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When it comes to online dating, there aren’t a lot of names as well known as But is Match a great fit for you? Well, if you’re trying to answer that question, you have a few different options. One—you can check out our review to see what the experts have to say. Or two—you can snag a free trial and check things out for yourself.

Let’s talk now about what you get with the Match free trial, what you don’t get, how to get signed up, and other alternatives you might be interested in. Additionally, we’ll talk about the new 3-day trial Match added in 2022 that may still valid in 2024.

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Features the Free Trial Includes

To start, let’s look at what you get for free with Match, and what you are going to have to pay for.

FeatureBasic (Free)Premium (Paid)
Edit/Customize ProfileYesYes
Discover (Swipe Feature)YesYes
See All Member’s PhotosYesYes
Start ConversationsYesYes
Send Likes❌ LimitedYes
View Matches❌ LimitedYes
Filter Matches❌ LimitedYes
Read ReceiptsYes
See Who Liked YouYes
See Who Viewed YouYes

Now, let’s break some of these down because there are lot of features where we really wanted to write “you sort of get this but not really”, but that didn’t look as nice in our table as “limited” did 🙂

You can start messages and conversations with the Match trial.

It looks like instead of limiting access to communication during the free trial (which is the industry standard), chose to go a different route and limit your access to matches. We’ll talk about it in just a moment, but as a teaser, when you search on the app, you only get to to see the first six matches you have and the rest are hidden behind a paywall.

Here’s a screenshot of what we saw during testing of the free trial:

match dating app free trial subscribers

A Deeper Explanation: The reason for this change is most likely because is owned by Match Group, the company behind swipe dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, etc. Over the past few years, the company has been transitioning most of their apps to use addictive swipe technology, which does allow free communication, but either limits matches or charges for upsells to have a “better shot” of getting matches.

You don’t get access to all of your matches or search filters.

As we just mentioned, there are limits to how many people you can see when searching for your matches.

Additionally, if you want to set all your search parameters, you won’t get that with the free trial.

match dating app search filters available

Is this annoying? Somewhat. However, since Match chose the route of limiting features instead of communication with their free trial, it makes sense.

See all photos for a member with the trial offer.

Many dating app free trials limit you to only be able to see one photo if you’re not a paid user. While this sounds like a bummer to users, we actually like it because it provides a layer of safety and privacy for paying members. While profiles aren’t available publicly, it only takes a few minutes to get signed up for an account and we’d love to still protect some information.

That said, many will still see this as a perk of the free trial. If a member has uploaded a photo or many photos, you will be able to see them all.

Match’s 3-Day trial? It seems to be gone.

Leading into 2022, Match added a 3-day trial option on top of the existing free account option. During the first three days of that free trial, members were able to exchange messages and interact as if they were a paying member.

This was neat we thought! However, since Match looks to have shifted it’s free vs. paid focus to limiting access and features instead of communication abilities, this seems to have drifted into the shadows. You’ll still see a lot of websites mentioning it, but to be honest—it’s just because they haven’t updated their content in years to take note that it’s no longer available.

If you do a Google search for “ 3 day free trial”, you do actually see some pages from Match pop up.

google search for match free trial option

However, if you click on these links, they seem to go to old pages that were created a long time ago. For example, check out this screenshot of where the second link goes. This looks straight out of 2005, and again, is probably a page they forgot to delete with the recent changes.

match old link image

The Bottom Line: While you technically can find the 3 day free trial on their website, we do not think it actually exists. Even if they were to honor it, it just gets you free communication which is already available through the free trial we’ve discussed, so it doesn’t actually get you anything special.

How do I get the free trial?

All you have to do is download the app or go to the website! Anyone who signs up will be credited with the free trial account. There are no special promo codes, digital coupons, bonus codes, or anything like that needed to claim yours.

Before you head over to to claim a free trial, though, it’s extremely important that you have all of the information. In 2019, Match was sued by the FTC for conning it’s users. Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Andrew Smith said, “We believe that conned people into paying for subscriptions via messages the company knew were from scammers.”

Please take a minute to read more about it here in our review and break down.

Match Free Trial FAQ

How much does the free trial on Match cost?

The Match free trial is truly free – they don’t trick you into needing a credit card during sign up like some other sites do. The sign up is easy and only takes a few pieces of information to create an account. After creating your free Match account, you’ll be in the mix within a few minutes.

How long is the Match free trial?

The Match free trial effectively lasts forever. Once you get your account created, you’re free to take your time setting up your profile, looking through matches in your area, and deciding if upgrading is worth it for you or not. While the free trial is somewhat limited, it is nice to know that you’re not going to be rushed into making a decision, and you’re able to take your time.

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