Raya Dating App Cost Breakdown

Raya may be one of the most exclusive dating apps on the market. It is meant for well-known figures and celebrities, which means that non-celebrities are desperate to get a spot on the app. That’s why their approval process is so lengthy and involved. 

But, once you get approved, what does the cost actually look like? You might be surprised to discover the app isn’t as expensive as the exclusively may imply. 

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Raya Membership Cost

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Member1 Months$9.99

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Why is Raya so Exclusive?

Imagine this – you spend your life working hard to move up in your hobby or career. You start to make good money, get a following, and now your name is synonymous with success in your field. The only thing left to achieve is a happy relationship.

So, you try going out to meet people in bars and download the most popular dating apps. You even go on a few dates. Pretty soon, you begin to notice that all the people you meet are only there because they want your money or are fans of your works.

It becomes impossible to make a real connection. And that is why Raya is so exclusive.

The app works hard to make sure that the most prominent singles can use the platform and not worry about fans, gold diggers, or clout chasers.

Is Raya Invite Only?

There are a lot of articles about Raya that mention the site being invite only. This is a bit misleading. While it is easier to gain access if you are invited by an existing member, you can join without an invite.

Raya Signup Screenshot

You can apply directly through the app or on the Raya website and won’t be charged for a membership until your account is approved for access.

Raya is Exclusive and Elite. So, Why is it So Cheap?

The Raya app is shockingly inexpensive. In fact, it is one of the most affordable dating apps on the general market, let alone the elite dating market. They only have around 15,000 approved members and over 100,000 in their queue.

There are two theories on why they choose to price their service so low. It might be that they are more focused on the goal of the platform and don’t want to push away good matches through overpriced services.

It may also be that there are additional paid services somewhere on the app that we don’t know about because of how impossible it is to access.

Either way, with a ticket price of around ten dollars a month and a free application process, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

Payment Types Accepted at Raya

According to Raya’s Privacy Policy payments can be made through the App Store or by using stripe via their website:

Screenshot of Third Party Payment options from the Raya Privacy Policy

You’ll notice that Google Play is not listed, and that’s because the app is only available for iOS devices. For this reason the Raya team decided that Apple Pay and Stripe alone would be enough for any users to use their favorite linked methods of payment.

Apple allows you to link debit cards, bank accounts, and digital wallets to your Apple Pay account. For more information, refer to Apple’s Apple Pay support page.

Yes, but don’t be alarmed. This is an extremely common practice for online dating apps, and like with other apps you can find the specifics clearly laid out in Raya’s Terms of Use Agreement (screenshot below):

Raya Terms of Use Screenshot Highlighting Automatic Renewal Policy

Can You Pay Cash for a Raya Membership?

Raya doesn’t accept cash payments via mail, but with a little work, there are a couple of ways you can transform your cash into a Raya payment without leaving a history on your regular bank accounts or credit cards.

The first thing you would do is purchase a gift card with your cash. It needs to be one that is accepted on Apple Pay, so be sure to check the info for the gift card and Apple Pay before starting. Some users say they’ve used Target, Amazon, and standard Visa cash cards.

Once your cash is on the gift card, that card can be added to your Apple Pay account and transferred to your Apple Cash balance.

It’s a bit of a work around, but will get you there if you’re set on using cash for the Raya App.

Raya Cost FAQs

Can I Use Google Pay to Pay for a Raya Membership?

Unfortunately, Google Pay can’t be used to pay for a Raya membership because the Raya dating app isn’t available on devices that use the Google App store.

Can I Transfer Google Pay funds to Apple Pay for Raya?

No. Both payment systems are considered closed-systems. This means you can’t directly transfer money between them. You could potentially transfer money from one app to a bank then from that bank to the other app. However, there are fees at every step of that process, which can add up quickly.

Is Raya Available for Purchase on All Phones and Devices?

The Raya dating app is only available for IOS devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store to most mobile Apple devices.

Do I Have to Pay for a Membership During the Application Period?

No. The application process is completely free, but you will need to provide your payment information to cover the monthly charge in the situation that you are approved for a monthly membership.

When Will I Be Charged for My Raya Membership?

If your application for Raya is approved, you will be informed by the site moderators. After you activate your new account, you will be charged the monthly membership fee.

How Do I Cancel My Raya Membership/ Application?

If you applied for Raya access and want to remove yourself from the running, you can do so through the settings on the app itself. Check the subscriptions tab for this option.

Paid members can also cancel their accounts through the subscriptions tab. It is important to note that active, paying members should also check for a recurring charge in their Apple Pay account and cancel there as well.

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