National Single’s Day

Single’s Day is coming fast and it is the perfect time to celebrate, reflect, and prepare yourself for your dating ventures to come. 

If you are ready to rejoice in being single and celebrate your independence, we’ve got all the details on the holiday and how you can best enjoy it. Plus, if you are interested in transitioning out of singledom, we’ve got some tips for that as well! 

Man sitting alone on a dock

What is Singles Day?

Single’s Day is November 11th (11/11) and is a day to celebrate being single and independent. The holiday is also known as Bachelor’s day in China.

While the holiday isn’t as widely recognized in the US, it still makes an empowering and fun day to appreciate your lifestyle and embrace being single or your plans for finding a partner. It is often celebrated through trips to the spa, nights out, joining up with friends, or – in an odd twist – getting married! 

Read on for more information about the history of Singles Day and some suggestion on how to celebrate it! 

Singles Day History

Singles Day began as a tradition in China due to the repetition of the number one in the date. Not only does the number one specifically represent being single, but the one character also looks like a bare stick, Pinyin in Chinese, which is internet slang for a single man. 

The holiday originated at Nanjing University in 1993 and spread like wildfire to other universities in the area all throughout the 1990’s. 

By 2011 the holiday had become the highest consumer holiday in China with shops like Alibaba seeing millions of dollars in increased sales on the date. Alibaba has effectively claimed the holiday as a major retail event, which we believe has helped spread knowledge of the Holiday around the world. 

In a weird way, the holiday has also become a staple for couples who have created a tradition of marrying on Single’s day. 

In fact, in 2011 there were over 4,000 couples that got married in Beijing alone!  

Now, the holiday has begun spreading in popularity to other countries, including the US, where increases in entertainment purchases see a spike around the holiday. 

Who Celebrates Singles Day?

Singles Day is celebrated by people of all ages and from a multitude of countries, though it is most popular in China and now in the US. 

What is majorly interesting about Single’s Day is that it is celebrated not just by single people but by couples and corporations as well. Many companies have jumped onto the Single’s Day bandwagon and started offering discounts for individual tickets to events, products on sites, and more. 

How Can I Celebrate Singles Day?

Celebrating Single’s Day is all a matter of personal preference. If you are in the US, here are some of the best ways to celebrate Singles Day:

Have a Solo Spa Day

Spay days are a perfect way to relax and enjoy being alone. Whether you choose an old-school spa and lounge around a sauna or try out new-age facilities with sensory pools and tea baths, you won’t regret spending time with yourself. 

See a Movie, Solo 

Have you ever been to a movie by yourself? It is one of the most rewarding experiences out there. No spending double on pricy snacks, worrying about whether you should be making a move, or putting up with chit chat during the film. When you see a movie on your own, you get to actually enjoy every aspect of the theater experience. 

Take Yourself out to Dinner

Another traditional date night you can have alone a fancy dinner. Never been able to afford taking a date to that high end steak place downtown? Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to that luxury and see what they are all about. We can’t guarantee the 200 dollar steak will be worth it, but you’ll never know if you don’t try!

Have a Gathering With Single Friends

Have a lot of single friends? Treat it like an anti-valentine’s day and get together to enjoy each other’s company! It is a perfect time to break out the bbq and some board games.You can invite your couple friends if you want because being single is about being able to do whatever you please! 

Check an Item off Your Bucket List

Have a major item on your bucket list like skydiving or bungee jumping? This could be the perfect excuse to tick that box. Chances are, when you are in a relationship your partner might not be too keen on you doing life-threatening stunts! 

Splurge Some Money on a Personal Gift

The best way to celebrate Single’s Day is by gifting yourself something spectacular. All the money you save on anniversary gifts should be great for giving yourself a new rolex, tv upgrade, or anything else your heart desires!