Are Certain Miami Dating Apps Only for Locals?

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Sunshine, sand, surf, and a whole lotta sexiness are the best words we could think of to describe the beautiful 305. If you’re single and from South Florida, you’re probably wondering how you can use the best Miami dating apps to connect.

Well, good news! You are right where you need to be. Our expert review staff has put together a comprehensive list of the best Miami dating apps for locals with the most singles, the highest quality experiences, and everything you could ever want from the heart of South Florida.

Best Miami Senior Dating App

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Ready for a great stat? Over 37% of people in Miami are over the age of 50. Unfortunately, many traditional dating apps in the city are filled with younger people who aren’t looking for the same things as this massive segment of the population. If you want a way to get away from the riff raff and exclusively date singles over 50, check out SilverSingles.

Why? First, the dating app requires you to be 50 just to join. Second, not only do they have an iOS and Android app, but they have a website that works on mobile (without needing to download a dedicated app) in case you’re a senior who doesn’t like technology that much. For some seniors, they prefer not having to use apps and prefer just to go to a website like they’re used to. With SilverSingles, you have both options.

If you’re under 50 in Miami, this is not the app for you (you won’t be let in). If you’re over 50 and aren’t looking to date some 20 year old, SilverSingles will be a great option for you.

Best for Tourists Visiting South Florida

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If you’ve read much of my reviews and rankings before, you know I’m not really a huge fan of Tinder. This is mainly because the app is very photo-driven and lends itself much more to super casual and non-committal fun—which I personally feel aren’t the healthiest ways to go about dating.

But I can’t let me feelings get in the way of an accurate ranking list, so here you go. If you’re down in Miami on vacation, here for Spring Break, or you’re just looking to meet people casually, check out Tinder. The app works solely off your current location (not where you live), so it will show you other party-goers and casual singles right inside the 305.

Again, don’t expect to find much in the way of a real relationship here, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, this could be a good fit.

Best Miami Dating App for Latinos

Chispa Homepage

Almost 3 out of every 4 people who live in Miami are Hispanic (72%)! While this might be groundbreaking news to anyone who has ever stepped foot outside of their house, it’s important to pay attention to when selecting the best Miami dating apps. Chispa, is a new dating app from Match Group, that is a Tinder-style dating app (it’s basically Tinder for Latinos) is certainly worth mentioning for singles in the area.

If you want to date other ethnicities, Chispa isn’t going to work for you. But if you 100% only want to date other Latinos, it may be the right fit. You can also use some of the other Miami dating apps on this list and just select to only see Latinos, but this would cut out that step. Chispa is available on Google Play or for download from the App Store.

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