Grady Shumway, LCSW

  • Primary Role: Mental Health and Counseling Expert at Healthy Framework
  • Education:
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    • Masters of Social Work – Arizona State University
    • Specialized training in depression, anxiety, trauma, psychotic disorders, and various diagnoses
  • Experience:
    • Currently practicing as a Clinical Therapist in Utah.
    • 8 years of experience in the field of Mental Health.
    • Expertise in CBT, CBI-SA/SO, CBTI, ACT, MRT, and ART

Grady Shumway, LCSW is a licensed social worker with specialized training in the mental health areas of depression, anxiety, trauma, psychotic disorders, and various other diagnoses. Trained in cognitive behavioral interventions, motivational interviewing, and moral recognition therapy, and holding a Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University, Grady has extensive experience working with individuals and families through various life challenges. At Healthy Framework, Grady serves as a mental health and counseling expert assisting the editorial team in ensuring that dating advice articles, dating app recommendations, and other resources are inline with best practices and provide information in the most helpful manner possible to readers.