OurTime Free Trial (2024): 14-Day and 7-Day Options

A quick search for a free trial to OurTime creates a lot of confusion and misinformation. Some sites say you can get a two-week free trial, some say you can get a one-week free trial, some say there is no free trial, and some say you can use a free account forever.

Confused? Yea, so were we. Thankfully, we’re here to dispel the rumors and show you how to claim your OurTime free trial account today.

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Which OurTime Free Trial Actually Exists?

A quick search on Google will lead you to believe that OurTime is offering 7 and 14 day free trials.

ourtime free trial search

The problem? These don’t exist anymore. The only reason you’re seeing these is because other websites (which we blacked out their names not to put them on blast) haven’t done you the courtesy of updating their information in years.

Originally, OurTime did in fact offer a 14-day free trial that came with full privileges and messaging. A few years ago that changed from a 14-day free trial to a 7-day free trial. Now, the free trial has turned to a limited option (without messaging) free trial that lasts forever.

What makes this even more confusing is that OurTime still hasn’t deleted this information from everywhere. The second result for the search we showed above shows this:

ourtime search shows 7 day trial

But when you click on that link, it takes you to an old antiquated Match.com page?

We’re not sure what to make of this, but we know that 7 day free trial does not exist on Match.com either, so this must be something their team overlooked. Regardless, here’s the big takeaways for clarity.

To be clear:

  • The 14-day free trial no longer exists anywhere (no matter what other sites tell you).
  • The 7-day free trial no longer exists anywhere. (even though you see it some places on the OurTime website).
  • The current free trial is unlimited in length but comes with limited options (claim below).

Read on to see exactly what you get with the OurTime app free trial and steps to claim yours now.

Want to know our favorite option for senior singles? It’s not OurTime. It’s actually SilverSingles. You won’t have all the confusion (like we’ve just seen with OurTime). It’s user friendly, designed with seniors in mind, and also comes with a great free trial that we’ve linked for you below. We’d highly encourage you to check it out now!

SilverSingles Logo

What You Get With the OurTime Free Trial

Now that we’ve clarified which OurTime free trial actually exists, let’s talk about what features you do or don’t get with it. Everything in the Basic (Free) column is what you get at no cost. Everything else will require payment of some sort (a la carte tokens or subscription).

FeatureFree (Free)Premium (Paid)Tokens (A la Carte Paid)
See MatchesYesYesNA
See Match's PhotosYesYesNA
See Who's Viewed YouYesYesNA
Favorite a User (Likes)
See Who's Favorited YouYesYesNA
Send MessagesYesNA
Virtual GiftsYes

You can’t send messages how you’d expect with the OurTime free trial.

Here’s the big takeaway. Yes, you can set up your profile and add pictures. Yes, you can see matches and their profiles. However, you will not be able to send any messages with the OurTime free trial outside of the limited OurPicks feature unless you pay to upgrade. The website does reflect this saying limited messaging (see below). Just bear in mind that the word limited should probably be in bold because it is very limited to the point it might frustrate you more than if you didn’t have access to it.

ourtime free vs premium chart

We’re not upset about this (as it’s industry standard), but we want to make sure you have the right expectations going into this.

How to Claim the OurTime Free Trial

If you’re still set on giving OurTime a try (and that’s okay), here are the instructions and a link to get signed up now.

  1. Click the link we have provide below. It will automatically take you to the correct page to create your free trial account at OurTime.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your account registration. This will include a phone text verification.
  3. Once your account is create and approved, you’ll automatically be able to log in and use your free trial account. You do not need to contact support or input any coupon codes to claim the offer.
Our Time logo

Additional Details About the Offer

If you’re still on the fence about the OurTime free trial offer, we wanted to share some more details that might help you to decide.

  • Try some comparison shopping. – The reason we gave you another suggestion for a senior dating free trial account is so that you could try both options out and see which you like more. Take advantage of the opportunity to compare and contrast these two options to see which you like more.
  • Don’t expect messaging. – While the OurTime free trial does offer some very limited messaging (through the Our Picks feature), don’t expect to be able to do much without upgrading. Remember, dating site free trial accounts are designed to help you figure out if you’re interested in upgrading your account.
  • Parts of the OurTime free trial are great. – While we have some reservations about the free trial offer, there are some things that are pretty awesome and above some of the industry standards. For example, the fact you can see all of a member’s profile as well as all of their photos unblurred—those are great things.

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