5 Best Massachusetts Dating Apps Ranked (2023)

It’s impressive that such an amazing and historic state can be so amazingly and historically tough for singles to meet and mingle. Yes, we’re looking at you Massachusetts.

If you’ve exhausted the bar and nightlife scene and are tired of the options your friends and family are tossing your way, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Massachusetts dating apps offer a unique way to match, meet, and get to know quality singles that live all over the state and throughout the northeast. No matter if you’re in Boston, Salem, Springfield or somewhere else in the Bay State, these technology-driven platforms do the hard work for you.

Let’s take a look at the best Massachusetts dating apps ranked from one to five.

SilverSingles is the Top 55+ Dating App in Massachusetts

SilverSingles Homepage Screenshot

Generally, we like to lead off our best of lists with an option that serves the widest array of people in the particular group or area. However, because over 39% of the population in Massachusetts is 50 years of age or older, it felt fitting to start with an option designed for the senior population in the state. SilverSingles is a senior-focused dating app that exclusively caters to those who are 50 or older.

What you’ll find with this app are a lot of features specifically designed for the older crowd that take into account what makes you different than the younger generations. This includes things like the ability to zoom and enlarge your screen (in case your vision isn’t that great), extra customer support representatives (in case you aren’t great with technology), and age and hobby filters that help link you to other seniors in your age bracket that would be a good match.

Obviously, if you’re not over the age of 50, you aren’t going to want to use SilverSingles (keep reading for some recommendations for you). But if you do fall into this age bracket (or are really close to it and want to date up in age), give SilverSingles a try.

eHarmony is the Best Massachusetts Dating App for Long-Term Relationships

eHarmony app screenshot with a lighthouse from the state in the background

While the second option on our list of the best Massachusetts dating apps also works for seniors, it’s one that is designed for singles of most age groups. eHarmony, founded all the way back in the early 2000s, has long been referred to as the “dating app responsible for the most marriages.” And this is rightfully so, because scientists at the University of Florida backed this claim up with data.

But why is this dating app in particular good for singles in Massachusetts? Well, Massachusetts is a state with a lot of people who believe in the sanctity of marriage. With nearly half of the state currently married, we wanted to provide an option that could help introduce you to someone special enough to possibly be your permanent better half down the road.

Key features that help accomplish this are robust profiles, personality profiles used for matching, and aggressive marketing campaigns continuously bringing in new members.

The one drawback of eHarmony that we alluded to earlier is that it’s designed for singles of most ages. What we mean by this is that if you’re in your teenage years or early 20s, you’re not going to find many matches unless you’re looking to date older. The predominant popularity starts around the mid to late 20s and goes up through the senior ranks of society.

eHarmony is a great option for serious singles in the state of Massachusetts.

Catholic Match is the Top Massachusetts Dating App for Catholics

CatholicMatch Homepage Screenshot

Massachusetts…Mass…Catholic Mass. See what we did there? Okay, we can’t help ourselves sometimes with the puns. In all seriousness, though, Catholicism is a massive part of Massachusetts culture. According to recent studies, over one-third of the state identifies as Catholic (though we did see some other studies that put this as high as 45%). Regardless, all the studies agree that there are a lot of Catholic singles in the state.

This is where Catholic Match rides in to save the day to say that Catholic dating is coming (Paul Revere reference intended). Founded all the way back in 1999, Catholic Match has set out to be the serious, committed dating app designed exclusively for Catholic singles. What’s real neat about the app is that it goes way further than just asking if you’re Catholic and how often you go to Mass. It asks where you stand on Biblical principles, your viewpoints on key issues, and then a bunch of details about your personal life.

While there are a few other Catholic dating app options on the market, most of them pale in comparison to what Catholic Match brings to singles in Massachusetts.

Zoosk is Best for Casual Dating in Massachusetts.

Zoosk dating app screenshot with Massachusetts buildings in the background

As the number one grossing dating app on the App Store a few years back, Zoosk has seen impressive growth over the past few years since being acquired by Spark Networks (a company based out of Berlin, Germany). Why Zoosk? Well, all the other options we’ve talked about so far tend to lend themselves much more to serious and committed singles in Massachusetts.

What happens if you want to keep it casual? That’s where we like Zoosk. Users will find during sign up that they can select any combination from six different relationship goals that range from super serious long term down to totally casual hookups. While we’re not advocated of hookup culture, we understand that to each their own.

And in case you’re wondering why Zoosk altogether, the userbase is over 35 million, which is over 5 times the total population of Massachusetts. So, if you want to meet a lot of single men and women looking for a wide range of relationship goals, go with Zoosk.

Match.com is a Solid Secondary Dating App in Massachusetts

Match.com Homepage Screenshot

Often, most people looking to pick out a dating app get stuck trying to settle the Match.com vs eHarmony debate on their own. For some reason, these two dating apps became entangled years ago as the leaders of the industry trying to serve the same purpose of serious dating.

In our opinion (as you can see in the linked article), eHarmony has steadily worked to edge out Match over the years, especially as it pertains to the more serious side of the house. However, if you’ve already tried eHarmony and want another option to try as a backup, we’d recommend at least doing a few test searches on Match.com.

