re into. For that reason, the best sugar daddy sites and apps are discreet in how they will. This could be the method or how they show up on your credit card or bank statement.
  • Extensive customer support options and teams readily available – It’s always good practice to choose dating apps that come with customer support ready to help. As some sugar daddy apps are more expensive, we expect to see upgraded features for the price (like better customer service).
  • A track record of providing an amazing experience! – Has the sugar daddy app proven it can do what it says it can? If it doesn’t have a great track record of success in this unique style of dating, we’re not interested.

How Do Sugar Daddy Apps Work?

When you join an app for sugar daddies for the first time, it can be quite an eye opening experience. While technically it falls under the same category as other online dating apps, it operates quite differently.

The first thing that happens is you have to decide if you are planning on filling the sugar daddy role or the sugar baby. The sugar daddy is the man who generally pays for everything and the sugar baby is the pretty little thing that likes to get spoiled.

Once you’ve selected your role, you fill out some basic information about yourself. Depending on what role you are filling, the information will be different. Sugar daddies fill out information about their wealth, what they’re looking for, and how much they want to spend on a relationship. Sugar babies fill out what they like, what they’re looking for, and what they are comfortable with giving in return.

The top sugar daddy sites do a great job of asking the right questions to spare people on both sides from wasting their time or getting their hopes up for nothing.

From there, things operate much more similarly to a traditional online dating site. You message matches, start chatting, and then hopefully you find what you’re looking for! The only difference is that often, an app for sugar daddies allows you to send gifts and other unique things to show your affection to the girls you are interested in. Additionally, there are some special picture sharing functions that you won’t see on other sites (things like private albums).

Once you meet someone on an app for sugar daddies that you like, the next step is meeting in person. Obviously, this happens off of the app. However, the apps do have technology and tips to help make that process smoother and safer. That being said, nine times out of ten, any money changing hands happens off the app.

Tips for Picking Out an App for Sugar Daddies

As you’ve seen already, there are a lot of different options when it comes to sugar daddy apps and sugar daddy sites. How do you pick out the right one for you? Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

  • Know your limits. Whether you’re a baby or a daddy, know what you are looking for. Further, know what you’re comfortable with and what you are not. By defining this before using an app for sugar daddies, you can alleviate a lot of awkward situations and unnecessary headaches. This includes things like:
    • The type of relationship you’re looking for
    • How much you’re okay spending on the relationship (if you’re the sugar daddy)
    • What you’d like to get from the relationship (if you’re the sugar baby)
    • Know if you’re open to your sugar baby dating multiple people at once or being exclusive
  • Use the free trials. Each sugar daddy app comes with some form of limited free trial. Take advantage of this. Use them to find the app that is the best for you before you upgrade. Sugar daddy apps can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re investing your money where it best serves your wants and needs.
  • Understand the lifestyle. If you’re looking for traditional dating, these are not the sites for you. You may want to check out our list of the top apps for dating instead. If you are looking for sugar dating, though, make sure you understand the different roles. If you do, you’ll have a much better experience!
  • Have fun! Sugar dating is about having fun! If you lose sight of that, it can turn into something you weren’t looking for. Focus on the fun and you’ll have a great time.

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