The Guide to Dating a Grad Student

In search of a date that will keep you on your mind moving? Always in search of an academic challenge? Consider dating someone pursuing higher education—that is, a graduate student. While dating a graduate student has its ups and downs, one thing is for sure: you’ll always have something to talk about.

For some people, there’ nothing more exciting than deep conversation, and dating a grad student is one of the best ways to find that in-depth connection you’re looking for. Being a “grad student” can mean many different things, so here’s the lowdown on the common threads for dating someone in graduate school. Study up and you may just find love along the way.

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Top Tips for Dating a Grad Student

  • Pick a flavor – There are graduate students in every field of study—math, literature, philosophy…you name it! In some cases, your date will be pursing an advanced degree that’s interdisciplinary—something that brings together two fields of study you’d never have imagined. They’re in for the long haul and the deep dive, so prepare yourself for some heavy conversation.
  • Dating a graduate student means dating a workaholic – Nearly every grad student not only does their own academic research, but they also make ends meet teaching or assisting in undergraduate classes. That means their time is at a premium. Making ends meet while furthering their studies is a delicate juggling act. Be sure you—and they—are up for the challenge.
  • Higher education is just the beginning – Dating a graduate student means dating someone who’s decided to devote their life to academic study. It’s not necessarily like dating a monk, but that level of dedication is there. That’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination—dedication is a virtue—but knowing that level of dedication is there is a vital part of starting and maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship.

How to Date a Grad Student – Finding Single Graduate Students

Interested in dating a grad student but don’t know where to look? They’re not hard to find. Just hit the library or hang around your local college campus or the adjacent wi-fi enabled coffee shop, and you’re bound to trip over more than a few.

But obviously, finding a smart academic who also makes your heartbeat faster isn’t that simple. Finding a grad student who shares your values and sense of humor can be tricky, and as we noted, graduate school doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. Here are some sites that will help you find single Grad Students who have time for a relationship—we’ve saved you some study time!

Pros of Dating a Grad Student

  • There’s always something to talk about. – Dating someone pursuing higher education naturally means you’ll be dating someone whose mind is always working. A long as you’re interested in their area of study, there will be no shortage of things to discuss—but it may be up to you to steer the conversation away from academics and back to the present moment.
  • Graduate students understand what it’s like to be goal-driven. – Even if you’re not a grad student yourself, dating someone who’s working hard toward a goal means that they’ll understand your own drive to complete whatever project you’re devoting your time to. As long as you’re not the needy type, a graduate student may be exactly who you’re looking for.
  • Explore a new way of thinking – Being accepted into graduate school means that faculty advisors have recognized the possibility that a student has a unique take on a topic. Take advantage of that whizzing brain to become inspired yourself. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to take up a new academic pursuit yourself!

Challenges of Dating a Grad Student

  • There’s no such thing as a rich grad student. – Sorry, but it’s the truth. Between tuition, cost of living, and looming student loans, dating a grad student isn’t for anyone hoping to live in the lap of luxury. If you’re looking for lavish nights out on the town, look elsewhere.
  • Be prepared to be at the whim of semester deadlines. – Whether it’s the grad student’s own work or their responsibilities teaching undergrads, dating a grad student means living by the syllabus and its due dates. You may think the mid-semester lull will be a great chance to catch up with your date, but it’s just as likely they’ll be stuck in their offices grading undergrads’ essays.
  • It’s possible you’re not interested in what they’re studying. – It’s possible you love your grad student date’s personality but find their academic interests a total snooze fest. That’s not an impossible hurdle to overcome, but it definitely makes it harder to be supportive when you don’t understand half of what they’re talking about.

FAQ for Dating a Grad Student

Will grad students only be interested in dating other grad students?

Possibly, but they may also like the idea of broadening their horizons. Plus, if things get serious, a two-grad-student relationship can get pretty tense as deadlines loom. It’s a “cross that bridge when you come to it” situation, but if it’s going to be a problem, it’ll make itself known very quickly.

What if the grad student I’m dating transfers?

Some areas of study require seasoned professors to mentor grad students, and if that mentor doesn’t work out, your date may need to go elsewhere to finds that mentor-mentee relationship. Or their research may require them to travel long-term for access to the sources they need for their studies. Either way, if it gets to that point, it’s up to you and the grad student you’ve been dating to decide if tagging along is the right step.

Will a grad student mind dating an undergrad?

That depends. If you’re close in age and an adult, some graduate students may be comfortable dating someone in a different academic position. However, it’s unlikely– and a bad idea! – for a graduate student to date an undergrad who’s taking one of their classes.

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