John Baxter Stringfellow – CEH(Master)

  • Position: Cybersecurity Expert at Healthy Framework
  • Educational Background: Holds undergraduate, advanced degrees and certificates in: Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Information Technology, Enterprise Networks, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Assurance, and Cyber Operations & Warfare.
  • Professional Expertise: Specializes in cyber operations, risk management, security systems design, digital forensics, and cyber investigations.
  • Industry Contributions: Recognized for his comprehensive understanding of CYBINT, OSINT, and related areas, contributing significantly to the advancement of security practices.
  • Top Industry Certifications Include:
    • Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH(Master)
    • Certified Information Systems Security Manager (CISSM)
    • Certified Cloud Practitioner by Amazon Web Services
    • System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
    • Security & Cyber Risk Management Professional (SRMP-C)

John Baxter Stringfellow is one of the most acclaimed cybersecurity experts in the world. As Healthy Framework’s Chief Cybersecurity expert, John helps the team assess which dating apps are safe to use, which may have vulnerabilities, and how users can keep themselves safe when dating online. John’s impressive array of independent credentials as well as Microsoft credentials include CEH(Master), CISSM, SSCP, CECI, CCIP, among many more. With 20+ years of expertise in securing digital landscapes, John’s expertise helps Healthy Framework readers better understand the safety side of online dating.