Best New Hampshire Dating Sites for Singles (2023)

Almost 1.4 million people…nearly half the men and women are single (unmarried)…sounds like New Hampshire should be the ideal state for dating and finding love, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, the state is filled with some high quality singles who are looking to meet, match, and fall in love. However, finding those singles can be challenging. And the fact you’re here with us today means we’re probably preaching to the choir.

We come bearing good news today for singles in the Granite State. The best New Hampshire dating sites are here to strap on their capes and save the day. Yup! We’re talking about online dating, and if you haven’t tried it before, it’s where all the quality singles are turning to efficiently find exactly what (more importantly, who) they’re looking for.

Ever thought about giving it a shot? We highly recommend it. And to get you started, this guide outlines the best New Hampshire dating apps. In addition, we share resources, tools, tricks, and insight to help you get the most out of your online dating experience.

The Best Dating Sites in New Hampshire

  1. eharmony
  2. Elite Singles
  3. Higher Bond
  4. Zoosk
  5. SilverSingles

What New Hampshire Singles Should Know

  • There are more women in New Hampshire than men with a percentage split of 51% women and 49% men.
  • The number of unmarried men and women in the state is identical at 49% each.
  • The NH suburbs around Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY had the highest levels of internet search traffic interest for online dating apps and related topics over the past 12 months.
  • When you compare the online dating interest over the past 12 months versus the past 5 years, we saw a drop-off in the NH suburbs around the Portland-Auburn, ME area.
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA Skyline on the Merrimack River.

Our research team recently looked into what areas of the United States and New Hampshire had the most interest in online dating. Identifying these hot spots involved a look at internet search volumes and Google Trends data to identify where singles were more prone to take to their smartphones and computers to find love. Because the study was done on a national level looking at major metropolitan areas, sometimes the winning areas technically are in other states but include the surrounding suburbs that fall within a state. This was the case in New Hampshire where the Burlington, VT, and Plattsburgh, NY, area was the winner, which included the suburbs located in New Hampshire.

Here are the full results over the past 12 months.

Massachusetts Google Trends for Online Dating
  1. Burlington VT-Plattsburgh NY – (100)
  2. Boston MA-Manchester NH – (75)

New Hampshire Singles Dating Statistics

Total Population

  • 1,356,458

Population in New Hampshire by Gender

  • 51% women in New Hampshire
  • 49% men in New Hampshire

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 49% of women in New Hampshire are single
  • 48% of men in New Hampshire are single

Population in New Hampshire by Age

  • 13% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 12% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 12% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 16% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 26% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in NH

  • 86.2% of households in New Hampshire have internet access


What Makes These the Best New Hampshire Dating Apps?

  • Clean and user-friendly interfaces (it’s not hard to do what you want to do)
  • Users from all the big and little cities in New Hampshire
  • User from the surrounding states in the northeast
  • The ability to search and sort your matches by distance, demographics, and what they’re looking for
  • Safety and security features like the ability to block problem matches, high levels of encryption, properly integrated payment methods, and customer service that’s proactive about keeping you safe
  • An overall high quality online dating experience that comes with a proven record of success

NH Dating Apps vs. Websites

App? Website? Mobile responsive? Mobile friendly? There’s enough jargon floating around here to make your head spin. So, what’s the difference and are you looking for a New Hampshire dating app or dating website?

In the early days of online dating, you had two separate platforms—dating websites were what you used on your computer and a dating app was something you downloaded onto your phone. They rarely worked together and were not cross-compatible.

Today, though, you have something new—mobile-responsive websites. What this means is that the same website address you use to access a New Hampshire dating website on your computer will work just as well on your phone without the need to download anything. It’s the perfect marriage of two worlds.

Some NH dating sites do still offer dedicated apps or both options, but we tend to favor the mobile-responsive options because there are no downloads, perfect cross compatibility, and the ultimate opportunity to find what you’re looking for and achieve your relationship goals.

Matt Seymour

Written By: Matt Seymour

Matt Seymour is a dating industry expert with over a decade of experience coaching singles, reviewing dating apps, and analyzing trends within the industry. With a Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) degree from the University of Florida and extensive knowledge of the innerworkings of the online dating industry, Matt frequently serves in an advisory role to some of the largest dating apps on the market. In Matt’s current role with Healthy Framework, he leads the interview team that regularly interviews key dating industry leaders, and leverages his financial knowledge and dating app experience to review and share what singles need to know to get the most out of dating online.