Where Millionaires Go to Date Online

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When you’re elite, you want the best life has to offer, especially your love life! Luckily there are great apps out there that can help you find someone who compliments your lifestyle perfectly, whether you’re looking for someone to share an evening on the town or someone to share a lifetime of luxury.

Top Millionaire Apps for Singles

RankSiteFree Trial Link
#1Elite SinglesTry Elite Singles
#2The LeagueTry The LeagueLeague dating app logo
#3Seeking ArrangementTry Seeking Arrangement
#4EliteMeetsBeautyTry EliteMeetsBeauty
#5Established MenTry Established MenEstablished Men logo

What Makes These the Best Millionaire Dating Apps

  1. High volumes of wealthy and attractive users
  2. A convenient way to meet people outside your usual social circles
  3. They have great users who are seeking to share a luxurious lifestyle
  4. They provide options for users to verify income
  5. Some (EliteMeetsBeauty and Established Men) even provide matchmaking services
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Millionaire Apps. vs. Mainstream Dating Sites

Apps built specifically for dating millionaires are a good, direct method to go for what you want, since everyone using the app is looking for that element in their relationships. When you send messages your confidence will be through the roof, since you already know your match is on the same page. By browsing through matches on these apps you can learn what others are looking to find, to see how you fit in with the millionaire crowd and also how you stand out above the rest.

Mainstream dating apps can also be used for meeting wealthy, successful people as well. Mainstream apps have the benefit of much larger user bases, so you can broaden your search. When using mainstream dating sites for millionaires or as a millionaire, it’s important to be clear about what you are seeking in a relationship in your first messages with someone.

You can write it in your profile as well, but if you’re wealthy it may be safer not to advertise that outright. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a millionaire and no other sort of match will do, saying so in your profile can be a good way to let less wealthy users know right away they aren’t for you.

Tips for Millionaires Dating Online

  • Be up front about the kind of relationship you want- If you’re looking for a relationship with someone who has a similar income, say so! If your honey’s money doesn’t matter, say that too. Whether you want one night or the rest of your life, it’s good to express what you’re looking for in your profile. Not only will it help you find better matches, you’ll also get more responses when you start sending messages!
  • Write a profile that shows how great you are- All the money in the world can’t show a person whether or not they want to date you. Write a profile that shows off your interests and values. Think about the kind of person you’re hoping to meet, what you would like to share with them, and write about that! For more, check out How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile
  • Send messages! – You can’t meet someone great if nobody sends the first message! Remember, your financial status can be intimidating, so it’s a good idea to send the first message if you like someone. Not getting enough responses? Check out this article about how to get more (and better) responses!

Tips for People Looking to Meet a Millionaire

  • Show off a little – You don’t have to be on the hunt for a millionaire to want to show the best of what you have to offer! Whether it’s your great smile, a nurturing personality or your knack for finding the best place to eat anything, choose your best traits and play them up!
  • Show your values in your profile – No matter how rich your match is, your needs are important too. You can get along great, but it just won’t last if they don’t share your desire to spend holidays with family, have different expectations for having children or disagree about how big a role religion will play in your life together.
  • Send messages that show interest in your match – Remember, millionaires are used to people chasing them for their money. When you message someone, make sure to say something that shows you noticed who they are on the inside. If you aren’t sure what to say, read our guide to writing the perfect first message.

Do ‘Date a Millionaire’ websites exist?

Yes! There are sites that cater to millionaires and those who want to date them. These sites often offer income verification so you know who’s in the millionaire class. Take a look at our list above for a list of the best dating apps for millionaires.

Is everyone on a millionaire dating site rich?

No! You don’t have to be rich to join sites, but these sites provide verification opportunities for people to show their incomes. It is usually easy to tell from photos whether someone is a millionaire as well, as most people show off their lifestyle in their photos. Additionally, some people who are millionaires don’t care as much about the net worth of the people they are dating. For that reason, many of these millionaires dating apps allow singles from all financial backgrounds.

How rich are the men and women on millionaire dating apps?

There are a variety of dating sites for millionaires, and each has its own rules about who can join. Some sites verify incomes and others do not. For instance, MillionaireMatch will certify someone who submits proof of income over $200,000 in a year or proof of assets worth $1 million or more. SeekingArrangement will verify incomes of its Diamond level users, but only at the user’s request.

How to Stay Safe at Millionaire Dating Apps

  • Don’t post personal information – Wait until you trust someone before telling them things like your phone number, workplace or address. When arranging to meet someone, meet them out somewhere rather than sharing your address before you get to know them.
  • Don’t share financial information – Definitely wait until you trust a person before you give any banking or financial information. If they want verification of your income, only use the verification methods provided by the site or just move on. Wait until you trust someone completely before sharing any financial details that can provide access to your money or credit.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you – Never share more information than you want. If someone is pressing you and it becomes uncomfortable, block them or report them to site administrators.
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