How To Meet Singles in Vancouver

50-50 – It might not always seem like it, but Vancouver is a 50-50 city for the single life.

About half the adult population is married or in a common-law relationship, giving everyone else single status, whether never married, divorced, or widowed. Then, you’ve got about 9.9 single women for every ten single men. So, again, half-half.

Do those stats make your quest to meet singles in Vancouver any easier?

Well, at least you know there’s a significant dating pool. And at Healthy Framework, we specialize in dating apps for Canadian singles and know that quite a few in that pool are a few clicks away – but not everyone. That’s why we’ve researched and found the best ways to meet Vancouver singles in real life. No app required!

Get Your Apron Dirty

What could be a more comfortable way to meet someone than participating in a group effort with built-in conversation? You can even turn a chance encounter into an instant date when you sample your culinary creations at the end of class.

You’ve got options for instruction in Vancouver. However, we like Dirty Apron and not just because of the name (although it is memorable)!

Dirty Apron has a variety of events, like Mamma Mia – the Original Italian Class and Ooh La La – the Original French Class. There’s even Vibrantly Vegan instruction, ideal if you’re interested in meeting a fellow meat-avoider.

Tip: Register early, as classes sell out quickly.

Mix Business with Pleasure

Joining a business group isn’t quite as intimidating as a dedicated singles gathering. Organizations like BNI British Columbia have members from 20 to 80 years old attending networking events and other get-togethers.

Grab your business cards or set up a virtual card and get your information out to anyone who catches your eye. You can kill two birds with one stone because you might make some business connections as well as a love connection!

A Little Hiking, a Little Ice Cream

You don’t have to have Everest as a goal to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with other hikers. A long list of hiking groups is ideal for meeting singles in Vancouver. But we happen to like the Valley Outdoor Association.

Valley Outdoor is more welcoming to new participants at different skill levels, and it schedules mid-week and weekend hikes in and around Fraser Valley.

After each hike, the group gets together over coffee and ice cream to plan for the next one. So, there’s plenty of time to socialize and meet people. Who knows? Even if you don’t see someone who gets your heart racing, your new friends might know someone.

Tip: Wednesday is the most popular day for outings, with north and south groups combining for a bigger group.

A Pub Over a Club

Whether venturing out alone or with your friend group, meeting new people is easier in a nice, relaxing pub instead of a noisy nightclub or bar.

You know there are pubs sprinkled throughout the city. But if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, try Bimini’s Beer Hall. Bimini’s hosts music on Thursdays and late weekend nights. So, you can have a few pints, a little food, chat up some cutie at the next table, and enjoy the show.

Have an Adventure

There are two rules to Adventure Club (and no, whatever happens in Adventure Club doesn’t stay in Adventure Club!). You must be single (or officially divorced, not separated) and over 21. If you fit the criteria, you can set up your video chat for a membership interview and then you’ve got some fun times ahead.

Vancouver is just one of a dozen Events and Adventures locations. So, in addition to anything from attending a show to white river rafting, you can participate in online events and mingle with other singles across the US, too.

British-Style Speed Dating

When you’re greeted to the website with things like “Let’s Get Cheeky” and “Let’s Get Flirty,” you know there’s something just a bit different about SpeedVancouver.

This particular speed dating provider removes the hectic pace of American events and adopts a more relaxed British way of doing things. You won’t find a whistle, name tags, or a host yelling at you to switch places.

Instead, you’ll have about six or seven minutes to get to know prospective “date-mates.” There’s also time to mingle during a break and after the event. If there’s a mutual match, you find out within 24 hours. So, you might be in a hurry to make a love connection, but a relaxed pace could get you there faster!

Head to the Dog Beach

If you have fur babies, you know they make ideal wingmen. Like participating in events and activities, dogs are instant conversation starters. So why not use that to your benefit to meet singles in Vancouver?

While you could head to your closest dog park, you might want to try Hadden Park. It’s an off-leash play area with grass and a sandy beach in a more isolated cove. Situate yourself in a comfy spot where you can see your pup, and you never know who’ll sit next to you. Or, better yet, scope out someone who catches your eye and be bold.

Be Social That’s a head-scratcher!

It stands for Broccoli and Dumbbells and is a unique social platform for health and wellness enthusiasts. Whether you’re a workout junkie or just into healthy eating, you’ll connect with other singles in Vancouver who have the same passions.

The purpose is to connect people as workout buddies, walking partners, or join forces in other healthy-living activities. You want your future partner to have things in common with you, so Broccoli and Dumbbells is an excellent way to meet someone like-minded.

More Ways to Meet Singles in Vancouver

Sometimes the roundabout approach works when you want to meet other singles in Vancouver (or anywhere!). Find something that ignites your passions, and you might find someone to be passionate about as well.

A few other ideas to get you kick-started:

  • Volunteer
  • Join a cycling group
  • Foreign language classes
  • Singles travel groups
  • Participate in a trivia night
  • Become a regular at your local café or pub
  • Walk or run in the park – if you spot someone, return at the same time every day
  • Organize your own singles group – start with people you know and have them bring friends