There’s a section dedicated to it on Etsy. It’s become a popular social media hashtag. Even our one-month anniversary gift blog pops up toward the top of Google when you search for this specific concept.

We’re, of course, talking about the Monthiversary.

A made-up name? Perhaps. But monthiversaries have caught on, and you don’t want to be behind the times. So, we’ve got anything and everything that you might want to know about the monthiversary celebration.

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What is a monthiversary?

While many people call a one-month milestone the “one month anniversary,” that’s not technically correct. An anniversary commemorates one year, as the word comes from annual (or per annum).

So, a monthiversary is a more accurate term for the one-month mark. It typically references a dating or marriage relationship. If a couple’s first date is August 14th, then their monthiversary is September 14th.

When did the term monthiversary get started?

Since the 19th century, people have been encouraging the Merriam-Webster dictionary to include various designations for the one-month celebration.

In 1897, the proposed word was luniversary, and in 1941, mensiversary was pitched (which conjures up other ideas). Believe it or not, those two words are still used, along with monthsary, which started trending in the 1970s. But you’ll find that monthiversary is a bit more modern and trendy these days.

Monthiversary probably predated the 21st century. But Google Trends shows some activity on the word and celebration starting in 2004. By the time 2009 rolled around, monthiversaries were more common. Then, since 2011, it’s been nothing but “go” on monthiversaries – at least for romantics at heart.

Should I get my bf or gf a gift for our monthiversary?

Hey, we’re not going to hold it against you if you don’t go all out for your monthiversary. But, depending on how romantic your significant other is, he or she might.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get your bf or gf a gift for your monthiversary, why not err on the side of generosity? The way that we look at it, you want to do all you can to take advantage of the early days of dating. They’re memory-makers at a time when everything is fresh, new, and exciting.

Plus, if you end up staying together for the long haul, those little things can really mean a lot and could establish some unique traditions.

So, if you’re asking, we recommend that you go for it!

How much should I spend on a monthiversary gift?

A monthiversary is just a fun little way to commemorate a month together. There are quite a few ways to approach it, but you’ll need the read the room. Or, more accurately, read your relationship.

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a little more gun shy about serious relationships, you probably won’t want to go all out with an expensive gift. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just ignore the occasion. Think of it like a “just because” gift. You’re doing something nice for someone you care about – just because you choose to do it.

You’ll be happy that you searched for information on monthiversaries and ended up here, though. We’ve done quite a bit of research, compiling the best ideas for one-month gifts at various price points. You can think of us as a personal assistant for your gift-giving list, as we’ve got ideas for every relationship occasion!

Should I be mad if my boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t remember our monthiversary?

You might want to call your best friend and vent if you’re disappointed that you didn’t receive a monthiversary gift. But a monthiversary isn’t like a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. It’s still a relatively new concept, and not everyone has caught on, and some people will never embrace it.

We’ll give you our unsolicited advice and say that you probably shouldn’t be mad if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t commemorate the occasion. They may have mulled it over for quite a while. After all, a monthiversary celebrates a young relationship, and both of you are trying to navigate new waters. You don’t want to be too serious and push the other one away.

But we think that if you feel a gift is appropriate, you should give one anyway – just don’t overdo it or give to receive.

If you have a question, Google has an answer, doesn’t it?

Even something like a monthiversary is tracked online. As you’ll see, research shows that California comes out on top for monthiversary searches over the past five years. Apparently, The Golden State is all about romance. More Californians search for monthiversary ideas than anywhere else in the US.

Next in line? Texas. And, you might find this surprising, but California and Texas have two of the lowest marriage rates in the US.

Where the first “iversary” is 100 days

Korean Couple Celebrating Dating Anniversary

While monthiversaries are catching on in some other countries, one place that shies away from the idea is Korea. That’s because Korean couples focus on 100. The 100-day celebration is first on the list of many.

Interestingly, though, teens in Korea celebrate the 22-day landmark (22iversary?).

Is monthiversary a real word?

Monthiversary is like “Galentine’s Day.” They’re both widely recognized and celebrated, but they’re not technically actual words or phrases, at least not yet.

Both terms are on Merriam Webster’s “words we’re watching” list, but they don’t have official status. In fact, monthiversary is only one of several “iversary” terms on the watch list. If you can’t wait to give a gift, how about a weekiversary?

So Close, But No Monthiversary

If you’re approaching your monthiversary, then it might make you feel good to know that you beat out some celebrities. And, we’re not talking about dating monthiversaries. Some well-known couples didn’t make it to their marriage monthiversary!

CoupleLength of Marriage
Cher and Greg Allman9 days
Nicolas Cage and Erike Koike4 days
Britney Spears and Jason Alexander2 days
Ali Landry and Mario Lopez18 days
Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman9 days

Did You Know?

The term monthiversary might not be in the books, but the one-month celebration is official. Did you know that the red rose is the monthiversary flower of choice?

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