5 Best Dating Apps in Michigan for Locals (2023)

Unfortunately, Michigan’s state motto is “The Great Lakes State” and not “The Great Dates State”. Okay, that was a bit cheesy, but it makes the point we all know is true. Dating in Michigan is not easy. Whether you live in a big city like Detroit or Grand Rapids or a smaller city like Port Huron, Ann Arbor, or Dearborn—finding someone special can seem tough.

It doesn’t have to be, though. In fact, the Michigan singles scene is a lot more vibrant, exciting, and alive than most people are aware of! So, where on our hand maps are these people hiding? Online! Dating sites in Michigan are full of quality singles looking for serious relationships, casual dating, and everything in between.

Today, we’re going to turn that frown upside down and help you get started on your search for someone special in the great state of Michigan.

Top 5 Dating Apps for Michigan Singles

Best Michigan Dating App

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At the risk of sounding cheesy again, it seems like eHarmony and Michigan singles were a match made in heaven. Here’s three reasons why.

One—eHarmony is one of the few dating apps that lets you “cross” the US-Canada border without needing to create multiple accounts. So, if you live in northern Michigan and want some international flair in your dating life, this is a golden opportunity.

Two—if you’re looking closer to home, eHarmony is home to many singles across Michigan and also the surrounding states (especially if you live in the south closer to Ohio or Indiana or even if you travel to Chicago a lot.

Three—if you’re tired of the high school mentality towards dating and want a real relationship, that is literally what this app was designed for.

Seriously, if you want the best dating app for singles in Michigan—this is the one.

The only drawback that needs to be considered before joining is the purpose and goal of eHarmony. Regardless of what anyone tells you, this app is only for Michigan singles who want committed relationships. Casual daters need to find another option. Is this really a negative? It all depends on what you’re looking for. If serious is your jam, this is a huge positive.

Top Michigan Dating Site for Seniors

Silver Singles Review Header

Over 25% of the single’s population in the state of Michigan is over the age of 60. A lot of people find the state to be a wonderful option for a relaxing retirement and a fun place to live out their later years. It’s also one of the least expensive states for retirees, so that’s a nice plus.

If you’re a senior single in Michigan, you’re going to want to know about SilverSingles. A true 50+ only environment, the app works on a computer, tablet or smartphone and doesn’t call for you to be tech savvy to get the full experience. Additionally, you’ll find great search and matching features that help you find the right man or woman who is looking for the same relationship experience as you.

Contrary to popular belief, though, SilverSingles does allow people of all ages to join (yes, we tested this). But if you watch any of SilverSingles commercials or read any of their marketing material, they go out of there way to attract mostly senior singles in Michigan.

Most Options on a Dating App in Michigan

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Here’s a fun stat to consider. Michigan ranks 14th for oldest marriage age, meaning that a lot of people here like to keep it casual or take it slow for a while and get to getting hitched later. If you’re a single man or woman in Michigan who wants to take it slow, Zoosk is the ideal app for you. Here’s how it works.

When you create your account, you get to select from any of six different relationship goals that range from hookups to long-term dating (yes, you can select multiple options). This means if you want to keep it casual, you can indicate that and only see matches looking for the same thing as you.

The only real complaints we’ve heard about Zoosk tend to deal with one of two things. One, users who claim they want something serious but are looking for casual. In all fairness, this is not the app’s fault. Two, we’ve heard some users claim a few issues with software bugs on some platforms. As you’ll see, though, this is not the widely held view.

The app is available to use from your computer, on iOS, or Android with a pretty highly regarded app experience making it great for younger singles who want to date on the go. Oh, and if you’re not sold on this being a great option yet—over 30 million downloads and counting. Yea…that’s a lot of singles to choose from.

Michigan’s Leading Christian Dating App

Higher Bond Dating App Screenshot

There are currently over 12,000 churches in Michigan with a large percentage of these being one of many Christian denominations. This, of course, led us to understand the need to include a Christian dating app on this list. While it won’t be great for people who don’t really care about the faith of their partner, Higher Bond is perfect for Christian singles in Michigan who want something faith-focused. And as a newer app, there are a lot of incredible promotions running right now that can get you up to a year completely free with no catches.

But also as a newer app, the number of members signed up is going to be quite small. Luckily, this seems to be changing quickly, but it’s something worth pointing out.

If you’re searching for a faith-driven relationship in the Great Lake state, why not give Higher Bond a try? You may be pretty happy with what you find.

Women-Owned Michigan Dating App

Bumble Screenshot

Girl power is a cliché that does quite a bit to explain how Bumble is designed to work. It’s a swipe-style dating app (like Tinder) but only women can start a conversation after there is a mutual match. If they don’t decide to do so within 24 hours, the match goes away. For some Michigan singles, the ladies first setup will be welcomed, especially if they’re a woman who wants full control. However, some men aren’t going to be fans of it because they won’t be able to reach out to someone they’re really interested in and great matches could be lost.

Still, we’ve heard quite a few people in Michigan having luck on Bumble, so it’s certainly worth including on our list of the best Michigan dating apps.

Best Free Dating Sites in Michigan

If it’s free, it’s for me, right? Okay, that’s how we think. Here’s the scoop on free Michigan dating sites and apps. Any option that is 100% free from start to finish is not going to be worth your time. It’s going to lack security, features, quality members, and be nothing but a drag on you. We wish it wasn’t the case, but it is.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least get something for free. What we recommend for anyone looking for free Michigan dating sites is two things. Number one—reconsider investing a few bucks in your search for love. It will be worth every penny. Number two—use free trials to test out sites. Search for singles in your area. Make sure you find the perfect app before you open that wallet or purse.

To get you started, we’ve included some options at the top of the guide.

Matt Seymour

Written By: Matt Seymour

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