OurTime Pricing for Subscriptions, Tokens, and Boosts

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While some dating apps have very simple and straightforward pricing structures, some opt to offer more flexibility in how and what you pay. And even though more options is usually good, it can create some confusion and really hinder the quality of the dating experience.

OurTime, a dating app dedicated to senior singles, falls into this second, more confusing category. Instead of just having a single subscription option, there are quite a few memberships and addons you have at your disposal.

With memberships ranging from around $20 – $35 per month, OurTime’s cost does fall within the range of most similar options out there. However, you have to dig deeper to understand all the additional token options, boost options, and multiple types of memberships to get the whole picture.

In this guide, we’re going to answer all of your questions and break down the cost of an OurTime membership as simply as we can.

OurTime Membership Pricing

Let’s start by looking at the most current pricing for memberships, addons, and upgrades at OurTime.

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Standard1 month$35.85$35.85
Standard6 months$16.11$96.65
Value6 months$20.11$120.65
Tokens55 credits$0.05 per credit$2.99
Tokens110 credits$0.05 per credit$5.99
Tokens280 credits$0.04 per credit$9.99
Boost1 boost$0.99 per boost$0.99
Boost5 boosts$1.99 per boost$9.95
Boost10 boosts$1.49 per boost$14.90

OurTime Has Three Different Things You Can Pay For

To better understand the cost of a membership, what you’ll get, and what the different options are, we need to take things step by step.

Your Base Membership Cost

The first thing you have to decide on at OurTime is what base membership you want to purchase. The boosts, tokens, and addons don’t do anything without a paid subscription. Think of this like the ticket into the carnival and then the boosts and tokens as ride tickets you have to buy.

At OurTime, there are two memberships to choose from—the standard Membership and the Best Value Plan. The Standard Membership is less expensive and comes in a 1-month of 6-month option. The Best Value Plan is the upgraded version of the Standard Membership, is more expensive, and comes with some additional features including Message Read Notifications, Profile Highlights, and Message Highlights. If you do want to learn more about these features, make sure to read the OurTime review where we break down the features one at a time.


Tokens at OurTime will costs you between $0.04 and $0.05 each and can be purchased in bundles of 55, 110, or 280 credits. These tokens can then be used at any time to purchase addons including NotifyMe, MatchMe, PromoteMe, and Virtual Gifts. We cover all of these in the review linked in the previous section.

The cost of each is:

  • NotifyMe – 20 tokens
  • MatchMe – 20 tokens
  • PromoteMe – 55 tokens
  • Virtual Gifts – 10 tokens to 75 tokens, depending on the gift


In addition to these ways to pay, OurTime also offers boosts that can be purchased as addons. The price of a boost ranges from $0.99 per boost to $1.99 per boost, depending on how many you purchase at once. Boosts come in 5 or 10-packs, but occasionally you can purchase just one. Boosts, as far as we can see, are the exact same as PromoteMe, which you can purchase for 55 tokens.

So, if you want to be boosted/promoted for 1 hour on the site, your best bet is to purchase them as boosts. At $0.04 per credit and 55 credits for PromoteMe (the same thing), it would cost you $2.20. Even the most expensive boost at $1.99 is still less expensive than that.

Yes, this is the confusing nature of the OurTime pricing structure we were talking about. It has the feel that they possibly added new features for payment and chose to leave the others live in some places.

Payment in Full

While this is something that is industry standard, we still feel it is important to point out as not everyone is magically a dating app expert. Memberships at OurTime are billed in one lump sum at the beginning of your membership. For example, even though the 6-month Value Membership says $20.11 per month, you pay for all 6 months up front. So, you’d pay $20.11 x 6 months = $120.65.

Do OurTime Memberships Auto Renew?

Yes, OurTime memberships are set to auto renew at the rate and term length you selected when you initially signed up. You can set your account to cancel and not auto-renew, but that is the responsibility of the user. Additionally, OurTime states this must be requested where they have a “reasonable amount of time” to process the cancellation. In other words, if you email the company to cancel your account two seconds before it is set to auto-renew, it’s probably not going to be honored.

If you’d like to cancel on your own. cancelling an auto-renew is easy to do and only takes a few minutes within Account Settings.

OurTime Accepts Major Credit Cards and Randomly Checks

When it comes to purchasing an OurTime membership, the site gives you several different options to complete your purchase. We’ve listed all of them below. It boils down to major credit cards, PayPal, and even an option to send in a check by mail.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Mail-in Check (“Other” option)
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