4 Top North Dakota Dating Apps Ranked in 2023

The states in the US that are on the same level of beauty as North Dakota are few and far between. But with that expansive beauty comes an inevitable scarcity of people, which makes social interactions and dating a bit more of a challenge. Because of this, many singles in The Peace Garden State are turning to technology for help.

Yes…that means online dating. And thank the Lord that the days of “online dating is weird” and “it’s just for strange people” are long gone. Singles in North Dakota (and across the US) have realized that North Dakota dating apps are an effective and truly helpful way of making meaningful connections.

That is, as long as you’re using one of the best North Dakota dating apps. Want to see that list? Here are the four best options for singles in your area.

eharmony North Dakota

eharmony screenshot with North Dakota landscape in the background

One think you’ll notice is that every dating app we’re recommending for North Dakota singles has one thing in common—they’re big names with millions of members. eharmony, one of the largest dating apps for serious relationships, is no different. The reason, as you can probably guess, is to deal with the fact that there are only 11.2 people per square mile in ND.

But size isn’t everything. Here’s what we like about eharmony for ND singles. One—it has one of the most impressive track records of delivering real results (over 2 million people finding love as of the last report). Two—you can easily adjust your settings to include singles from surrounding states and even up into Canada without the need for a second account.

The drawback, if there is one, is that eharmony (and none of the North Dakota dating apps on this list) isn’t going to be a magic bullet. The population in the state is still less than three-quarters of a million people. So, this is really no knock on the app itself, but just a friendly reminder to approach it with patience and you have a wonderful opportunity to see some amazing results.

Zoosk North Dakota

Zoosk screenshot with North Dakota landscape in the background

Continuing our trend of size-ism (if that’s a real word), we’ve included one of the largest online dating apps in the world on our list—Zoosk. With an impressive over 35 million downloads of the app to date, 3 million messages send every single day, and growth increasing by 17%, it feels like the perfect remedy for North Dakota’s smaller population.

Unlike eharmony, Zoosk serves more than just ND singles looking for serious relationships. If you want casual, serious, something in between, or you have no idea—Zoosk is the right North Dakota dating app for you. It does also allow you to search into Canada, but it’s not quite as easy to figure out as eharmony, so keep that in mind if north of the border options are important to you.

Catholic Match North Dakota

CatholicMatch Homepage Screenshot

Did you know that nearly a quarter of the population of North Dakota is Catholic? If you didn’t, now you do! With so many Catholics in the state, we felt including Catholic Match on the list makes perfect sense. As one of the leading Catholic dating app options in the US, we think that those who take their faith seriously in North Dakota are going to like this option.

What you’ll find at Catholic Match is a dating app designed from the ground up for Catholics, not a mainstream dating app that they attempted to tweak to fit the faith. There are specific faith-based questions, matching based on your answers, and an environment that promotes a safe and wholesome interactions.

If Catholicism plays a very small role in your life (or none at all), this isn’t the app for you. But if you live in North Dakota and Mass is a regular staple on your schedule, you’ll like Catholic Match.

SilverSingles North Dakota

SilverSingles Homepage Screenshot

According to data, there are over a quarter of a million people aged 50 or older in North Dakota. Frankly, we’re not surprised that over one-third of the population are seniors with how beautiful the views are and how North Dakota frequently ranks as one of the top ten places in the country to retire.

For seniors, SilverSingles is typically our go-to selection. It’s easy to use, offers great customer support, takes a 50 and over only approach, and has the backing of a major network of dating apps (Spark Networks). The only drawback (if you could call it one) is that eharmony (our top choice for the best North Dakota dating site) might be a better option for this age bracket as well.

But if you want 50+ only, give SilverSingles a check out.

Why Our Experts Like These Options

Let’s take a little bit of a deeper dive into what our team was looking for during the testing, ranking, and reviewing process of selecting the best dating apps in North Dakota.

Sparsity is a real issue in North Dakota.

Alright, yes, we did say that size isn’t everything, but it is absolutely something to singles in North Dakota. If a dating app has a lot of users and they can show us that they are validating these are real accounts (not scammers), we’re interested. The key part, though, is how they go about validating that users are real. There are plenty of things like SMS verification, email verification, photo verification, and even ID verification in some instances that can go a long way toward validation.

Serious and casual dating options need to be considered.

In many states, there tends to be a trend we can see about people wanting more serious or more casual dating options. In North Dakota, we can’t really find any meaningful trends, which probably means it’s a mixed bag. We’d imagine in some of the bigger cities and college towns (like Grand Forks, which was named 5th best college town in the country), it’s a bit more toward casual and the rest of the state a bit more toward serious—but that’s purely anecdotal.

The point, though, is that the North Dakota dating apps we’ve selected either serve one or both of these purposes quite well. If you want serious, go with eharmony or Catholic Match. If you want casual, go with Zoosk or SilverSingles.

Safety and security are always number one ranking factors.

Impressively, North Dakota is ranked 6th in the nation for personal and residential safety and 2nd for financial safety. But just because the state itself is safe in some areas, that doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers to be aware of when it comes to online dating. In fact, North Dakota only ranked 39th safest state when it comes to romance scams!

This is why it’s imperative that any ND dating app take security seriously. This starts with technical integrations, extends to customer support options, and ends with the level of proactivity toward threats. Rest assured that the options recommended here truly work hard to keep users safe.

Online dating is alive and well across the entire state of North Dakota. Yes, even into the small cities and rural areas. But there is one metropolitan area that takes the cake when it comes to the most interest in online dating. That area is the Fargo-Valley City area. By analyzing Google Trend and search volume data, our team determined that over the past 5 years (and rechecked over the past 12 months) this area had the most interest in dating online by a long shot!

If you don’t live in the area, don’t let this discourage you. You can still easily find love through ND online dating sites. And if you do live in this area, you know that you’re in the hottest online dating area in the state! Go get it!

North Dakota Dating Stats Info Map
  1. Fargo-Valley City, ND – (100)

Matt Seymour

Written By: Matt Seymour

Matt Seymour is a dating industry expert with over a decade of experience coaching singles, reviewing dating apps, and analyzing trends within the industry. With a Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) degree from the University of Florida and extensive knowledge of the innerworkings of the online dating industry, Matt frequently serves in an advisory role to some of the largest dating apps on the market. In Matt’s current role with Healthy Framework, he leads the interview team that regularly interviews key dating industry leaders, and leverages his financial knowledge and dating app experience to review and share what singles need to know to get the most out of dating online.