Best One Year Boyfriend Anniversary Gifts

The first Anniversary. It is a confusing milestone filled with both excitement and worry because you want to get the perfect gift.

The best tip for picking out boyfriend anniversary gifts is to reflect on your significant other’s personality, interests, and needs. You want your gift to show that special someone that you truly know who they are and what they’re about.

To really put a smile on your boyfriend’s face, try pairing a thoughtful gift with a homemade card that incorporates inside jokes or an intimate message. For some great ideas to help get your creative juices flowing, take a look at our list of the best one year boyfriend anniversary gifts.

1. Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa – The Best Choice for A Tech-Savvy Partner

Amazon Echo dot

Does your lover like the latest in tech, bumping his favorite music, or a mix of both? Then you definitely want to grab an Echo Dot Smart Speaker for his one year anniversary gift.

This little powerhouse is small enough to work in tight spaces but pumps out loud, clear, rich sound that can be paired with a second Dot for a stereo experience. Tell Alexa to play some tunes and lower the lights so you can enjoy a romantic anniversary.

2. Handmade Personalized Cutting Board – For the Man Who Loves Cooking, Baking, and Barbecuing

Personalized wooden cutting board

Choose from beautiful Maple or Walnut as the base of this full customizable chopping board. Commemorate your relationship with a useful gift that he will see over and over again while doing something he loves.

Pick the size of wood that works best for your space and never worry about it being packed away in storage to never be seen again. If you want a gift he will truly cherish, give this a shot.  

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 | Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – For A Guy Who Enjoys Music, or Just a Little Peace and Quiet

Silver Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

We know you want to shower your man with luxurious treats and gifts, and when it comes to headphones, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than Bose. Choose from black, silver, and rose gold for a beautiful set of headphones that are an absolute pleasure to wear.

Your boyfriend can choose from three levels of noise cancellation and even use the installed Alexa feature to tell the headphones exactly what he wants to listen to.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch – A Great Selection for The Sporty and the Health Conscious

Purple Fit Bit Activity Tracker Watch

Is your lover running laps around the competition? Reward his skills with the beautiful Fitbit Versa 2. The base watch comes in 4 different color variations, or choose the supreme upgrade for access to the gorgeous, woven band options.

Not only does the Fitbit monitor workouts and provide health guidance, but it also provides access to the news, let’s you listen to music, and can notify you of calls and texts when your phone is close by.  

5. Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit – A Top Pick for the Bearded Gentleman

Beard Grooming Kit Unpacked

Does your fella have a glorious beard that he loves to primp and groom? Chances are he would love some products to help him bring his facial hair to its full glory. That’s where the Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit by Xikezan comes in.

This box comes with so much stuff your man will feel simply spoiled. The set comes with beard wash, beard conditioner, growth oil, moisturizing balm, trimming scissors, paddle brush, comb, and access to an in-depth eBook about maintaining a majestic beard.

6. Viktor Jurgen Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillow – The Perfect Gift for The Man That Needs Help Relaxing

Neck Massaging Pillow in red and black

Everybody loves a good massage, but sometimes guys have a hard time bringing themselves to admit it. Still, a deep, kneading neck massage can loosen up the toughest guy out there and make for an exciting anniversary celebration.

The Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillow has 3D rotating massage nodes and gentle heating to work out all your lover’s kinks and knots. It can even be used on the back, feet, and abdomen for a customizable experience.

7. 12 in 1 Survival Kit – A Favorite for Men who Appreciate the Outdoors

Outdoor survival kit laid out

If your significant other finds himself in the woods camping, hunting, or just wandering around to pass the time, he needs to be prepared in case of an emergency. That’s why this 12 in 1 survival kit is one of the best one year boyfriend anniversary gifts.

Not only will he get to add new blades, gauges, and tools to his outdoor gear, but you’ll have peace of mind that he is prepared for an emergency.

8. Whiskey Stones Set by Royal Reserve – A Whiskey Enthusiast’s Dream

Whiskey gift set with two glasses, tongs, and a wooden box

Whiskey drinkers may have varying tastes, but they can pretty much all agree that watered-down drinks are the worst. Don’t let your lover ruin his glass with regular old ice cubes; get him some whiskey stones instead!

Made from natural granite, these modern little cubes cool down in the freezer and provide a nice chill without altering the taste. These work so well; you might even find your guy popping these puppies in a glass of soda or juice.

9. Our Adventure Book | Pixar “UP” Handmade DIY Family Scrapbook – For the Sentimentalist and Lover of Romance

Adventure scrapbook set - anniversary gift for boyfriend

This is a gift with options! If your lover is a craft enthusiast, he might love getting this scrapbook set to create his own representation of your relationship. Another option is to use the materials in the kit to fill the scrapbook out yourself and then gift the completed album.

If you do fill it out yourself, don’t be surprised if you spark a few tears. This can get real emotional real fast, and it is totally worth it.

10. RFID Carbon Fiber Men’s Wallet – For the Minimalist

Minimalist ID with credit cards in it

Is your lover a many of minimalist taste and wants? We know that can make him a horror to shop for, but this handsome carbon fiber wallet might be a perfect choice!

This slim and sleek accessory includes a money clip and RFID blocking material to keep card information safe from predators. The dark color scheme and comfortable design make it a top choice for one year boyfriend anniversary gifts.

Just a heads up, we sometimes get a few bucks if you purchase some of the items linked from this page. It’s how we keep the lights on. Thanks for your support!

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