Yes, the app got in some hot water a few years back for using fake accounts to defraud users into purchasing accounts. And frankly, there’s not a lot positive we can say about that, except that most likely they’ve taken their lumps and have vowed to never do it again (even though they aren’t even going to have to pay the fine).

Regardless, we are assuming that they’ve learned their lesson and have gotten back on track, which lands them the role of best backup on our list of Massachusetts dating apps.

Table of Contents:

A Few Reasons We Love These Massachusetts Dating Apps

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that not every dating app is as good as they claim to be. And even the good dating apps aren’t always good for every person, every need, and every state. So, if your a Massachusettsans (yes that’s a real word), why are these apps actually the best for you and not any of the other hundreds of app options? Here are a few reasons why.

And don’t worry, this is just a snapshot of what we look at. Things like security, usability, trust, cost, etc. are also high on our radar.

Quality In-State Singles to Meet

If you want to date close to home in the Bay State, you need other singles who live…close to you. While this might not sound so profound, you can understand why it’s important. The apps and sites we’ve recommended do have robust userbases from within the relatively small 7,801 square miles.

Singles From Surrounding Border States

Feel like venturing a little further from home? Massachusetts shares a border with Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. And even if you don’t live close to the border of the state, MA is so small that it’s not that far to get there. With these apps, you’ll be able to search for singles by radius and not just by the state or city you’re in. This really opens up the possibilities for as far as you’re open to traveling for a match.

All Age Brackets Represented

The average age in Massachusetts is about 40, which is slightly higher than the national average. When you look at how things are distributed, it’s pretty spread out. What does this have to do with dating sites? Well, you better have options that include singles from all over the spectrum! That way, no matter your age or what age you’re looking to date, you’re going to be covered. As you can see, we included some dedicated options for specific age groups, and then options that span all age brackets well.

The popularity of online dating is a great way to determine the effectiveness of the medium in a particular state. The more popular it is, the better of an option it is. And the more popular it is in a particular city, the better the option it is in that city.

Want to know which metropolitan areas of Massachusetts are most interested in online dating? We wanted to know too, so we put our data and research team on it.

According to Google data trends and search volume data over the past 12 months, the area of Springfield-Holyoke has the most search interest in online dating. This surprised us quite a bit, as we expected Boston to take that trophy home. When you push out the research to five years, Boston takes the lead. So, over the past year there’s been a spike enough to overtake Boston in the Springfield Holyoke area!

Massachusetts Online Search Traffic for Online Dating
  1. Springfield-Holyoke MA – (100)
  2. Boston MA-Manchester NH – (81)
  3. Providence RI-New Bedford MA – (35)

Dating in Massachusetts – Key Details for Singles

Step one—pick out a great dating site or app. Step two—get a lay of the land! Want to know what you’re about to get yourself into? Well, here are some basic statistics and details about the dating scene in Massachusetts.

  • The gender breakdown in the state is 51% women and 49% men, which means you’re really not going to notice much of an “advantage” or “increased competition” on either side of the aisle.
  • 54% of women in the state are unmarried; 51% of men are unmarried, which means there may be a bit of an advantage for people looking for single, unmarried women. Again, though, the percentage difference is relatively small, so it may not be that noticeable.
  • Boston ranked 29th best city for singles in the USA in a recent study. We’ll cover the details of this in the next section!
  • The ethnic breakdown of the state is 71% White, 12% Hispanic, 7% Black, 7% Asian, and then a few smaller segments make up the remaining 3%. Depending on how much diversity you like in your dating life, this could be great or a big bummer.

Massachusetts Singles Dating Statistics

Total Population

  • 6,984,723

Population in Massachusetts by Gender

  • 51.2% women in Massachusetts
  • 48.8% men in Massachusetts

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 54% of women in Massachusetts are single
  • 50% of men in Massachusetts are single

Population in Massachusetts by Age

  • 14% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 14% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 12% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 14% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 25% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in MA

  • 84.7% of households in Massachusetts have internet access

Boston Ranks Top 30 for Best Cities for Singles

Speaking of what dating is like in the state, we wanted to hone in on the biggest city in the area with some exciting information!

Congrats to Boston for making the top 100 list of best cities for singles in the USA in a recent data study. Not only did the city make the top list, but it came in at an impressive 29th! The city did impressively well in the quality of the dating pool category and the dating amenities category. However, when it came to the cost of dating—the wheels fell off and Boston was 4th from the bottom on the list of cities.

If you’re looking to date in Boston, we do have a dedicated guide for you listed below that we recommend checking out.

Matt Seymour

Written By: Matt Seymour

Matt Seymour is a dating industry expert with over a decade of experience coaching singles, reviewing dating apps, and analyzing trends within the industry. With a Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) degree from the University of Florida and extensive knowledge of the innerworkings of the online dating industry, Matt frequently serves in an advisory role to some of the largest dating apps on the market. In Matt’s current role with Healthy Framework, he leads the interview team that regularly interviews key dating industry leaders, and leverages his financial knowledge and dating app experience to review and share what singles need to know to get the most out of dating online.