Hinge Free Trial (2024) – Features, Claiming, and Details

Fact Checked by: Charles Roscopf, CPA

Hinge is one of the fastest growing dating apps out there (especially in the US), and you can check things out at no cost thanks to the Hinge free trial. If you’re interested (because seriously, who doesn’t love the word ‘free’), stay tuned because we’re going to run you through what you need to know and how to get started right now.

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Here’s what you get for free with this free trial….

FeatureBasic (Free Trial)Hinge+ (Paid)HingeX (Paid)
Create AccountYesYesYes
Send Likes to MatchesYes (Limited)
Send Messages to MatchesYesYesYes
See Who Likes YouYesYes
Advanced Matching FiltersYesYes
Sort Your LikesYesYes
Browse by ProximityYesYes
Enhanced Recommendations
“Skip the Line”Yes
Priority LikesYes

You’ll miss the Advanced Matching Filters during the free trial.

Yes, you get access to “matches” during the Hinge free trial. However, we’d be hard-pressed to say that you’re getting access to “YOUR matches” because most of the preferences that really matter are reserved for paying premium members.

Here’s the biggest one. You can’t filter matches by relationship goal. This means if you’re looking for serious, you’ll be shown people who want something casual—and vice versa. To us, this is a recipe for frustration.

Hinge won't let you set dating intentions with free trial

This was probably the biggest miss with the Hinge free trial for us, but again, the point of it is to give you just enough of a taste that you want to upgrade. Here are the other advanced matching filters that are locked behind a paywall, as well.

Dating preferences on Hinge

Being able to send messages is a nice feature to get for free.

It’s not all hater-ade when it comes to the Hinge free trial though. You can actually send messages to matches without needing to pay and upgrade, which is pretty cool. That said, you’re going to have to fish through your matches more to make sure a “match” is really a good match (what we just talked about).

Also, our next point is one that will probably become pretty evident unless you’re a rocket scientist with the looks of a Disney prince or princess. Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

Paid members of Hinge will have a big advantage over free trial members.

You’ll notice that there are A LOT of perks that you get with a paid membership (mainly HingeX) that give you a clear advantage on the rest of the people on the app. Here’s a reminder of the things you don’t get with the Hinge free trial (or the Hinge+ account).

Hinge upgrade features that give an advantage over the free trial

Paying members of the top tier are going to be shown in line before you and their likes are going to be shown at the top of the list always. According to Hinge (see the screenshot above), this means you have a three times advantage (3X). Honestly, we think it’s probably greater than that, but they have the data, so we won’t question it.

How can I try Hinge for free today?

The only think you need to do to get the Hinge free trial is download the app from your respective app store. There are no codes, special links, coupons, or anything you need to claim the trial. It’s freely given to everyone (automatically) when you join the platform. In the old days, there were more robust free trials, but with the new freemium model that a large majority of apps are using, those days are gone.

Here’s a Reddit post from over 5 years ago when they did offer these types of trials. What’s funny is that these posts are still ranking quite high, which is confusing people into thinking they still exist. This post is 5 years old, and these types of trials are no longer given out.

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