What is Silver Singles?

Silver Singles is an online dating app owned by Spark Networks that services the 55 and up community. While users of any age can join, the site’s main focus is on people who are in their more seasoned years of life. In this guide, we’ll share information about Silver Singles, how it works, and some helpful resources for those interested in learning more.

Silver Singles is a traditional-style dating app that works on iOS, Android, or through your computer. When you sign up for an account, you start by taking a 30-40 question quiz to share details about you, what you’re interested in with a partner, and how important certain lifestyle characteristics are to you. The questionnaire is based on the Five Factor Model theory for personality traits, championed by psychologists McCrae and Costa (1992) as well as insight from industry experts and psychologists specializing in relationships and online dating.

All while you’re doing this, other singles across the country are doing the same thing! When you’re complete, the backend computers of the dating app will take your information and look to find the ideal matches for you. When they find a few people they think are great for you, you’ll get to see their profile they created (and they’ll get to see yours).

Here is a sample of what those profiles look like.

If there is interest, one of you can send the other person a message! From there, if you like each other a lot, you can start talking on the phone, video chat, or even schedule a date to meet up in person.