5 Best Dating Apps in Georgia (2024)

If you’re in the south and you’re looking for the best Georgia dating apps to help you find love fast, you’ve found the motherload. Georgia online dating apps make it easy to find singles, go on actual dates, and communicate on the go with the crushes you meet. Whether you’re looking for a southern gentleman or a Georgia peach, you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of these highly trusted options. 

And if you’re here with us today, we’re going to guess that you’re either brand new to dating in the state or it’s been a while since you’ve gotten out on the scene. No matter where you fall, we’ve included some additional resources to help you on your search. So, whether you live in “Hotlanta”, somewhere rural, or one of the other major cities in the state—you’re going to like what we have to share today.

We’ll start by talking dating app recommendations and then we’ll dive into what you need to know about the Georgia dating scene.

The Absolute Best Georgia Dating App

eHarmony for Georgia Singles

For Georgia singles looking for a real relationship, it can feel challenging. If you live in a big city like Atlanta, it can feel hard to slow down such a fast-paced city. If you live in the rural areas or small towns, knowing how to connect with people you know have to be there somewhere is tough.

This is where a Georgia dating app like eHarmony shines. Through their patented matchmaking technology, the app is able to connect you to likeminded singles in your area who you’re more likely to connect with on a deeper level. With millions (literally) of success stories, it’s no wonder this option always rises to the top in so many areas, especially the state of Georgia.

If we had to pick out some drawbacks for Georgia singles, it would probably depend on how much time you’re willing to commit to the process. Unless you’re willing to put in 30-45 minutes to sign up (much longer than most other Georgia dating apps by a lot), try a different option. But if you are willing to put the time and effort into the process, you’ll probably enjoy the results.

A More Casual Georgia Dating App

Zoosk dating app screenshot with Georgia scenery in the background

As you can see, Zoosk proudly holds one of the top spots for best Georgia dating apps and here’s why. First, a lot of areas of Georgia are quite rural, which means any dating site without a lot of members is going to be a waste. With over 35 million singles, Zoosk is great for the big cities like Atlanta, Columbus, and Augusta, but it’s also awesome for the smaller cities.

On top of that, Zoosk is easy to use, is extremely affordable, and is ideal for people looking for serious relationships, casual dating, and everything in between. If you live in Georgia and are considering online dating, at least give Zoosk a check.

The only potential reason Zoosk wouldn’t be right for you is if you’re someone who gets easily overwhelmed by too many choices. Unlike apps that curate matches and have some left and right limits to keep you moving forward, Zoosk gives you the keys to the kingdom on day one to see all your potential matches. For most, this is a pro, but for some it might be a reason to choose another option.

Best Dating App for Christian Singles in Georgia

Higher Bond Georgia

In the heart of the Bible Belt and as a state where 74% of the people there say they believe in God with absolute certainty, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we’ve included a Christian dating app on our list of the best Georgia dating apps. Powered by a faith-based matching algorithm, 100% manually verified profiles and photos, and features that don’t require you to spend hours a day dating? Yea, that’s why we think you should give Higher Bond a try if you’re a single in Georgia looking for a faith-based relationship.

The one caveat as to why this app isn’t higher on the list is that it’s quite new, which means new features are still being rolled out and the number of members is considerably lower than the other options on this list. Still, we expect Higher Bond to continue growing its features, experience, and membership size into a major player in the online Christian dating space in Georgia.

Top Georgia Dating App for Professionals

Elite Singles dating app with Georgia in the background

Home to major companies like Delta, Home Depot, Coca Cola, and DHL, Georgia is a state that is packed with businesses and young professionals and seasoned businessmen and women. Additionally, the state is filled with entrepreneurs and go-getters who have aspirations to do it big in life. What does this all have to do with dating? Well, professional singles dance to the beat of a different drum. You have to balance workloads, schedules, your mental sanity, and a whole lot more—all while still trying to find someone special who understands what you’re trying to achieve.

Elite Singles is a Georgia dating app designed for people who understand and embrace these challenges. With over 85% of the site’s users holding an above average education and the ranks of members filled with doctors, lawyers, executives, and so on—it’s an awesome option for singles in Georgia who want to date other likeminded professionals.

Best Dating App for the ATL Area

The League Georgia

While we do have an entire page dedicated to the best dating apps in Atlanta, we did want to include an option here since it’s such a big area and population hub in the state. The League is a dating app (recently purchased by Match Group) that caters to the upper echelon of singles in the state. What do we mean? Expect to get on a waiting list, have to provide access to things like your LinkedIn profile for approval, and a somewhat cryptic internal voting system that determines who gets in.

While all of this might sound crazy, it does produce a Georgia dating app filled with the cream of the crop when it comes to movers and shakers in the state—particularly in the Atlanta area.

What Makes These the Best Georgia Dating Apps?

We’re confident that these are the very best online dating apps for singles in Georgia. Why? Glad you asked.

Georgia Singles In Cities of All Sizes

For starters, these apps have plenty of quality singles living all across the state. While you will see a higher concentration of singles in cities like Atlanta, there are plenty of people that live in the outskirts and smaller singles looking to meet someone special. Whether you’re in St. Simons or Valdosta in the south, or Dalton on up to the northern plateau, you’ll be pleased with the options you have at your fingertips.

An Understanding of Georgia Culture

Yes, every one of these dating apps serves singles in all 50 states (a site only for Georgia singles would be too small to thrive and would be a waste of your time). But we chose these options in particular because they clearly have an understanding of Georgian culture and cater to the things that are important to singles in the south.

What sort of things? This includes things like a stronger focus on real relationships (not hookups), some (not all) options catered towards faith-focused singles (Georgia ranks the 8th most religious state in the nation), and options with sufficient mobile apps so you can stay connected on the lake, in the mountains, in a tree stand, at the club, or wherever you spend your time outside of the house.

Not All Matches HAVE TO be From Georgia!

While our first two reasons for these being the best Georgia dating apps deal with things within the state’s borders, there are some perks to apps that give you the ability to reach across state lines. Georgia borders five different states—Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

If you live somewhere in the north and there’s someone amazing in Chattanooga, would you want to meet them? Or if you live in Augusta and there is someone awesome just to the east across state lines—would you still date them? Or for those in the south that live just north of Tallahassee or Jacksonville—would you want to know about someone perfect for you living there?

We’d hope that your Georgia pride still allows you to answer yes to these questions! This is why the dating apps we recommend use distance/radius searches instead of state and city selectors. In other words, you set how many miles you want to see matches from instead of selecting ‘Georgia’ or ‘Valdosta’ or something like that. This basically erases the state lines and the algorithm will look however many miles you selected in each direction.

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